Everyone needs a good bike. Even men too. Best way to get proper exercise. After using normal bikes for a while, he needs a better quality road bike.


Pro Rider Lithium 14 Speed 700C Men’s Road Bike can be the first choice for your kid when it comes to the road biking. There are different models available. The bike has every feature a decent road-riding bike should have.


It will help your kid to enjoy all the aspects of a good cycling experience. The Pro Rider Lithium 14 Speed 700C Men’s Road Bike has good design and features. It has a charisma of its own. A special effort towards the design and the safety of the product will make you feel safe.


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Benefits or features


Lithium 14 has a good design with a 31 to 37 inch inside measurement of legs or 56cm frame size made of steel (lightweight) that helps you navigate through any road, terrains and is suitable for muddy places as well.

In addition to that, it has alloy caliper brakes system on front and rear side. In addition, a better performance reliable braking on the bike. This offers the rider flexibility and the freedom to apply the brakes on either side of the road when he needs to come to a halt. Because of larger dimension, it allows you to have better revolutions on the wheel.

Pro Rider Lithium 14 Speed 700C Men’s Road Bike also has a good fit KMC chain system that enhances better positioning and improves speed as well as pedaling. It has been built with Shimano Speed 14-Speed Shifters or the gears that is essential during braking and ideal when cycling fast and suddenly halts.

It also has Shimano shifters with rear derailleur that makes it good for the road. It increases hold on the grip as well as stability. The tyres are slick 700 x 23c nutted perfectly with superfast revolutions.

 Rider Lithium Road Bike has wheels with a double wall strength alloy. The material used in the saddle is Steel. The black blue color combination looks good and gives a premium quality look to the bike.

Both front and rear brakes are reliable brakes. It has Shimano SiS thumb shifters with the perfectly mounded handlebar.  It will increase the stability. Brakes Levers are of good quality and gives decent braking mechanism.

Front and rear Derailleur Shimano feature is definitely a big plus. Toe-clip fast peddling is good. The seat post is 300mm, which has adjustable height with a quill stem.

Customer satisfaction


Pro Rider Lithium 14 Speed 700C Men’s Road Bike is typical, a lovable bike this is suitable for any man with inside leg’s measurement around 78-95 centimetres.


More so, it is straight forward to assemble and handiest takes a few minutes to be up and ready to apply.


Thanks to its build. It is far durable than some other bikes and any man with proper height and leg measurements can flawlessly ride it for multiple future years. The dimensions are awesome; all the parts of the bike are color-coded.


So it is not difficult to assemble. In addition to that, it is a good ride for uphill, flat surfaces and downhills as well. The treads on its tyres offer stability and security from falling.


Double walls and rims will help a heavyweight person. Wheel hub of the Pro Rider Lithium 14 Speed 700C Men’s Road Bike has quick release function; it made me ride this bike smoothly without any problem.

Common questions


What is your shipping method and how long will it take?

We use Scottish postcodes AB and above as the shipping method. Generally, it will take around 7 to 30 days to reach the destination. Time of delivery varies depending on the location of the customer.

What happens when some parts are missing when I receive the bike?

Well, it is not much of a big issue as there might have been a confusion or a part left out accidentally. Just make a phone call to the delivery team or contact the main desk for further information. There are professionals who are designated to fix such issues and once you have made contact, they will be at your service. Pro Rider Lithium 14 Speed 700C Men’s Road Bike will be ready to assemble with new spare parts provided.

What are different safety measures?

It is very important to check the parts for any damage. The bike has color-coded, so it is easy to assemble. Then fit the all the components properly with good tools. Go for a trail ride. If it has, any sound and vibration then refit again. The bike has good quality front and rear brakes. Therefore, you will have good control over the bike. The kid can ride it safely.

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The Pro Rider Lithium 14 Speed 700C Men’s Road Bike has an adjustable, comfortable and lasting saddle that can withstand constant use and harsh treatment, and with it being weather resistant you don’t need to worry about cycling in any conditions.


 Lithium 14  has 14 speed Shimano gears. This will help you to change speed properly.


Pro Rider Lithium 14 Speed 700C Men’s Road Bike


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