Mini bike pump with gauge

The best bike pump with Gauge by Pro Bike I have ever used to pump up my tyres. Fantastic manufacturer Support Too”

Firstly, PRO BIKE TOOL has a great 4.6 stars on Amazon and its 500 plus reviews. It demonstrates how easy it could be to pump your tyres.  I was not disappointed. It came with a mount kit so I could easily attach it to my bike and I could easily pump up my tyres.  In addition I could use it for both Presta and Schrader valves using thread on valve connections. 

Secondly, There is a easy pressure gauge that can be easily read and the Pro bike mini pump has an impressive 120 psi/ 8.3 bar. Pro tool is  a well established  manufacturer which uses CNC technology.

The PRO BIKE TOOL will pump your tyres quickly and efficiently as the pump is light weight. (8.75 inches with 4.5 oz of power.) The pro bike pump is well made and the best cycle mini pumps , it securely attaches to your bike tyres and it  only takes a few pumps to inflate the tyres be to the desired level. Bicycle pump explained

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Customer Satisfaction 

” Since Connecting the PRO BIKE TOOL is really easy to connect and re connect to the tyres and you don’t lose a lot of air as result. Consequently there are a few pumps required to pump it to the desired level. In addition the durability, lightweight, connection and speed its well worth one or two extra pumps.

Almost the majority of pumps within this price bracket are cheaply made, however this the best cycle mini pumps  is solid and uses high quality material that will last much longer.

In addition, the hose screws onto the valve to prevent coming off or damaging the valve. I love having this pump as it can fit in my back pack. The gauge on the pump is great for when I am out an about and need to add air in my tyres.

You may be able to purchases cheaper mini bike pumps, however you get an added bit of quality and the customer support I received from the manufacturer was fantastic. I sent them an email and only had to wait a couple of hours for them to email me back.

mini bike pump with gauge by Pro Bike


  • PRO BIKE TOOL has over 500 good customer testimonials.
  • Fantastic 4.6 star rating on Amazon
  • Compatible with Presta and Schrader valves means you can use it on both types of valves. It  saves purchashing two separate valves.
  •  The bike bike pump with Gauge by Pro Bike comes with a mount kit therefore allows you to  attach the mini bike pump to the bike. Its handy if your not taking a back pack.
  • High pressure valve up to 120 psi
  • In addition it uses CNC technology to ensure the best quality and high standard.
  • Finally, Lightweight and durable 8.75 inch and 4.5 oz of power.


  • A few extra pumps is needed to get to the desired level of air  for the mini bike pump with gauge by Pro Bike. Consequently its lightweight, compact and high quality best mini bike pump with gauge is worth of an extra one or two pumps.

mini bike pump with gauge by Pro Bike

Best Features & Benefits:

  • FIRST OF ALL NO LEAKS WITH GOOD CONNECTION ON VALES–  therefore its easy to switch between valves and you will not lose any air.

  • RATHER LIGHTWEIGHT, POWERFUL AND EASY TO USE– consequently using the pro tool mini bike pump you will easily be able to pump your tyres.

  • IN ADDITION GREAT MANUFACTURER SUPPORT– therefore if you have any issues or enquires the manufacturer responds quickly.

  • POWER GAUGE– therefore is a power gauge in the side that comes in very handy when I am pumping up my tyres at the side of the road.

mini bike pump with gauge by Pro Bike

Common Questions:

Firstly, Would this work on a baby trend jogging stroller?

“A previous customer bought it for a mountain buggy jogging stroller and it worked great.”

Secondly, What’s the difference between this bike pump with Gauge by Pro Bike  and the mini mountain pump?

“The mountain bike pump is designed for mtb tyres, consequently the pro tool is more of all rounder portable bike pump.”

Thirdly, what is the minimum pressure  the gauge will read ?20 psi”

 I am a beginner to cycling, will I have trouble using the pump?No, its very easy to use and comes with detailed instructions.”

Where can I get replacement mount bracket for the pump?Your best bet is to contact the manufacturer.”

Finally, where is the product made?Its manufacturer is based in Taiwan.”

mini bike pump with gauge by Pro Bike

Advice for using the PRO BIKE TOOL

  • Firstly, Don’t get rid of the instructions.  Earlier in the review i mentioned I contacted the manufacturer and It was actually to get replacement instructions. I received a speedy response and I received them shorty after.
  • Secondly, test using the pump before you go out for that long commute. therefore  If you practise using the pump at home, you will find it much quicker and easier to inflate your tyres on the go.
  • Finally any question or queries don’t hesitate to getting contact with the seller or manufacturer.


Firstly, If your looking for a tried and tested PRO BIKE TOOL to pump up you tyres this is the product for you. With a eye watering  good customer testimonials 500 reviews and 4.6 reviews its hard not to just add it to the basket.

Secondly, It will be the best impulse purchase you will make. Its lightweight, compact and solid and is compatible for both Presta and Schrader Valves with a good connection.

Thirdly, all pro bike pumps come with a detailed instruct manual. The pump can be used straight away, the manufacturer uses CNC technology to make sure it uses the best product methods to delivery a top quality product.

In addition you can use up to 120 psi, however you might have to pump a few extra pumps. Its a small price to pay for its lightweight, durable and solid portable PRO BIKE TOOL.

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