Raleigh activ women’s Glendale city urban bike is the ideal bicycle for a city environment. However, that does not mean you cannot take it off-road. It’s been designed to withstand even the off-road conditions and still offer a comfortable ride.

Even within your home area in the countryside, the bike will perform quite marvelously. If you have been looking for the best city bicycle to help you move around much easier, this is it. It is light-weight and its build is great for the female character.

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The Raleigh activ women’s Glendale city urban bike has a lightweight alloy trekking frame which is female-oriented. This makes is easy for women to ride on it without straining too much. Nevertheless, it is lightweight which makes it easier to move around in the streets and off-road.

If you need to come to a halt, the powerful alloy V-brakes will come in handy. They brakes are easy to apply and their effect is almost immediate. This makes it easy to avoid collisions especially in towns where there are many pedestrians and cars.

Furthermore, the breaks are easy to maintain their effect and will help pace down the bike to the right speeds.

Talking about speed, the Raleigh activ women’s Glendale city urban bike is rather fast, thanks to the 700c x 35 road wheels. They are the best for any city bike, which is a guarantee they will handle the city roads perfectly fine.

Nevertheless, they help pace up the bike when you need to and their speed is supported by the Shimamo Ez-Fire gears. The gears are also crucial when it comes to braking.

The bike also features a steel straight bladed trekking fork which makes the rides on off-rods smoother. The power from the fork and the 18-speed Shimamo Ez-Fire gears combined, helps you to cycle through steep roads and hills with much ease.

No matter what roads you are cycling on, you will experience much comfort since it has been built with comfortable grips and a sports comfort saddle.

Customer satisfaction

The Raleigh activ women’s Glendale city urban bike is a 4-stars women bike with a share of both happy and disappointed customers.  The bike generally can support the passion for bike riding and cycling for young ladies or women.

The seat is adjustable which makes it ideal for women with different heights and you can exchange it among riders. But, remember to adjust to your height level before taking it out on the fields.

The bike is well assembled, it has an attractive design and the build is quite alright.

Common questions                                                       

How heavy is the bike?

Considering all the build components and the material, it is fairly light. It comprises of an alloy frame and alloy rims as well. For the lighter part of the bike, it is designed with a lightweight trekking frame which tones down the weight of the heavier components. The weight of the bike is not really an issue as it is really easy to ride the bike around town and on the off-road surfaces.

What type of gear change does it have?

The gear change on the bike is a leaver type, which means you can use your thumbs or index fingers to change. It is simple to change the gears since they are located on the handlebars of the bike. So, even when cycling, you can level up or down the gear depending with the road surface you are riding on.

How convenient is it to assemble the bike?

Honestly speaking it is very simple. Putting them together doesn’t much effort as most of the parts just need fixing. However, for others you’d need to tighten or adjust them to the right level. The parts that need assembling include, the handlebars, seat, and the wheels. In addition to that, you’ll have to pump the wheels with air and the set the breaks right.

Advice using Raleigh Activ Women’s Glendale City Urban Bike

Before riding the Raleigh activ women’s Glendale city urban bike, you need to do a thorough check. This is to ascertain everything is functional and in good shape. If you just bought it, take it for a test ride somewhere open.

Try out the brakes, check that the pedals are intact and the seat is well fixated. In case of any uncertainty, make sure you have a look at it before you can ride the bike. If everything is fine, then you can enjoy your ride with much ease and in comfort.


  • The bike is easy to assemble and will only take a few minutes of your time. Furthermore, most of the parts are put together and only a few need to be assembled.

  • If you are looking for a cheap bike that is a powerful bike in the city and on off-road environments, then this is the perfect choice.

  • Despite being a city bike, you can still cycle off-road on steep surfaces and hills. That is made possible by the flexibility of the gears and trekking fork.

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