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Royalbaby Jenny Princess Pink Girls Bike

Looking For Your Childs First Bike. Check Out This Little Beauty With An Amazing Five Star Rating

Royalbaby Jenny Princess Pink Girls Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Royalbaby Jenny Princess Pink Girls Bike



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Common Questions

Six Frequently Asked Questions Answered


Frequently Asked Questions

My Daughter Is So Happy With The Royalbaby Jenny Princess Pink Girls Bike

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Why buy the Royal Baby Jennie bike?

I don’t Ride a Bike To Add Days To My Life. I ride a Bike to Add Life to My Days”


Buying your child’s first bike is an exciting time for you and a great milestone in the child’s life. With more children becoming obese and overweight. As a responsible parent or guardian, we must encourage more physical activity.

There are a range of health benefits attached to learning to ride a bike. Cycling improves coordination, cognitive skills and the development of the body trunk.

You will have plenty of hours of fun learning your child to ride the Royalbaby Jenny Princess Pink Girls Bike. Not to mention all the fun you can have on family days out, or an afternoon at your local park.

RoyalBaby have plenty of experience in manufacturing children’s kid’s bikes. They have designed the Royalbaby Jenny Princess Pink Girls Bike with the child in mind. The steel frame, single speed gears and training wheels will ensure the child has a pleasurable and comfortable ride. Boosting their confidence.

Most notably, the Royal Baby Jenny pink and white colour is coordinated throughout the bike from the Wheels, frame, right through to the cool basket at the front. Your child will feel and look like a princess.

The reviews speak for themselves and cannot be ignored. Check them out for yourself.  We will take a closer look at the Royalbaby Jenny Princess Pink Girls Bike and its best features and the customer satisfaction.

Main Benefits/ Features Of The Royalbaby Jenny Princess Pink Girls Bike

The Royalbaby Jenny Princess Pink Girls Bike comes in a beautiful pink and white colour. Your child will be sure to feel like a real princess with their new bike. Don’t be surprised if you get a lot of parents jealous of your child’s new bike.

RoyalBaby have used a steel frame that gives the rider plenty of support and stability while riding. Steel is a durable material in the event of any minor bump or scraps as your child learns to ride their bike.

Comes with a 16-inch Wheels, that with give the child plenty of grip while riding. Always check the tyres are pumped up correctly. The child should easily be able to come to a stop with the brake levers. Ensure they get plenty of practise with the brakes to ensure they can come to a stop safely.

Furthermore, the Royalbaby Jenny Princess Pink Girls Bike comes with a chain guard protector that protects the child’s legs with the moving parts of the bike. A great safety feature.

  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 96%

”  I Cant Wait To See My Baby Girl On The Royalbaby Jenny Princess Pink Girls Bike.” Oliver


Customer Satisfaction

My daughter loves her now birthday present.


Easy to Assemble and not too bulky to put in the back of the car for family days out


Great Value with lots of added benefits


Absolutely love the Princess Design


Final Verdict


The Royalbaby Jenny Princess Pink Girls Bike is bike made for a princess. It is a very popular bike with some outstanding Customer testimonials. It’s needs some serious considerations as it has lots of added features.


White and Pink Princess Design


Good Customer Reviews


Chain Guard

Common Questions

Is the Royalbaby Jenny Princess Pink Girls Bike easy to use?

Royalbaby have got a lot of experience making childrens bikes. There main aim is to ensure the child loves to ride their bike. They have designed a princess bike


Does the bike come assembled?


The Royal Jenny comes partially assembled and should take no longer than 30 minutes. Designed specifically to be assembled easily. Go on test run to make sure you and the child are happy with bike.


What accessories would I also need?

Save enough money in the budget for a good quality helmet that the child is happy with its fitting and its look. Remember it will be the child wearing it.

A pair of knee and elbow pads is worth some consideration. However, they can limit a child’s mobility. A Good pair of trainers to ensure the child’s feet fit firmly on to the pedal.  Read our article on factors to consider when buying a children’s bike. 

Learning a child to ride


Normally, children aged between 4-6 years old start to learn how to ride a bike. Children learn best by copying others. It may be a good idea to ride in front of them, so they can get to understand what they need to do. When teaching them to ride ensure they are wearing all the correct safety accessories.

A common question, “Is where should you go to teach your child to ride the bike?” Try and go somewhere quiet as learning to ride on the pavement near traffic can be daunting for a child and may put them off riding their Royalbaby Jenny Princess Pink Girls Bike.

Find somewhere with a tarmac area, Parents sometimes think a grass area is a good as it has a soft landing. However, try and avoid learning on a field as it makes learning more difficult as they will have to push harder on the bike.

Don’t hold on to the Royalbaby Jenny Princess Pink Girls Bike handle bars, instead hold on to the childs back/torso area. By holding on to the child and not the handlebars, the child will be able to learn how the bike reacts.

Once the child seems to get more confident, don’t just let them go as they need to safely come to a stop. Stay by their side to ensure they are safe as a fall may discourage them from getting back on the bike.   Waiting too late for your child to learn to ride a bike may make them more hesitant in taking up riding.

In addition, discuss road safety with your child and supervise always. It may be worth having a chat with your child prior to learning to say you’re not being bossy put you just want them to ride safely.

Encourage the child with a positive can-do attitude and encouragement were possible as they may be a little nervous of learning to ride their new Royalbaby Jenny Princess Pink Girls Bike.

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