Royal baby 16 space shuttle children’s bike




Royal baby 16 space shuttle children’s bike


If Your Looking For A Child Bike, Then Stop Looking, Royal baby 16 space shuttle children’s bike Certainly Has A Lot To Offer.

 Royal baby 16 space shuttle children’s bike

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Light weight magnesium frame


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Royal baby 16″ Space Shuttle children’s bike



If there’s one thing children love, it’s having fun and what could be more for than riding down the street on a shiny new bicycle? Trying to pick a bike for your child can be demanding especially due to the number of products that are available.

If you’ve been searching for a bike that your kids are bound to love, then why not purchase the royal baby 16” space shuttle children’s bike. It is stylish, elegant and guaranteed to be a fun surprise for your child.



Best Features

Here are the top features of the royal baby 16” space shuttle children’s bike

The royal baby 16” space shuttle children’s bike was designed with a very light magnesium frame – for comfort, safety, and good anti-impact performance – as well as a sturdy steel front fork. This makes for a perfect blend of strength and lightness.  The rims are one piece rims, also made from magnesium, with a 16x2.4” knobbly wide tires. The tires make it easy to navigate in all roads and across all terrains whether it is muddy, or filled with grass.

The features of the drivetrain consist of a durable, single speed system, a one-piece crankset, as well as a ball-bearing bottom bracket. The single speed system helps in making this bike so lightweight, more resilient for riding off the road and on flat ground and also provides greater efficiency. The one piece crankset ensures that your bicycle will require very little maintenance so your kid can enjoy themselves for years to come without you having to worry about constantly fixing it.

The royal baby 16” space shuttle children’s bike is also equipped with a rather impressive braking system. It consists of a double-safe braking system which comes with a disc-brake and a child sized brake lever made from a shiny alloy that you kid will find easy to control. The saddle is made using new technology one piece foam, and the pedals are TPR soft grip slip resistant resin pedals with reflectors for added safety.

Some additional features of the bike include heavy duty training wheel support made from magnesium, a kickstand, and all the assembly tools you’ll need to couple the bike together


  • Features – 92%
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 93%

” Its My Sons Birthday In A Couple Of Days, The royal baby 16” space shuttle children’s bike Is The Perfect Birthday Present.” Jackie


Customer Satisfaction

Firstly, the royal baby 16” space shuttle children’s bike comes with a unique design that’s bound to grab your kids attention from the onset. It is a perfect match for both boys and girls and has been crafted to meet all standard safety requirements. It comes in an easy to assemble the package, and as long as you follow the instructions, you’ll be done in no time.

Secondly, The 16” frame was constructed for kids aged 5-8 to be fun and durable at the same time. The size is made just right so it’s comfortable for 5 to 8-year-old children, the design is fun to look at, the features are splendid, and it gives a great overall user experience. Your child can’t help but fall in love with it.

Common Questions

What do I do if some parts are missing?

If on purchasing the product you find out that some parts are missing, contact the main desk or the delivery team for further information. It may have been left out during packaging. Once you reach them, they’ll resolve the issue at the earliest convenience.

Does it come ready to ride, or is it sent in a pack?

It arrives in a package, and you’ll need to adjust the parts by yourself but the process is pretty simple, and the manual explains how very well. You may ask them to assemble it once it arrives if that’s what you desire.

What is the total weight?

The bike has been designed with a lightweight magnesium to make it easy for you young one to carry around. The total weight of the item is 10kg.

Are there other sizes?

This particular royal baby product comes in only the 16” size which is ideally suited for kids 5-8 years old. If you want a bike in a different size, why not check out the other royal baby products.

Before allowing your child to go on a ride on the royal baby 16” space shuttle children’s bike, check to make sure:

  • That the tires are properly inflated, and there’s no leak.
  • To make sure that all the parts are in excellent working condition.
  • That every screw, bolt, and nut has been tightened correctly.
  • That they know the importance of wearing their helmet at all times


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  • The frame design was inspired by space and the universe, a wonder which has always fascinated children. This unique design makes it an absolute treasure for all kids.
  • It’s a great way to teach your children about the joys of cycling and even start an activity together if you enjoy going for a ride too.
  • It is ideally suited for both boys and girls alike, so why not get one for you kid as soon as possible.