In the middle of the 1970s, cyclists first fell on the gravel roads with particularly heavy and stable. A few years later came to the first specially made bike on the market. Since then Mountain bike has established itself as a cycling discipline since 1996 it has also been part of the program of the Olympic Games.

This is where the athletes compete in the cross-country discipline. After a mass start, they try to cross a cross-country course as quickly as possible, overcoming slopes, ascents and obstacles. A maximum of 15 percent of the route, which is between 40 and 50 km for men and between 30 and 40 km for females, is allowed to run on the roads, the majority of them run through the terrain.

An electric Mountain bike is sports equipment and is mainly used by athletes. The idea is this electric bike for drivers who want to conquer the mountains, uneven paths or bigger obstacles with their e-bike

. An electric mountain bike is a perfect bike for the terrain. It is lightweight, has a thick tire as well as strong profiles, which is suitable for the necessary grip on uneven surfaces and has mostly a fancy design. This is why electric mountain bikes are also increasingly seen in public transport, as young cyclists like to use them.

Modern mountain bikes are tailored specifically to a specific terrain profile and the riding style of the rider, i.e. where and above all how to ride a bike.

SAVA Mountain Bikes:

Some MTBs have a generous front and rear suspension to avoid problems even in heavy terrain, while others have no cushioning to improve the stiffness and weight of the frame, making it even faster on the trail.

Others have less suspension travel or only a suspension fork at the front to provide the right balance of speed and suspension comfort.

If you are looking for a new mountain bike and you do not have an exact plan for which direction to go, you are faced with a lengthy search. Should it be a fully or a hard tail, which wheel size should I choose?

What is the best material for my money? Or should it be a big bike? Many questions that sooner or later may make you doubt whether it is possible to find the right bike for the brands, models and equipment variants at all.

SAVA T800 Mountain Bike is one of the best bikes; there are many features which make this model outstanding.

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– TORAY Carbon T800 Fiber Frame Built-in battery – carbon fiber for 27.5 and 17-inch frame (1100g) mountain bike provide a structure that is uniquely strong and lightweight.

– SHIMANO XT M8000 DEORE 2 x 11 Speed Control System: Includes Shimano Shifter XT M8000, Shimano XT M8000 Shifter and Shimano XT M8000 Shifter, allows you to easily use and start your riding effectively – fast, smoothly and precisely.

– 250W and 36V Brushless Built-in motor with axis torque sensor and multi-function LCD display for battery display, engine performance ratio, speed, luggage, and power, etc. The built-in engine lets you drive at speeds up to 50 km / h.

– Lithium-ion battery with Intellective protection – The detachable 36V 10.4AH lithium-ion battery, equipped with smart lithium charger and cell box, you can ride up to 50-80 km. IP67 certified battery ensures stable performance Rain and Dirty Road Conditions.

– Bike pedal system is Power Assist. The PAS Assist helps make the climb much easier, switch from 5 cycling modes to different driving conditions. You will be attracted by its excellent performance for driving and off-road driving.

– SAVA T800 Mountain Bike is very easy to assemble. Specially designed for professional entry level riders and cycling enthusiasts.

Customer Satisfaction:

The customer has loved SAVA T800 Mountain Bike and they liked it every feature.

Common Questions:

  1. Is there any shipping cost

– No shipping is free

  1. In how many colours this model comes?

– Black Green, Black Orange, Black Red

  1. What is the material of this Mountain Bike?

– Carbon fibre

  1. What are the accessories included?

Multi Assemble Tools and User Manual

  1. Is the SAVA T800 Mountain Bike  durable?

– Yes it is durable and light weight


  • Super Performance:

SAVA T800 Mountain Bike is specially designed for the professional entry level riders. It has a good damping system and weight of the frame is just 1100 grams that make this bike light weight yet sturdy in performance.

  • Super Control:

This model is including front derailleur, breaks, derailleur lever. It is designed with the super technology of ergonomic and its superior break system ensures a super control while you ride it on any types of terrain.

  • Easy Assembly:

SAVA T800 Mountain Bike comes with the parts which you need to assemble at home, it is very easy to assemble and the user manual is also provided so you don’t need to take to the professional for assembling the parts.

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