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Rollgan Dolphin Electric Bike

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Rollgan Dolphin Electric Bike Review

The Rollgan Dolphin Electric Bike has a light weight and is usually fun toy to ride. It is especially useful in short distances for travelling around the city. It is also portable, therefore it can be carried in the trunk to whenever destinations you go.

These packages includes: the e bike, a charger and a user manual to guide the buyer on how to use it. Its load capacity is up to 120kg/265 lbs. it is also waterproof hence useful in any weather. It is black in colour.


here are the features Of The Rollgan Dolphin Electric Bike

It has a high electric power. The Rollgan Dolphin Electric Bike has a lithium ion battery. When compared to gasoline powered bikes, it is found to be economic friendly and doesn’t require any maintenance.

It is of good range and has a relatively high speed. This bike has 12 miles range and can go up to a speed of 12mph. it is very beneficial when used to move around the city but within a short distance travel.

The bike design is inspired by the dolphin shape. Its light weight nature and also its fold ability leave you with the options of fitting it in your trunk or even carry them to the public transportation vehicles.

It’s suited with strong brakes. TheRollgan Dolphin Electric Bike comes with brakes of disc shape for efficient and maximum braking abilities. It is also fitted with foot test bars on both of its sides.

It has a feature of Bluetooth connections. The Rollgan Dolphin Electric Bike can easily be connected to your cell phones through the Bluetooth system. The app favors the speed functions, mileage and recording time.

  • Features – 82%
  • Value for money – 87%
  • Build Quality – 96%

” I Wanted A E Bike For The City And Easy To Use In The City, The Rollgan Dolphin Is Brilliant For Taking On And Off The Train.” Sarah

Customer Satisfaction

The Rollgan Dolphin Electric Bike is really a fun and great bike to own. It has an excellent quality and its motor works very well. Its customer service has been excellent, cooperative and so helpful.

The Rollgan Dolphin Electric Bike  has no problem with carrying heavy loads. It also handles harsh weather conditions such as the rains this is due to its waterproof feature. The bike is recommended on little run around.

Common Questions

How much distance can be approximately covered by a fully charged battery?

This will be based on the road conditions. There are flat roads, bumpy roads, uphill and downhill; the full charge needed to empty the range is approximately 12km.

Is there a need of registering this to get a license plate for driving it across the UK?

As long as you are over 12 years of age in England, Scotland and Wales then you can ride any electric bike, but ensure that it’s meeting the necessary requirements to be on the safer side. However, you do not need any license at all to ride this bike as it does not require registration processes, taxation or insurance.

How can you upgrade the bike to ride it up to 20mph?

The maximum theory of velocity is 30km/h based on the user. We performed a test base on 170cm &65kg, and did an adjustment to the 30km/h theoretical value; its highest reachable speed is 25km/h in a smooth road.

Is it possible for the bike to be cycled as normal push bikes if at all it lasts its battery charge?

Yes, it is very possible to push it as any another normal bike when the battery dies.

Does the Rollgan Dolphin Electric Bike come with a warranty?

The bike comes with a 6 month warranty on all its parts. If there will be any manufacturing problems with its parts then we will have them replaced and send you new parts.

Can I use it on hilly places?

This will surely depend on how high the mountain is. The e bikes maximum angle of climbing is 15 degrees.

How long can its battery last when cycling in a normal flat road?

The battery life is affected by many factors. Basing it on 170cm & 65kg, when used on a flat road its range is approximately 14km.

Can its height be adjusted?

No, it is not possible to adjust the height of the seat.

What is its maximum speed and how long will it take to deliver one to the Wales after ordering for it?

Germany is our inventory place; the shipping time will be based on the carrier which can cost about 4-5 working days.

Is the battery included in the price? Because the general description says so but the description package does not

The battery is located in the Rollgan Dolphin Electric Bike and therefore price inclusive. The battery capacity is 4.4ah. Read our article on Kryptonite bike locks..

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  • It has an ideal speed for facilitating faster movements


  • Rollgan Dolphin Electric Bike  is very portable as it has a dolphin shape and a light weight that enables it to be folded and fitted in trunks or any vehicles.


  • It’s fitted with electric power that is friendly to the environment and does not require maintenance processes. Therefore, it has a unique nature different from all the other bikes that are powered by gasoline.