Road bikes or bicycle are constructed to have the capability to travel smoothly on paved roads. They are different from race bikes because they lack the high speed race bikes have, and they have lesser state-of-the-art features than racing bikes, but with additional gear combinations.

While there are many cheap road bikes in the market today, very few of them can best the durability and efficiency of the new EX display redemption men’s fixie bike 700c wheel 56cm frame.

It has been ranked among the top 10th percentile, of cheap road bikes available in the market today because of its solid build, unparalleled efficiency and durability.

Benefit/ features

  • First of all the frame of the redemption men’s fixie bike 700c  bicycle which is an average sizes 56cm Hi- Tensile steel frame fits just about anybody who want to acquire the cheap road bike, unlike other cheap road bikes that is selective depending on an individual’s inner leg measurements.
  • Furthermore, it is possible to use the redemption men’s fixie bike 700c  with a fixed cog or freewheel by turning the wheel around. This is because the bike comes with the revered Joytech alloy silver flip flop back hub.
  • It has a dual Alloy braking system that allows for easy and efficient braking, even in high speeds.
  • The sprocket, freewheel, chainwheel of the redemption men’s fixie bike 700c  is solidly made so you can use it for a long time before servicing it.
  • It is already 90% fixed at the time of purchase, so you don’t need to stress yourself, especially if you are a novice. All you need do is fix the pedals, stem bars, front wheel, front and back brake cables as well as saddle and you are good to go.

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Customer satisfaction

According to one customer, who thought the redemption men’s fixie bike 700c  was too cheap to get excited about buying it, he was in for a pleasant surprise. First off, assembling the cheap road bikes was very easy, and he feels that even novices that fix up the bike in pretty good time.

Another customer who voted five stars for the redemption men’s fixie bike 700c affirmed that it is perfect to ride around town and even on hills. He adds that it is very efficient and easy for any kind of traffic. A awesome cheap road bike.


Common Questions:

Does the REDEMPTION MENS FIXIE BIKE 700c come with an instruction manuel?

Yes, it comes with an informative instruction manual should take no longer than 20 mins to assemble?

How comfortable is the saddle?

 The REDEMPTION  comes with a standard  seat saddle, however a get seat cover can be purchased for that extra comfort.

Is the fixie bike lightweight as I intend to take it on my commute to work via train?

Yes, the bike is lightweight and is a great bike to take on a commute.

I am a tall rider (6ft) , would this bike be suitable for me?

 Yes, I am 6ft and this Bike fits me perfectly.

Advice when using the redemption?

GO ON A TEST RUN– Always test, saddle seat height, brakes and tyres before you go on a long commute.




Although the redemption men’s fixie bike 700c  is among the cheap road bikes, it is very simple, efficient and durable to use. Here are 3 reasons why you should buy this road bike:

  • It is suitable for anyone to use, therefore you can buy it for the family
  • It comes almost fixed up, with little and simple work for you to complete
  • It is ranked among the top 10 of  cheap road bikes in the market presently

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