The Raleigh Girl’s Krush Bike  in a funky and stylish Pink and green, a durable girl’s bike, it comes with a steel frame which its heavier frame allows the rider to have more control of the bike. The bike comes with a detailed instruction manual and can be assembled within 10 minutes.

 The Raleigh Girl’s Krush Bike has three star customer testimonials on Amazon. It comes with aluminium kickstand which allows the child to easily get off and on the bike and it also protects the paint. Raleigh have designed a bike that allows your child to ride safely, it a great entry level bike. It comes with a tensile steel frame. Stylish 18”single wheel rims.

The brakes may need some adjusting and it may be worth going for a test run. The saddle is also only a standard saddle, easily adjustable and it may be worth purchasing a gel cover saddle.

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Every girl dreams of having the right bike. Choosing the right one is a tough decision which you cannot make without knowing the features and the benefits of the bike. Your friends recommend you one type of bike, your family a different one and you just want to buy Raleigh Girl’s Krush Bike for your girl.

Despite, the variety of colors that are available is surprising. The purple one is the best until now. It is a new model that offers the best comfort ever.

The design of the bike

Raleigh Girl’s Krush Bike  is designed with a Hi-tensile steel frame with oversized tubes, front V-brake modulator and aluminum V-brakes fitted for better braking performance and it is suitable for all styles of riding. The frame has been designed with a lower top tube which allows easy getting on the bike.

The aluminum or resin brake levers can be easily managed and operated by the little fingers, so your girl will have the best bike in the world. The color is coordinated well together on the brake cables, the saddles and the grips which gives a whole great appearance to the bike.

The aluminum V-brakes are the most important and highest specification on Raleigh Girl’s Krush Bike, which are fitted for the best performance.


How is the ride with the Raleigh Girl’s Krush Bike?

Very comfortable and safe. Your child will feel safe even when you are not there. The V-brake modulator is of a high standard, so when your girl applies the front brake, then the modulator is regulating the force that is going down to the front V-brake. So, the braking is smoother, there is no turbulence, and the girl can stop the bike safely.

The aluminum or resin brake levers are another great specification of Raleigh Krush 18  inch childrens bike which can be operated easily by the little fingers, and the fitting is just great, so if your daughter has small hands then there is the adjustment on the bike.

The handlebars are in upright riding position, so your child will be more aware of the things that happen in the surrounding, because of this riding position. The girl will be more self confident riding the bike and will begin exploring other areas despite the neighborhood itself.

The aluminum rims are other safety feature on Raleigh Krush 18  inch childrens bike which improves the surface for the brake blocks against the brake.

The aluminum pop stand is a feature that is standard on the Raleigh Krush 18  inch childrens bike that keeps the bike clean and undamaged when is dropped on the floor. Using this feature will give the highest protection to your bike and you will have it for a long time.

The junior non slip pedals are other safety feature of the Raleigh Girl’s Krush Bike, and are been fitted in the bikes for years. The pedals are fitted with rubber pads which prevent your feet to slip off. The color is well fitted to the whole design of the bike, so it matches everywhere.

High and great specifications of the bike are the graphics under the clear coat. With the application of the bike graphics under a clear lacquer, the great bike Krush will be not damaged for years. It is a really protective feature that gives long life to your bike.

Cables, grips and brake cables are well coordinated and colored on the Raleigh Krush 18 inch  childrens bike, so it makes each component on the bike matching and well designed.

The Raleigh Krush purple bike has an amazing design which was inspired by the floating feathers and are used the trend colors. It will definitely be your girl’s favorite bike. It also contains adorable prints and well coordinated accessories, so the bike’s appearance is very promising.


  • The wheel size is 18 inches
  • The leg size from 49-55cm
  • Extra accessory is the aluminum kickstand
  • The components are consisted of:
  • Silver stem of steel, 25 degree rise
  • The grips are stitched, Krush printed and 90 mm
  • Handlebars are of steel, 30mm rise and 500 mm wide
  • Steel seatpost, silver
  • Silver steel rail, Krush printed saddle
  • Silver and steel seat clamp
  • The frame is Hi-Tensile steel, with oval tube turned down and a top tube which is sloping
  • The fork is Hi-Tensile, 28.6mm and rigid
  • The headset consists of steel 9pc
  • Brake levers are of aluminum, for 2 fingers and adjustment screws
  • Front brake is aluminum V-brake modulator
  • Rear brake is aluminum V-brake modulator
  • Chainwheel is steel, 1 piece
  • Crankset is steel, 1 piece
  • The pedals are rubber non slip pads- purple and white
  • The rear and front hub are nutted and silver
  • Rims are silver and single wall
  • Spokes are 14 g and silver


  • Choosing the right bike must fulfill all your needs and requirements, so this is the right type of bike you want to have for your girl. Raleigh Girl’s Krush Bike
  • The fitting and the size are satisfying.
  • It is just so girly

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