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If you are looking for the best bike for women, then the Sava 20 Carbon Fibre BikeFolding mini compact Bicycle is the best option. The bike is manufactured by Sava; a company that can boast of being one of the trusted manufacturing company in the industry. This bike has unique features and it is suitable for women of all sizes and shapes.

A lot of women had been riding bikes more often, especially since it is a nice way to burn calories and stay fit. This implies a great increase in the demand for bike for women and the need to manufacture a bike that will fit features of women.

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The Sava 20 Carbon Fibre Folding Bike mini compact city bicycle has great features and these include:

  • It is made up of TORAY T800 carbon fibre which makes the frame of the bike strong and firm. This material also ensures that the bike is light in weight and can easily be lifted and transported.
  • It has a SHIMANO 3000 9-speed gear system, which ensures that you can change the speed of the bike effectively.
  • The hydraulic brake system is designed for quick response when brake is triggered. This feature is for safety purpose and helps to prevent crash and accidents.
  • One of the unique features of this bike is that it can be folded easily and fast. You do not need to own a car to transport this bike as you can transport the bike on public transport when folded properly.
  • The bike also has an adjustable seat, and this will ensure that anyone can ride the bike regardless of the height of the person. The adjustable seat also ensures that you can ride on this bike comfortably.
  • It usually come in black or red colour.
  • The wheel size is 20″.
  • The weight is 10kg.
  • It comes pre-assembled when delivered, making it easily fixed to start riding on.

Customer Satisfaction

The Sava 20 Carbon Fibre Folding Bike Mini Compact City Bicycle is one of the best bikes for women. The reviews and comments on this bike by customers has been positive, regarding the features of the bike.

Some of the positive remarks about this bike centres on the comfort in riding the bike. The bike has an adjustable seat that can be adjusted to fit the rider and provide a comfortable ride. This make it possible for women of different heights to be able to use the bike comfortably.

A customer, who recommended the bike was happy because everyone in her household can make use of this particular bike. This is because they can adjust it to fit their sizes and shapes and ride comfortably.

Another feature of the bike that have customers commending the bike is that it can be folded easily. You can fold the bike easily within 50 seconds and this makes it easily transportable, even if you do not have car.

Common Questions

We are going to answer some few common questions that are asked by customers and people that intend buying the Sava 20 Carbon Fibre Folding Bike Mini Compact Bicycle:

Is the bike easy to assemble?

The bike comes pre-assembled and it is easy to fix and start using immediately it arrives.

Can the bike be used by anyone?

The bike has adjustable seat which makes it easy for anyone to ride it no matter the height of the person. The person will just have to adjust the seat to fit in comfortably when you want to ride.

Can the bike be used in the city?

The bike is made for city use, for women who want to use to for transit and to exercise. The brake systems respond quickly, which ensure safety as you drive through traffic.

How easy is it to transport the bike?

The bike is light in weight and can easily be lifted. You can also fold this bike easily and fast as well as to carry it along even on public transport.


The Sava 20 Carbon Fibre Folding Bike Mini Compact City Bicycle is one of the most highly recommended bikes for women. It comes in black and red colours and the following reasons are why you should choose this bicycle:

  • It is light in weight and can easily be lifted. You can fold this bike fast and transport it easily, even when you do no own your own personal car.
  • Anyone can use the bicycle, no matter the height of the person. This is due to the fact that the bicycle can be adjusted to be comfortable for any one.
  • The bicycle is safe to use with a SHIMANO 3000 gear system, hydraulic brake system that ensure quick response when applied. This is important as you drive through city traffic to prevent accidents.

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