“It never gets Easier, you just get faster- Greg Lemond”

Why Buy the SAVA E0 14” Carbon Fiber Frame Folding Electric Bicycle?


E bikes are becoming increasingly popular as they offer many benefits over traditional bikes. With an electric motor on board the rider can travel for longer, easier and in more comfort.

Riding a E bike in a city can be beneficial as you will not get stuck in peak rush hour traffic.  Compared to Travelling by Car.  In addition; no parking fees.

Travelling up hills is much easier with your Sava E0 14” Electrical Bike as you don’t have to pedal up hills. You can just stick on the motor.

In addition, the “Transport Research Laboratory” found out that the traditional bike is taken out the shed 25 times a year.

While 30 % of E- Bikes are used once a day and a whopping 80 % used once a week. Encouraging people to go and get some fresh air

One of the biggest drawbacks of riding a traditional bike is tackling changing weather conditions like the wind. A benefit of a E-bike is you always have the motor to fall back on.

Furthermore, you will be able to have plenty of fun riding your Sava E0 14” Electrical Bike.


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Benefit/ Features


Colour: SAVA E0 14” Carbon Fiber Frame Folding Electric Bicycle comes in Silver Grey, Black and Red.  Other commuters will be sure to be envious of your new E bike.

Frame: A foldable Carbon Fibre frame provides the rider with a strong and durable frame.

Carbon Fibre is a lightweight material that is becoming more and popular within the bike manufacturing industry. Even used on air planes any by Nasa on space shuttles.

Wheels: Set of Aluminium Rims and a pair of CST 14. * 1.75 that gives the rider plenty of grip while commuting. Sava are well known for only using quality materials.

Battery: A Samsung battery with a protection system that allows the rider to ride Sava E0 14” Electrical Bike up to 25-40 km.

Allowing the ride to cover plenty of distance and not worrying if the battery is going to die.

Storage: Can easily and quickly be stored away. Perfect for taking on and off a train or bus or even putting in the back of a car.  A Carbon fibre frame is lightweight and therefore ideal for folding away.

Additional Features:  SAVA E0 14” Carbon Fiber Frame Folding Electric Bicycle comes with a very handy multi tool and instruction Manuel.  Even if you’re not used to assembling bikes you will have all the tools.

Customer Satisfaction


Commuting to work has become so much easier as my SAVA E0 14” Carbon Fiber Frame Folding Electric Bicycle is ideal for taking on and off the train.

My E Bike can easily be folded and safely stored in my flat.

Brilliant birthday gift off my girlfriend. She certainly knows how to treat me

Sava Bikes are known for using quality materials and components

Carbon Fibre Frame – Lightweight & Durable.

Common Questions


Is the E bike designed for men or women?

The SAVA E0 14” Carbon Fiber Frame Folding Electric Bicycle is designed specifically for men. Check out all our E bike reviews

Are Sava a reputable and respected brand?

Sava is a well-known bike brand within the bike manufacturing industry that are known for making top quality bikes using only the best materials and components. Known for making bikes for cycling enthusiasts.

Do you have to assemble the SAVA E0 14” Carbon Fiber Frame Folding Electric Bicycle?

Comes partially assembled with a helpful instruction manuel and a multi tool. If you’re not used to assembling E-bikes it may be worth get a more experienced friend or family member to lend a hand. Once you have assembled the E bike ensure you go on a little test run.

Electric Bike Maintenance


To look after your new Sava E0 14” Electrical Bike it is vital that you clean the bike on a regular basis. Read our helpful article on cleaning your bike.

In addition, regularly cleaning your E-bike will enable you to spot any wear and tear or damage that may have been caused.

Be careful using jet washer to on your SAVA E0 14” Carbon Fiber Frame Folding Electric Bicycle hubs, headset or anywhere that is normally greased throughout.

Using a good quality bike shine product can add a good layer of protection to your new E bike.

Store your new pride and joy in a dry and secure location that is away from changing weather patterns. You may like to read our guide on securing your E-bike with  Kryptonite bike locks.

Before every commute it’s always a good habit to perform the ABC check. Check the Air in the tyres, the brakes are working correctly and that the chain has enough oil.

Looking after the battery can extend the life of your Sava E0 14” Electrical Bike. Don’t leave it out in the Sun or in cold temperatures.

Even if you go on a short commute try and charge your battery right up rather than letting it run out and charging it. If there are any problems with the Battery contact the dealer you purchased it from.

A E bike theoretically shouldn’t take more maintenance that a normal road or mountain bike as long as you take the necessary steps to look after the SAVA E0 14” Carbon Fiber Frame Folding Electric Bicycle correctly.

Look after your E bike with our step by step guide on Kryptonite  bike Locks.


Final Verdict


You’re looking for a E bike as a well-deserved treat for yourself or a as a gift for a loved one. The SAVA E0 14” Carbon Fiber Frame Folding Electric Bicycle offers many extra benefit and features only normally found in more expensive E bikes.


Carbon Fibre Frame


Lightweight and easy to store


Fun to Ride


Brilliant for those dreaded Hills

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