If you’ve been searching for a bike that is ideal for your little girl and is safe for them to use.

You may want to check out the Royal Baby Mermaid Style Princess Pink Girls bike. A brilliant children’s bike with a princess design.


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First, the Royal Baby Mermaid Style Princess Pink Girls bike is that it is available in different sizes. There are sizes available for 3-year-olds and 8-year-olds. The available size ranges are 12”, 14”, and 16”.

Because safety is the priority, the bike was specially designed to conform to all safety standards while still making it fun enough for the kids to enjoy. The top of the line artistry and clean seams gives it a smooth, polished finish.

The princess design of the frame is designed to be eye catching and grab the attention of your child. The Royal baby Mermaid Style Princess Pink Girls bike is fitted with a steel frame as well as an adjustable handlebar and seat height.

If your child’s leg isn’t long enough to reach the pedals, or the arms just don’t quite make it to the handlebars, no problem.

The handlebar has a large adjustment range making it possible to adjust the height and inclination. The high quality and extremely comfortable saddle also have an impressive adjustment range so you can adjust both the angle and the height till it is comfortable for your child.

Again, with safety as the number one priority, the bike was equipped with a back pedal brake on the rear wheel which is an absolute necessity for every children’s bike.

Also, the front wheels were also equipped with side brakes. Another feature of the bike your child would love is the front basket. That way they can carry around a snack or two, or a juice box, or maybe their favourite toy.  

Customer Satisfaction


  The Royal Baby Mermaid Style Princess Pink Girls bike come in different sizes to satisfy the needs of different age ranges. It is a simple bike that is perfect for riding on warm sunny days.

The princess design gives it an edgy look that’s bound to make your child feel like a professional cyclist whenever they’re enjoying a ride. An easy to set up the bike with all the features of a first bike your child is bound to love.

The overall performance of the bike, the features, and not to mention the happiness it’ll bring to your child makes it worth your money.  


Common Questions  


What size should I get for my kid?

The Royal Baby Mermaid Style Princess Pink Girls bike comes in different size ranges with each size range corresponding to a particular age group. For example, the 12” was designed for 2 and a half to 4 and half years old. If you get the size that your kids’ age falls into, it should be a perfect fit.  

Does it come ready to ride, or is it sent in a pack?

It arrives in a package, and you’ll need to adjust the parts by yourself but the process is simple, and the manual explains how very well. You may ask them to assemble it once it arrives if that’s what you desire.  

How safe is it?

The Royal Baby Mermaid Style Princess Pink Girls bike is very safe for your child to use. It has been designed to meet all the standard safety requirements prescribed for kid’s bikes.  

Is there a rear brake?

The Royal baby Mermaid Style Princess Pink Girls bike comes with a hub rear brake which is even easier to pull than the front brake. The rear wheel also has a back-pedal brake for added safety.    



Advice on using the Royal Baby Mermaid Style Princess Pink Girls bike


We know your child’s safety is your number one priority that’s why before you let them get on the Royal Baby Mermaid Style Princess Pink Girls bike, you should check to make sure that;

  • The tires are fully inflated, and there’s no leak.
  • All the parts are in excellent working condition.
  • Every screw, bolts, and nuts have been tightened correctly.

Once assembled make sure both you and your child are happy with the bike and that they feel comfortable and confident while riding. Go on a little test run. Always ensure the child is wearing all the correct safety apparel. A good quality helmet that has a good fitting, pair of knee pads and trainers that have a good grip.  You may like to read our article on Kryptonite bike locks.





It is a great first bike to introduce your child to the fun they can have cycling. You may even nurture in them a love for the sport.   It is ideal for soft, beautiful travels outdoors.

Your child can take it for a spin to the park, or pretend they’re on an adventure with it.  


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