If your child is on your neck about getting him or her a bike, then you have a very huge task at hand. There are very many things to consider when thinking of getting a bike for a child.

You have to think about the functionality, the safety, the stability and also something as petty as the color your child prefers. The age of your child will also influence your decision to purchase a bike while considering the longevity of its use.

If your child is about three years old, you may need to add some training wheels to ensure the possibility of accidents happening is significantly reduced.

The royal baby children’s space no.1 alloy bike is one of the best options when thinking of getting your child their first bike or even a better bike than they previously had. Here’s why:


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Benefit/ features


  • Frame/fork

They use frames made of hydroformed aluminium. BMX TIG welded steel is used to make the fork. The fork also has leading edge dropouts and the frame sizes available are 12 to 16 inch.

The material used to make the material is cost efficient to the manufacturer and so is the process of using them. This translates to the vendors’ price eventually which means the bike is affordable.

The use of hydroformed aluminum also means that the bikes are designed in a way that makes them light but strong. The bike is easier to handle as a result and can easily be used by a child.

The strength ensures that the frame does not bend when it hits the ground or when it is subjected to pressure. The frames are painted in different colors and there is a chance the color you prefer is available.

  • Wheels

The royal baby children’s space no.1 alloy bike has a steel rim with 16 holes. The wheels are made of 2.4 inch wide rubber, knobby tires. This type of rubber is suited for riding in all terrain.

They are also accompanied by training wheels which are meant to keep the bike stable for the child. They are also detachable which means when your child is able to keep the balance while on the bike; it’s time for the training wheels to come off.

  • Drivetrain

These bikes are designed with a chain guard that is enclosed. The pedals are made using non-slip resin. They also have reflectors and cranks made of a single piece. With a drive train such as this the child can enjoy their ride without worrying about their feet sliding off the pedal or getting their trouser in the chain.

  • Brakes

The front V brake uses a special lever which is specifically suited for kids to brake. The coaster brake at the rear has a quick release clamp so there is no need to panic when the bike is going too fast.

The royal baby children’s space no.1 alloy bike has a saddle specifically designed for kids which has a carrying handle on 12 to 16 inch. This is comfort assured as the kid does what he or she likes.

  • Extras

Despite the fact that a kid might not necessarily want a water bottle or its cage attached to the bike, they still come in handy sometime. They also add to the aesthetic value of the bike and we all know kids are attracted by what they see.

Customer satisfaction


Should you decide to buy the royal baby children’s space no.1 alloy bike, you are bound to get the value for your money. Not only will you kid be happy that you got them the bike they have been dreaming off, they are sure to tell you that it is perfect.

The weight of these bikes is just perfect for kids so they will not struggle to get it moving. They are also very strong which will put your mind to ease about having your kid on it.

These bikes last long so you can forget about the pressure of looking for another bike within a year or two. Their sizes are accommodating which means that despite the height  of your child, they can reach the saddle and ride the bike comfortable.

Common questions


Despite the fact that you may like the specs of the bike and take it home with you, you may have some questions regarding it that you would really like answered. The commonly asked questions are:

  • What happens when my kid no longer needs to use the training wheels?

In the event that your kid feels comfortable without using the training wheels, you simply need to detach them.

  • When does my child need a new bike once I buy this one?

It will be a while yet because you buy the bike with training wheels and when your child is at a certain age, their sense of balance is better. In this case you just remove the training wheels and it’s like you bought a new bike for that age.

  • How easy is it to ride this bike?

The royal baby children’s space no.1 alloy bike is easy to control and direct since the material used to make it is light but strong at the same time. The training wheels also help the kid gain confidence while riding it easily.  Why not read our factors to consider when buying a children’s bike.





There are many manufactures who make bikes for kids. The uniqueness of this product alone should be reason enough to take it home with you. However, here are more reasons to fully convince you:

  • They are easy to ride which means you don’t need to worry about taking forever to teach your child to ride such a small bike.
  • They are affordable. You don’t need to go to the bank and get a loan to get one of these

They last for a long time without the need of repairs. Considering the material used to make them and the design used, they are robust bikes which will serve your kid for a long while yet.


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