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Prorider Magna Mens Mountain Bike


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Prorider Magna Mens Mountain Bike

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Front & Read Mudguards

CMD11 Disk Brakes

21 Shimano Gears


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Prorider Magna Mens Mountain Bike

Are you looking for a good Men’s Mountain Bike? Look no further because you just found the perfect one. The Pro Rider Magna is a 21-speed full suspension men’s mountain bike made for speed and comfort at the same time. It has been designed to withstand usage in any type of terrain. It performs well in rocky, tarmacked, muddy, or even rough grounds.

The Prorider Magna Mens Mountain Bike has been designed with a KMC drive chain for superior gear changing and therefore has a long life. You can easily change the gears to suit you at any time you want.

The front and rear mudguards are available to make sure that you are clean and dry while riding your bike in any conditions. Even if the ground is wet, you don’t have to worry about it making you dirty while you ride.



Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of Prorider Magna Mens Mountain Bike

The Prorider Magna Mens Mountain Bike has zoom branded suspension forks and rear shock units, these are to ensure comfort especially when riding on rough grounds. Whatever speed you are riding, you are guaranteed comfort with this mountain bike.

The bike pedals are greatly designed to hold firmly to you while you ride and not slide especially when going through rough areas and hilly places. You are able to ride comfortably and achieve speed faster and confidently.

This mountain bike has a steel frame, making it very durable, edgy, and resistant. It has an attractive sporty look and is built to give an outstanding performance while on the road.

The adjustable rear suspension makes it easy for anyone to ride this bike. You can easily adjust it to your required and comfortable height and enjoy the ride of your life with this stylish mountain bike. The wheels are also perfectly designed to grip the ground firmly ensuring your safety.

This bike also comes with UK brand Clarks CMD11 disc brake calipers and rotors.

  • Features – 90%
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 96%

” II Have Been Saving Up For Months To Buy A New Mountain Bike. I am so Glad I Bought The Prorider Magna Mens Mountain Bike.” Simon

Customer Satisfaction

The Prorider Magna Mens Mountain Bike a stylish and strong men’s mountain bike that is suitable for any man who loves to ride mountain bikes on any kind of terrain. It has been carefully made to comfortably handle men of different heights and sizes.

You are sure to get a thrilling experience with this bike and its performance is top notch. This bike is easy to ride and the wheels have a good grip to avoid sliding or skidding giving you maximum confidence on the road.

The cool color and look of this bike is suitable for anyone and has been made to be durable and long lasting. This bike is going to be of service to you for long.

Common Questions

Can I ride through rocky areas with this bike?

Yes. This bike has been perfectly designed to make sure you are comfortable riding in all types of terrain. Its performance is not derailed by any type of ground you ride on. The wheels are also superbly made to ensure that they grip the ground well and do not skid especially when making sharp corners.


How do I know if this bike fits me?

It is very easy to know if this bike will be the perfect fit for you. When buying a bike you absolutely know what you type of performance you would like, therefore, you need to identify and understand the features of the mountain bike you intend to purchase, you will then be able to decide quickly if the bike is going to be the best for you.

Is the bike comfortable to ride?

Yes, this bike is built with comfort in mind. Even when you are riding in rough terrain, the bike is very comfortable and easy to ride, it also comfortable in areas with many corners because the wheels have a firm grip of the ground.

Advice on using the Pro Rider Magnum Mountain Bike


Much like any other mountain bike you need to make sure all the parts are properly fitted to ensure safety while riding on any type of ground. Check the wheels and make sure they are not deflated before you ride this bike and make sure you have adjusted the gears and the seat to fit you well. Take immediate action in case any part needs repair and ensure your bike is running smoothly to maximize its performance.

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Prorider Magna Mens Mountain Bike is easy to ride and it has great speed with the benefit of adjustable gears. The bike is able to withstand great speed.

The stylish shape and sporty look of this bike meant specifically for men is one that is guaranteed to turn heads anywhere.

You will get good value for your money with the many features the bike has. It is also built with stability in mind to make sure riders are safe on any type of terrain and in any speed they choose.