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Michelin Tires

TORAY T800 Carbon Frame

Fi’zi:k Saddle



Customer Satisfaction

Four & Half Stars


Customer Satisfaction

Whooping Four & Half Stars

Who Are Sava


In our article on Sava bike reviews, we will first look at the history of the SAVA Brand. The reasons why you should buy a Sava road bike and take a look at the popular Sava Phantom road bike.

Sava were more commonly know as the SAVA Bicycle Creative Design Team. The Sava brand was first established by Yang Yiwu who also founded Tianjin.

SAVA design and manufacture mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes and more recently electric bikes. O           ne of SAVAS main goal is to only use the finest materials and components.

All Sava bikes go through robust testing to make sure that all SAVA bikes can be used effectively in all practical situations. Read our article on are Sava bikes any good?

The majority of SAVA bikes come with Shimano brakes, Toray T800 Carbon fibre frames, a Fizi:k saddle and a set of Hutchinson tires.

Only the best materials and components are used on a SAVA bike. Mr Yang Yiwu, a respected Chinese business man, lead a big reform of China’s bike industry by establishing SAVA Bicycle in 2012.

SAVA used cutting edge German technologies, modern designs, pristine materials and components to establish themselves as one of Chinas top bike manufactures.

Fast forward to today, SAVA employs over three hundred employees that cover ten thousand square meters, producing an astonishing one million bikes per year.

SAVA bikes are sold in a variety of countries such as Germany, Netherland, Russia, Britain, Australia and many more. Sava are known throughout the world as a leading bike manufacturer.

SAVAs mission is to encourage more people to enjoy cycling. One of the added benefits of SAVA is their ability to reduce the cost of owning bikes made with carbon fibre and titanium frames.

A SAVA bike costs a fraction of the price of a similar bike with such high-end features. To continue our article on Sava bike reviews we will look at why should buy a SAVA.

Why Should You Buy A SAVA


People Orientated Technology: SAVA understand the value and importance of every single step of the production process. Every component, person and process are treated with respect and of the highest importance.

Craftsmanship’s: Having the highest craftsmanship, makes the perfect bike. All employees at SAVA know the importance in taking pride in building the finest bikes.

Modern Technology and Process’s: The research and development department at SAVA are known for only creating the finest bikes using the most up to date materials and components.

The research team are always keeping up to date with modern trends and fashions to make sure that all SAVA Bike are visually pleasing. To continue our article on Sava bike reviews we will look at the main reasons to buy a road bike.


Why Should You Own A Road bike.


In our exploration of Sava bike reviews, we will take a look at the main reasons why you should buy a road bike.

Owing a car can be very expensive. When you consider fuel, insurance, maintenance and parking fees. Having an alternative form of transport to get from one location to another seems like a no brainer. A road bike can also be a better option than public transport.

Cost Effective: Road bikes will take you to your desired location without always breaking the bank. The money saved can be spent on other luxuries or necessities.

Strong and Durable: Road bikes are designed to be strong and durable. SAVA design all their road bikes to be tough and heavy duty. A rider will have plenty of support while they commute from one location to another.

Speed: Road bikes are designed for speed. The lightweight frame, thin tires and aerodynamic frame make sure that riders can pedal hard with the minimum wind resistance possible. One of the main benefits of road bikes are that they are designed for long distances.

Eco Friendly: Reducing the amount of time you spend driving is a great way to minimise an individual’s carbon foot print.

Riding a road bike is considered to be more environmentally friendly. In our article on Sava bike reviews, we will take a look at some of the top tips for riding a road bike.

Check out our article on the pros and cons of road bikes. I our article on Sava bike reviews, we will ow look at the best ways to look after a road bike.

SAVA Metrics

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SAVA Carbon Road Phantom 3.0

To complete our article on Sava bike reviews, we will look at the popular Sava Phantom. If your looking for a great value road bike with some high-end features.

The Phantom comes with an impressive Caron Fibre frame. Carbon fibre is a super lightweight material that is very strong, durable and is often used on airplanes an in the space industry.




The Phantom comes with a Tapered Head design. A short rear triangle that makes the frame stiffer. Offering the rider, a more comfortable ride. The Toray frame is aerodynamic and designed to allow the rider get easily tackle the unpredictable British weather.



Sava have equipped the Phantom with Shimano Ultegra 8000 22 speed derailleur braking system. Shimano are known worldwide as a brand known for designing top quality biking components. Having a good quality set of gears allows the riders to quickly and easily change the pace of the Phantom to the rider’s conditions.




Michelin pro tires will offer the rider plenty of grip while going on long distances. Michelin are highly regarded as one of the top tire brands, known for their durability.

Having a good pair of tires will allow the rider to have plenty of confidence when pushing themselves and the Phantom to the next level. To complete our article on Sava bike reviews, we will take a look at some common questions.

  • Features – 92%
  • Value For Money – 98%
  • Build Quality – 96%

Common Questions


What is the weight of the Phantom?


THE Phantom only weighs 7.8 KG.


Does the Phantom come with a comfortable bike seat?


Sava have made sure that the Phantom comes with a good quality bike seat. An Italian racing saddle fizzik offers the rider a first-class riding experience that will allow the rider to concentrate on the road ahead. Having a good quality bike seat will help motivate the rider when going out on their next commute.


Do you have to assemble the Phantom?


The Phantom comes partially assemble and should take no longer than thirty minutes. Once assembled, the rider should go on a small test ride to makes sure they are happy with the Phantom.


What are the essentials for commuting on a road bike?


Helmet: Having a good quality helmet, that has good customer testimonials. Make sure that the helmet fits correctly, the best bike helmet in the world is no good if you’re not wearing it. Check out our article on the Prowell Helmet.


Shoes: Owning a good pair off hard wearing cycling shoes, that offers the rider plenty of grip will help the rider travel much further more easily. Read our article on Muddyfox Cycling shoes.


Bike Pump: If your thinking about cycling on a regular basis, then purchasing a little weight bike pump will certainly come in handy. Read our article on the Beto bike pump.


Wearing a florescent jacket will make sure that the rider is easily seen my other road users. If a rider is thinking about commuting in the summer months, then a pair of good quality sun glasses is a good investment.

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The Top Tips For Looking After Your Road Bike


The section in our article on SAVA bike reviews, we will look at some of the top tips when riding a road bike. Looking after your road bike and maintaining it is very important as if doesn’t work you won’t be able to use it.


Regular Checks: A good habit to get into is to clean the road bike every couple of week’s. Becoming familiar with the road bike will help an individual spot any minor wear and tear before it becomes a more serious problem.

ABC check before every commute: Check the air in the tires. Test the brakes by gently applying the brake and rocking the bike back and forth. Making sure there is enough lubricant on the chain.

Riding Your Road Bike: Using the road bike on a regular basis will make sure that all the moving parts are moving.

Oil: The chain on a road bike only needs a little bit of oil. A light lubricant in the summer and a thicker one in the winter. Don’t use cooking or engine oil.

Learn To Fix A Puncture: If you’re thinking about using a road bike on a regular basis, then it may be a good idea to learn how to fix a puncture. There are some easy to follow videos on you tube.

Parts Do Wear Out: There a many moving part on a bike that are subject to a significant force. Be prepared to replace some parts. It’s a worthy investment for the road bike. In our article on Sava bike reviews, we will now look at the popular SAVA carbon Road bike.

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