Everyone in this world has a desire to have their dreams fulfilled. Some people think only adults have dreams to fulfil. This is indeed very wrong.

Children have dreams too, and a failure to satisfy their dreams can lead to adverse emotional and psychological problems. While some children dream of something that sounds unachievable before the eyes of their parents, some dream of owning items that are not too hard to get.

Among many other dreams, most girls want to own a bicycle. Make your daughter the happiest girl in your neighbourhood by purchasing the Royal Baby Star Girl Princess Girl’s Kids Bike.

This is a wonderful bicycle designed with all the features that a girl would love. It is suitable for girls as young as 2.5 years old up to age 8 years.


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Features & Benefits


The royal baby star girl princess girl’s kids bike is fitted with a chrome steel frame with uniform front fork. The frame is strong and makes the bicycle able to manoeuvre through all sorts of terrain.

The steel frame will make the little girl enjoy a smooth ride since its flexibility helps dampen the road vibrations. The steel frame is also strong, long-lasting and can withstand heavier riders. It is painted to prevent rusting just in case it is ridden in wet weather conditions.

Fitted with front caliper brakes and rear band brakes, the royal baby star girl princess girl’s kids bike is able to race downhill fast without fear of accidents.  The well set up braking system will instil confidence in the girl which makes it easier for her to learn how to cycle even when it is their first bicycle.

Each and royal baby star girl princess girl’s kids bike is fitted with a chain guard. This is pretty important in that it prevents the rider from hurting their fingers and ankles as they go out for a ride.

The royal baby star girl princess girl’s kids bicycle is has an adjustable seat height. It entails an easy up down clipper. Thus, the rider will be able to adjust the seat as they increase in height.

A royal star girl princess girl’s kids bike has a front basket. The basket is well fixed and cannot come out during riding. It is strong enough to host several heavy items so you can just send your daughter to buy milk and some snacks at the supermarket near your home and she will bring them with a lot of ease. The basket can be separated from the bicycle because it is removable.

A royal baby star girl princess girl’s kids bike makes use of steel spoke wheels and R-BABY extra strong pneumatic tyres. It guarantees certainty of no damage or accident even when the bicycle is used on rowdy and rough road.

Customer Satisfaction


The royal baby star girl princess kids bike comes out in different sizes OF 12’’, 14’’ and 16’’. It can thus be used by girls of age 2.5 years and 8 years.

The 12’’ is most suitable for riders aged between 25 – 5 years old, the 14’’ is for 4-6 years and the 16’’ is for riders who are between 5 – 8 years old. It is fitted with adjustable handlebar height and heavy duty removable stabilizers.

The bicycle is easy to assemble and the technology used is simple to understand. It guarantees safety of the rider and is durable. It comes in Rose and blue colour.


Customer Questions


Do the wheels (free wheel) or does the bike slow and stop when the child stops peddling?

No. The bicycle does not have gears. Hence, when the child stops peddling it will definitely slow down and eventually stop. The child ought to keep peddling in order for him/her to keep moving.

My daughter is 5 years old but will be 6 in March, am I best going for 14’’ or a 16’’ as hoping to get a couple of years out of it?

My daughter has had the 14’’ for a year now and has more years to use it. It would be a lot too big for my 5 year old if she had the 16’’. I would say at that age, better go for the 16’’. Hope this is helpful.

Which size for a tall 13 year old? I do not want her to grow out of it overnight.

14’’ will be very convenient for her, and she will be able to make maximum use of it. Check out our review of the Kryptonite bike locks.





The bike is very suitable for first time riders because it is full of safety features.

It is designed with adjustable features to help cope up with the changes in height as your child grows.

The bike is made up of features that can are available in retail shops and garages just in case some parts wear out or get damaged.


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