The Road cyclists you seen in France in July weren’t always the seasonal professionals. This article will list some bike riding tips and advice. Always check the bike before you ride and perform this pre ride checklist:

  • Wheels: Always make sure the tyres have plenty of tread, are inflated properly and have no nicks or cuts.
  • Chain: Make sure the chain hasn’t got to much lube, always test by wiping with your finger and there should only be a small amount of oil.
  • Cockpit: Check your headset by rocking the handlebar back and fourth, if you think there’s too much movement adjust your head set.
  • Endurance: The first thing to figure out, is what are your strengths? Some individuals are born sprinters, however some are endurance riders. The trick to endurance is having the power to battle through the mind numbing, and replace it with focus and cleansing the mind of unnecessary thoughts ” I want to stop” and I can’t do this” instead replace it with it I love it and I can do this.

People are different and its important to play at your strenghths, some people can sprint, others can go for long distances. If your a sprinter it may be best to target improving the distance you travel within a specific time frame by planning your training regime to incorportate long distance rides a couple of times a month. On the other hand if you can ride for long distances it may be worth thinking of mixing your training regime with a slow and fast pace at the start to become a better road cyclist, middle and end of your training with maybe repeating it for a minute at a time, up to the desired goal of say 15 minutes. It may be worth investing in a stopwatch. Its also just as important to let the body fully recover from training so dont forgot those rest days so your fully charged for the next training session. on the road.