Sava T700 Carbon Fiber 700c Road Bike



sava 700c road bike review

Sava are a brand that are known for only using the best quality materials. A Road bike with a carbon fibre frame

sava 700c road bike review

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Sava T700 Carbon Fiber 700c Road Bike


Established Brand

Sava have made the Sava T700 Road Bike specifically for the Road- Everything a cyclists needs at a fraction of the cost

Designed Specifically For the Road

A lightweight carbon fibre frame that will be sure to leave your competitors in the wind


Carbon Fibre

TORAY T800 Carbon Fiber frame

sava 700c road bike metrics

Wheel Size


Brand Score

Wheel Size

sava 700c road bike review

sava 700c road bike  is one of the best freestyle bike for those that just want to enjoy bike ride.

The sava 700c road bike review is not a power bike for long distance ride or for extreme outdoor activities

It is made simply for those that are light bike riders and do not want to take it to the extreme.

The bike does not need much energy in riding or controlling it, and it had soft pedals for easy riding.

Athletes and Sport people can use it during recovery after a period on being side line due to injury.

It is also an enjoyable bike riding experience for the elderly, ad it does not put much strain on them exerting their energy, and help them exercise without stress.

It is very light and you can carry it over your shoulder for a long distance without feeling any strain and can fit into a small car. The bike can be used by women and men as well.

Benefits / Features

The main reasons why to buy the SAVA T700 Road Bike

It is made with carbon fiber for frame which make it easily controlled without exerting much energy.

Derailleur lever, a front and a rest derailleur.

The parts can be assembled easily, which make it possible to put in use as soon as your product arrives

Has low friction.

Weighs less than 12kg, about 10.2kg.

It has Shimano gear and crank system

Suitable V brake.

It is blue in color.

Comes with assemblage tool and guide.

Shimano 3000 system.

  • Features – 95%
  • Value For Money – 98%
  • Build Quality – 91%

“I wanted to find the perfect Road Bike.  The SAVA T700 road bike has a carbon fibre frame – Offering great value”

Customer Satisfaction

Well, you can never get a customer satisfaction remarks like the sava 700c road bike. This is because it is highly regarded by users as one of the easiest bike they have used.

It is an energy saving bike and you can ride miles on it without strain on your muscles. This is because it is made with a material that gives the bike a light frame and takes lesser energy to control it. The carbon fiber used in making the frame of the bike is not as heavy as most metal used in other bikes.

The bike can be used by women and men and you can seat upright on the comfortable saddle without much stress on your back. This are one of the good reason it is recommended for those that experience pain and for recovery athletes, because it put less strain on the body.

The sava 700c road bike is very light and can be transported easily even lifting it on your shoulders, walking considerable distance without feeling much strain.

The bike had come highly recommended for both men and women who enjoy leisure ride or looking for something suitable for transporting short distance around the neighbourhood.

Common Questions

Can I Assemble it On My Own?

The bike is easy to assemble upon delivery, as most parts had already been pre assembled before delivery. It also comes with an assemblage manual and guide to put you through while assembling on your own.

Can It Be Used by Seniors?

It can be used by anyone for comfortable and easy ride and because if it’s energy saving ability, it can be use by seniors and elder people. It does not need much energy to control and it is comfortable causing no strain on the body.

How Long Will It Be Delivered?

It will take 6-10 working days for those in the United Kingdom.

What Kind of Brake System?

A V shaped break system, which is very efficient and safe.

Why is it Made of Carbon?

This design gives it a lightweight weight frame which made it easy to control with less energy and with precision. It made it easy for anyone to ride it.

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The sava 700c road bike is suitable for use for do many reasons and it is recommended for all homes because:

Anyone can ride on this bike because it is easy to control and start without exerting much energy. This make it the best bike to teach someone how to ride.It can be assembled easily, as most of the hard work had already been done and packaged to be delivered with only just minor assemblage which can be achieved easily with the manual made available

It is lightweight and can easily be moved around. You can ride it to work and lift it easily to your office for safe keeping or store it there when ever you might need it again.