“Life is like riding a bicycle: you don’t fall off unless you stop pedalling. ”  – Claude Pepper

Buying your first child’s bike is an exciting time. There are many health benefits to cycling.  Riding the Royal Baby Flybear Freestyle BMX will improve your child’s physical and mental health.

Cycling is known for being good for breathing and blood circulation as you burn through the calories. Furthermore, Cycling is also known to improve range of motion, Cognitive development and trunk control and balance.

Don’t forget your child will have many hours of fun riding the Royal Baby Flybear Freestyle BMX. We will review the Fly Bear and its benefit/ features and the commonly asked questions.


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Benefit/ Features


Frame: A BMX TIG welded steel frame that is designed specifically for a child. A Steel frame is durable and strong and will enable your child to have plenty of support while riding.

Wheels: There are three types of wheel sizes 12” 14” and 16”. 12” 2.5 – 5 year old. 14” = 4-6-year-old. 16” 5-8-year-old.

There are different sizes of the Royal Baby Flybear Freestyle BMX’s for different age ranges.  Any questions regarding sizing, do not hesitate to speak to the supplier.

Tyres: Flybear comes with extra pneumatic tyres that give the child grip while riding over different types of terrain.

Brakes: Front and rear calliper brakes that allow the child to change the pace of the Flybear quickly and easily to the changing riding conditions.  Before every ride ensure you test the brakes by pushing the bike forward and backwards.

Seat: A padded (EVA) seat that will give the child plenty of support will riding. Royal Baby are well known within the children’s bike industry and only use top quality materials and components.

Pedals: The Flybear comes with non-slip pedals and reflectors that will help the child keep their feet firmly on the pedal.  Reflectors are also a brilliant added feature.

Customer Satisfaction


Great Birthday present for my Grandson. He loves it.


Royal Baby are an Established brand known for making quality children bikes.


My child loves the fact that the Flybear has stabilisers. Ideal for boosting confidence.


Great Customer Testimonials. They speak for themselves.


Common Questions


Can the pedals be removed?

No, the pedals cannot be removed. However, they are non-slip and will keep the child’s feet firmly gripped to the bike pedals.

Does the 16-inch Flybear have stabilisers wheels that can be easily taken off?

Yes, the Flybear comes with stabilisers.

What colour does the Royal Baby Flybear Freestyle BMX come in?

Comes in two colours; Red and Yellow. A colour to fit every child’s personality Does the Flybear come with stabilisers? Yes, the Royal Baby Flybear Freestyle BMX comes with a set of stabilisers that can easily be taken on and off. A great added benefit.

Does the Royal Baby Flybear Freestyle BMX come partially assembled?

Flybear comes partially assembled and comes with a handy instruction manuel so even if you’re not used to assembling children’s bikes you will always have the instruction manuel to refer too.

It may be worth asking a more experienced family member to lend a hand. Always go on a test run to make sure you and your child are happy with the bike.

Children Biking Accessories


The Royal Baby Flybear Freestyle BMX offers brilliant value at a fraction of the cost. There will be plenty of money left over for some essential children biking accessories.

You may find our article on the factors to consider when buying a children’s bike helpful and informative. Buy a good quality helmet that has some good reviews. Make sure the child is happy with the helmet and its fitting.

You can have the best helmet in the world, however if you’re not wearing it because it’s not comfortable or it doesn’t fit. Then it becomes useless. The child’s satisfaction is vital as you don’t want them taking it off once your back is turned.

Knee and elbow pads are also worth some serious consideration as they will protect your children’s knees and elbows. However, knee and elbow pads can restrict your childs mobility on their Royal Baby Flybear Freestyle BMX.

You should ensure that your child is wearing comfortable clothing and maybe not their best clothes. A good pair of trainers with good soles that will help your child have a good grip on the pedal.

If you’re going on a long family outing, it may be worth taking a small backpack to carry a small snack (maybe a Dairy milk bar) and a bottle of water to stop any hunger or de hydration.

Remember we want to encourage the child to ride their Royal Baby Flybear Freestyle BMX. A little pre- planning is vital to maximise the chances of the child becoming a future cycling enthusiast.


Final Verdict


Thinking of buying a new child’s bike. The Royal Baby Flybear Freestyle BMX can certainly not be ignored as the reviews speak for themselves.

Offers Great Value

Royal Baby specialise in making good quality bikes.

Heavy duty Stabilisers included. Great for building confidence.


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