Does your child ever see you going on a ride and wished to come along? Therfore you’re looking for something that can get them interested in bike riding or even just spend some time outdoors?

Consequently,  you should contemplate getting them the royal baby freestyle kid’s bike.  A fun two wheeler comes in a selected range of colors that allows you pick whatever matches your child’s color taste.

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First of all  the royal baby freestyle kid’s bike royal baby freestyle kid’s bike comes  in a  the range of solid colours  (blue, green, red, white, and orange.) hence a colour to suit your child’s taste whatever that is.

Royal baby freestyle kid’s bike comes in different sizes. While  there are sizes available for 3-year-olds and for 12-year-olds. Size ranges are 12”, 14”, 16”, and 18”.

Featured benefit of  the royal baby freestyle kid’s bike is fitted with steel spoke wheels and U Baby extra durable pneumatic tires. Resulting in a firm grip on smooth or rough terrains.

Most of all the bike is  designed with your child’s safety in mind. As a result each of the sizes comes with a heavy duty adjustable and removable stabilizers. In addition using  stabilizers allows your child to express themselves freely on the bike without the fear of falling off at the back of their mind. An excellent way to build their confidence in riding.

Furthermore, the royal baby freestyle kids bike is also fitted with a front fork and a steel frame as well as an adjustable handlebar and seat height.

Since your child’s legs aren’t long enough to make it to the pedals. Therefore an adjustable features on the handlebar and seat height; you can make it the riding experience a comfortable and enjoyable one for your child.

Most of all the easily adjustable to adjust the  handlebar and the seat till your child no longer has to stretch to get to the pedals.

The front calliper brake and the rear band brake makes coming to a stop a smooth and easy transition, and with the adjustable feature of the stabilizers, you can help your child through the different learning stages.

Especially relevant feature of the bike your child would enjoy is the water bottle and holder. Fill it up with water, lemonade or their favourite fruit drink to keep your child refreshed as they have fun.

Customer Satisfaction

A fresh design makes it an ideal bike for both boys and girls. Despite its simplicity, it is a durable bicycle that is suited to any terrain so your child can have fun riding this down the street or on the field.

an added benefit is the water bottle and holder is also a favorite among kids as they feel just like the grown ups – parental or otherwise – they see riding their adult sized bike. It is easy to assemble with an illustrative simple to follow manual. A great first bicycle to get your kid interested in bike riding.

Common Questions

What size should I get for my kid?

Since the royal baby freestyle kid’s bike comes in different size ranges with each size range corresponding to a particular age group. For example, the 12” was designed for 2 and a half to 4 and half years old.  Therefore thinking ahead as long as you get the size that your kids’ age falls into, it should be a perfect fit.

Does it come ready to ride, or is it sent in a pack?

It arrives in a package, and you’ll need to adjust the parts by yourself but the process is pretty simple, and the manual explains how very well. You may ask them to assemble it once it arrives if that’s what you desire.

What’s the seat post diameter?

After measuring as accurately as possible, it appears to be 1 inch in diameter.

Is there a rear brake?

Royal baby freestyle kid’s bike comes with a hub rear brake which is even easier to pull than the front brake.

Does THE royal baby freestyle kid’s bike come with coaster brakes?

No. It doesn’t break when you push back on the pedal the way coastal brakes work. It comes with traditional hand brakes which are much better on a kid’s bike and brakes are small and easy to control by children.

Advice on using the royal baby freestyle kids bike

Most notably Before your child takes out the royal baby freestyle kids bike for a spin you should carry a couple of checks;

  •  First of all check the tires are properly inflated, and there’s no leak.
  • Secondly, make sure that all the parts are in excellent working condition.
  • Finally, check every screw, bolt, and nut has been tightened correctly.


Consequently, the royal freestyle bike is a great bike for introducing your child to the joys of riding outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. In addition the varied color range means that you can find one that’ll match your child’s style and taste.

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