Royal Baby Bmx Freestyle Kids Bike



Royal Baby Bmx Freestyle Kids Bike


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Royal Baby Bmx Freestyle Kids Bike

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Royal Baby Bmx Freestyle Kids Bike


It’s two weeks to your little one’s birthday, and you’ve been looking for that special gift to get them, but you’re not sure what to purchase. Why not go with the royal baby BMX freestyle kid’s bike?

It is a fun toy that they can enjoy outdoors, and the beautiful design and colour guarantee that you’ll win parent of the year.


Best Features

Here are the top features of the Royal Baby Bmx Freestyle Kids Bike

The royal baby BMX freestyle kid’s bike comes in a diverse range of solid colors giving you plenty of options to choose from. Is your child partial to red? Or yellow? Or maybe they prefer something purple?

Whatever the case may be, there’s an option to suit your child. Another great thing about this bike is that there are different bikes for kids of all ages, so if you’ve got a 2.5-year-old, or older, say an 8-year-old, then there’s a size that’s perfect for them too.

The tires are U BABY extra sturdy pneumatic tires fitted with 3 spoke wheels. The extra durable pneumatic tires make it easy to use on all terrains without having to worry about it getting stuck or your kid falling off.

For added safety, the bike is also equipped with some heavy duty stabilizers that can be adjusted and removed whenever necessary. The stabilizers give you child the needed confidence to learn how to ride on their own and express their freedom.

The royal baby BMX freestyle kid’s bike frame is constructed from pure chromoly steel and a unicrown front fork. Both the handlebar and the seat height can be adjusted for angle inclination and height.

So if your child doesn’t quite reach, you can adjust till you get a proper position they can maneuver it from. As time goes by and they continue growing, you can also change it, so they always have a comfortable experience whenever they go for a ride.

Another great safety feature of this bike is the brake that it comes with. The front wheel is equipped with caliper brake while the rear wheel has a band brake.

The brakes make it easier for you kids to come to a stop and give them a smooth and steady transition from riding to stopping. The enclosed chain guard is also another excellent safety feature specially designed to keep your kid’s legs away from the wheels

  • Features -89%
  • Value for money – 82%
  • Build Quality – 86%

” Its My Sons Birthday Next Week, The Royal Baby Button Freestyle Bmx.” Chloe 

Customer Satisfaction

The royal baby BMX freestyle kid’s bike is a good and sturdy that is easy to put together. It looks good, drives smoothly and is sure to keep you little one happy and entertained at all times. It also comes in different size ranges so kids of all ages can enjoy this fantastic bike


Common Questions

What size would you recommend for a three-year-old?

The 12inch was designed for kids’ ages 2.5 – 4.5 years old so you may decide but since your child is already 3, he’ll outgrow it in a year, so it’ll be better if you go for the 14 inch. It was designed for 1ges 3-6 and will give you child a long time with it before you’ll need to change it.

Is it pre-assembled?

The product comes in a package, and you’ll need to assemble your parts yourself, but the instructions are easy to follow.

Is it heavy to drive?

The smallest model was made for kids between 2 and a half to 4 and a half years. While it is a sturdy bike, it is straightforward for kids to ride.

Does the pedal go forward and backward?

The pedals only go forwards on this bike, they don’t pedal back.

What is the weight of the 16 inch? Are the frames aluminum?

The 16inch bike weighs approximately 15kg, and the frames are made of pure steel.

Does it come with water bottle and holders?

No. The water bottle and holder are not a feature of this model. If you want the water bottle and holder, you may want to go for one of the other royal baby models.



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It has a broad range of colors that you can choose from allowing your kids to stand out anywhere they go.

Everything about the design, from the seats to the adjustable handlebars come together to make this bike comfortable to use.

The range of colors that the bike comes in makes it ideal for both boys and girls.