If you are looking for a super ultra-light mountain bike to use in the countryside, this is the bike to get for yourself. It is a durable model and easy to use even on rough terrains. The bike’s design fits both men and women.

Worry no more about the best mountain bike to use on rainy days, on roads with cracks and potholes or even when you want to reach an intended destination on time. This mountain bike caters for all these problems. Go for it and have all the fun you want.


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The SAVA E-MTB Knight Mountain Bike has a Toray T800 carbon fiber frame which is very light,3kg to be precise. The Carbon fiber gives this bike a unique structure and makes the mountain bike durable for an extended period.

The unique structure makes the mountain bike superior to competition as well. The fact that the bike is lightweight makes it easier for women to carry it from the house, get it on the lawn ready for a ride.

In addition to having a lightweight, the mountain bike has a Brushless Built-in motor with a Hall Sensor and a multifunctional SW-LCD that which displays the riding speed, battery indicator, riding mileage, power among others making you drive it efficiently.

You will know when you are riding at a very high rate just by looking at the indicator.

The mountain bike has a Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery which is removable. The battery makes it easier for you to ride for up to 110km in full charge. If then you are embarking on such a long ride, you won’t have to worry that your trip may be cut off. The battery is 1P67 certified making the mountain bike to perform both wet and dirt roads.

The SAVA E-MTB Knight Mountain Bike also has a Power Assist System. This system helps in making a climb easier. It also enables you to choose from 5 cycling modes in accordance to your working conditions.

This mountain bike also has the SRAM NX Shifters/Reardeilleur that enables you to start and enjoy your ride the way you want. It also makes smooth shifting more comfortable and leads to more riding joy.

The shifters also make your trip smoother and enable you to take good control of the bike. This fact makes the bike more comfortable to use on any trail as one gets assured that the probability of any accidents occurring is very low.

The mountain bike also has powerful SRAM Guide R brakes that enable you to stop or slow it down. The brakes assure you of safety should you suddenly ride into traffic.

Customer Satisfaction


The SAVA E-MTB Knight Mountain Bike has a long life and will, therefore, serve you for a very long time. It will enable you to carry on with your duties whether it’s during the rainy seasons or when the climate is favourable.

With this bike, you can go for long rides without interruptions, climb hills and also ride on any terrain. It is also effortless for you to control this bike and ride it at your preferred speed.

You’ll also move with the bike to any place you want since it is very light. The fact that this mountain bike is suitable for both men and women makes it an ideal bike for anyone. You can purchase it and share with your spouse.



Common Questions


What happens if I buy the bike and it breaks down in a few months?

Cases of the SAVA E-MTB Knight Mountain Bike breaking down are rare. The fact that its frame consists of carbon makes it durable.

However, in case of a situation where it does break down, you don’t have to worry as the bike has a two years’ warranty on the frame and six months on components. However, for you to get the warranty, you must prove that the breakdown occurred during regular use.

How do I assemble the SAVA E-MTB Knight Mountain Bike?

Assembling the bike is very easy because the mountain bike comes with a usual manual which is written enabling you to fix the remaining parts. You will use the Multi Assembles tools that will come along with the mountain bike.

I am 180 cm tall, can I use the mountain bike?

Yes, you are a good fit for the mountain bike. It is suitable for persons of between 170 to 180cm.Your sex doesn’t matter as well since the mountain bike is ideal for both males and females. Read our review of Kryptonite bike locks.







  • The SAVA E-MTB Knight Mountain Bike  is highly durable, unique, easy to use and in a great colour of Black red.


  • It has a removable battery and can take you for a long ride when fully charged


  • There is a warranty for the SAVA E-MTB Knight Mountain Bike, but you can only get it if able to prove that the damage is as a result of normal usage.


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