Royalbaby Bull Dozer Fat Tire Kids Bike

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Royalbaby Bull Dozer Fat Tire kids Bike

If you’ve got an energetic kid that loves to cycle, then you should consider getting the Royalbaby Bull Dozer Fat Tire kids bike for him. This is the most recent launch from Cycle Force Group, the manufacturers of this fantastic bike.

It was debuted precisely in July 2017. The company received this design by the imagination of a cool machine that moves things forward.

They say this signifies progress through the process of creation. It will make your child more courageous and fearless, not afraid of any challenge as he adventures into cycling. This Bull Dozer has some special features that make it stand out amongst others.

Main Benefits/ Features Of The Royalbaby Bull Dozer Fat Tire kids bike

This Royalbaby Bull Dozer Fat Tire kids bike was specially invented with steady square tubes and double top tubes frame and fork. These strong features make the bike very rugged and well-fitted for sporting activities.

It is also comfortable for leisure rides, made just for the fun of cycling. With it the child can navigate all paths without stress no matter the condition of the ground.

Still on the issue of riding on all grounds, you should check out the fat 3-inch wide tires that are very unique with this brand. This will guarantee the stability of your youngsters ride on every terrain. These tires are very durable with an added wear-resistant to ensure it stays strong for a very long time.

It has a single speed system that would help your child focus mainly on the road and perfect his cycling skills. The speed system is equipped with ball-bearing brackets at the bottom and one crank set – very strong and reliable.

This bike has very agile v-brakes with one in front and the other at the back used to ensure a safe halt to movement. The brake system functions perfectly for little children because it has got shiny alloy brake levers that are lightweight.

This brand comes with very comfortable saddle that is ideal for the child’s safe sitting during cycling activities. And there are other accessories like powerful reflectors, firm resin pedals that maintain a firm grip.

All these were specially produced to ensure the security of the young cycler at all times. There will be no need to be apprehensive because RoyalBaby’s new bike has got you child covered. Young children between the ages of 6.5 to 9.5 years can use this bull dozer to get all the fun, excitement and sport possible.

The Royalbaby Bull Dozer Fat Tire kids bike also has special stabilizers like bell, kick stand and training wheel to maintain the child’s balance until he/she has perfected the act of cycling.

Some of its features are adjustable like the v-brakes and others, making it fit the child’s exact need. The bike comes in a black and red shade that makes it look fabulously attractive. It is very easy to assemble after purchase; all that is required is the set of instructions in the manual that is very simple to follow.

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”  I Am So Excited To Teach My Little Boy How To Ride On The Royalbaby Bull Dozer Fat Tire Kids Bike.” Jillian



Royalbaby Bull Dozer Fat Tire kids bike comes with very unique fat tires and alloy rims that maintains a firm grip to the ground. It promises to be an outstanding bull dozer able to tread all grounds no matter how rough it is.

The focal point of the manufacturers when creating this super cycle for kids was to invent something new that could be pushed around while still enjoying the cycling sport. This was achieved in this edition with the special fat tires, attached training wheels and many other features that makes it worthwhile for kids.

It is so good to have adjustable v-brakes on this bike which makes it possible to change the brake system setting to the level of your child’s cycling skill.

If you discover the brakes are too tight, you can easily loosen it a bit and it will work fine for your youngster. Still on the brake system, it’s got brake levers too that increases its functionality thereby certifying safety always.

With its steady square tubes and double top tubes the Royalbaby Bull Dozer Fat Tire kids bike provides a rugged, strong and durable body frame that it well fitting for sports, fun and adventure.

Every young child will be proud to have a bike like this to enjoy playtime on the playground regularly. You  may find our article on the factors to consider when buying a children’s bike.

Final Comments


It has very great v-brakes that you can adjust to meet your child’s cycling skill level.

The tires are very strong and long-lasting and can serve for so many years.

This bike can be used for sports and just for the fun of cycling as well; it will bring out the fearless champion that lies within your young child

Common Questions

Can I adjust the brakes?

Yes, you can adjust the brakes if they are too tight or too loose. The pack comes with adjustable v-brakes that are very easy to adjust. See the manual for directions on adjusting brakes.

Is the item durable?

This bike is very durable. The double top tubes and square tube frame makes it strong and long lasting. Its fat tires are very sturdy, with added wear-resistant intentionally incorporated to make it serve for a very long time. All parts included as all durable as well.

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