I thought this was a wonderful read. Beautifully written by father and son, poignant, informative and painfully honest.

Stuffed with their love for cycling, and each other.

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Fist of all having spent a fair amount of time looking at various cycling books. Furthermore  I decided to cover the excellent Rides of Passage by Matt Lamy, Arthur Lamy. This best cycling book is a wonderful telling of a father and sons journey through France as father and son.

If you are someone who has done this yourself, or would like to make that a process you go through with your son/father. This is a good place to start. It’s full of great anecdotes, travel information and should make preparing your own trip that much easier

 Customer Satisfaction

Overall, I would suggest that customers will positively love this best cycling books. This is more to me than just a cycle touring book. Those are usually fairly routine and lack the zip and charm that I would expect.

Rides of Passage by Matt Lamy, Arthur Lamy, though? It does nothing of the sort. Instead, it captures one of the most positively and charming stories I’ve heard about cycling. From the bike exhibition itself to the time that the father and son have together, it’s a wonderful story.

Most of all It helps to create a unique memoir that, by the end, had me feeling like I had known the boys for years. The depth and detail in the diaries themselves makes it easy to see of their trips in a new light.

From their 1994 trip to the 2015 trip years apart, these two journeys are combined with the heartening story of their lives. Watch as father and son grow, develop and bond throughout the book.

As far as stories that we want to hear and relive ourselves go, this is up there for me. Any customer who buys this should be suitable delighted at the depth and detail of the story throughout. It’s friendly, engaging and warms the heart massively!


  • Rides of Passage by Matt Lamy, Arthur Lamy one of the best cycling books, and one that makes it easy to see the challenges of life for father and son. From father to grandfather, son to adult, you see lives change in this book.
  • A wonderfully hilarious tale that makes it easy to see why you would want to take part in this kind of activity on your own.
  • Full of funny little anecdotes with beautifully descriptive language. A good way to see how one can mix family life with having fun without losing out making it one of the best cycling books.
  • A little too graphic at times – it’s a bit hard to forget some of the images!


  • Depends entirely on how you want to look at this, really.
  • I personally found that the part-travelogue factor was great fun to read. There were lots of satisfying little stories within that made it nice and easy to stick along with the Rides of Passage by Matt Lamy, Arthur Lamy and feel really excited by the story that it told. One of the best cycling books.
  • Noteworthy the story of a father and son combining together to make this so memorable was something worth reading. It’s a story that I will always remember.  in the future, I would love to replicate as a truly engaging story that is easy to remember.
  • Easy to follow with – it’s not a dour, dull blow-by-blow take on every road. It’s a great story that shows you how relationships change with our parents over years. This makes a recognizable story for many who will be reading this as parents themselves, as you can see the obvious parallels develop within.
  • Noteworthy smart referencing throughout makes it easy to enjoy this story without knowing the two beforehand.
  • I had very minor knowledge of the idea about this book before reading it but found myself compelled to never put it down once I had started reading it from page to page.

Common Questions

Firstly, How is the best cycling book prepared?

It’s managed in a way that provides an easy to follow story, but it’s got plenty of emotion in it too. The story format is easy to follow along with and gives you two opposing views of the same situation time and time again.

Secondly, Is the best cycling book funny?

Yes, very! The accounts can make your eyes go dusty but they can have you chortling away, as well. It’s the kind of account that leaves you with two authors who both share one of the most engaging passions on the world together, it’s like a conversation.

Thirdly, Are images included?

Yes, they are. This makes it easier for the story to be told, as you get to enjoy physical views of the scenery that they undertake. This adds an extra layer of realism to the whole thing and makes the story itself much more enjoyable to take in.

Additionally, what’s the most striking part of the Rides of Passage?

Probably the fact it shows you the same journey twice. You get to see how the two men have changed over the years, as well as the scenery itself. It paints an amazing picture of how nothing ever stays the same.


Overall, this is one of the most diverse and engaging reads that I have had the pleasure of engaging in for some time. It’s fun, engaging and in-depth with the detail overall. The classy nature of the storytelling and the natural relationship between father and son fuses each page together.

In conclusion Rides of Passage by Matt Lamy, Arthur Lamy from their comical way of telling little stories to the awesome little anecdotes making it the best cycling books.  This makes for a wonderful and engaging read. The discussion of relationship between father and son is something that is very fun to remember and engage with. It also makes you pine a little for the same love and connection in your own life!

Therefore So, as far as getting a good read to enjoy about a family trip goes.  This is my #1 pick. It has substance and it has great language, making it a fun read that is as funny as it is educational. It has already planted the seed in my mind to make sure that me and my own father get to enjoy a similar kind of trip. Making it the best cycling books.

Consequently, for me, personally, Rides of Passage by Matt Lamy, Arthur Lamy was the kind of book that strikes a chord and would make it very easy to see that cycling is more than just going for exercise.

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