Bicycle Tyre Pumps

pro bike tool

This tiny 7 inch bike pump has a flexible hose and clever piston design that makes short work of tyre inflation, at home or on the road.

pro bike tool

Here are the top 3 reasons this is the only bike pump you need to carry with you!


Valve Compatibility

This bike pump works with presta and schrader thread-on valve connections. Road bikes with inner tubes and tubulars use Presta valves, and mountain bikes use Schrader valves.

High Pressure Barrel

Operating to 120 psi (8.3 bar) this pump will provide enough air for road bikes and mountain bikes. One pump fits all! This tiny pump even includes a pressure  gauge.



At only 7.3 inches long and with a secure mount included, this bike pump is designed for the cyclist who travels light, but understands the importance of being prepared.

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mini bike pump mini review

I love this particular bike pump, and we are not alone; this product has one of the highest ratings we have seen for any bike product on Amazon with well over 90% satisfied customers. I like to travel light, either leaving my backpack at home, or using a very small man bag – so the included mounting kit that comes with this mini bike pump was perfect for me. I just attached it to the bike frame in less than 60 seconds and I was good to go! For testing purposes I deflated my tyres to about half pressure, then used the pump to inflate. It was very surprising how few strokes it required from such a small pump – probably down to the unique piston design which is specially manufactured for maximing efficiency.


Proving that not all bike pumps are made the same, here are the features that made this my go-to bike pump.

  • With a bike mount, nice flexible hose and pressure gauge included it was hard not to score this pump 100% on features. However the hose is just a little short so we knocked 5% off.
  • It’s fair to say that this is not the cheapest bike pump you will find, however it is not the most expensive either. So if you want quality and features, without paying top dollar then this is the pump for you. ps, thanks moors bike shop for letting me try this pump out and review it! 
  • Pro Bike are a UK company that specialise in, uhm, bike gear. Their products are known to be quality made, and I definitely like the feel of this mini bike pump in the hand. I think I’ll leave that there.
  • features – 95%
  • value for money – 75%
  • Build Quality – 95%

I researched about 4 or 5 bike pumps before selecting the pro bike tool – best decision I made – fantastic piece of kit.” Baz

final comments

Almost the majority of pumps within this price bracket are cheaply made, however this the best cycle mini pumps is solid and uses high quality material that will last much longer.

In addition, the hose screws onto the valve to prevent coming off or damaging the valve. I love having this pump as it can fit in my back pack. The gauge on the pump is great for when I am out an about and need to add air in my tyres.

You may be able to purchases cheaper mini bike pumps, however you get an added bit of quality and the customer support I received from the manufacturer was fantastic. I sent them an email and only had to wait a couple of hours for them to email me back.


  • PRO BIKE TOOL has over 500 good customer testimonials.
  • Fantastic 4.6 star rating on Amazon
  • Compatible with Presta and Schrader valves means you can use it on both types of valves. It  saves purchashing two separate valves.
  •  The bike bike pump with Gauge by Pro Bike comes with a mount kit therefore allows you to  attach the mini bike pump to the bike. Its handy if your not taking a back pack.
  • High pressure valve up to 120 psi
  • In addition it uses CNC technology to ensure the best quality and high standard.
  • Finally, Lightweight and durable 8.75 inch and 4.5 oz of power.

a second opinion

I gave this pro bike tool to my brother for a second opinion. Because we agree, on #NOTHING. Here’s what he said. For what it’s worth.

Firstly, If your looking for a tried and tested PRO BIKE TOOL to pump up you tyres this is the product for you. I noted that it had impressive customer testimonials on Amazon with 500 reviews – so that is always a good sign.

Secondly, it is lightweight, compact and solid and is compatible for both Presta and Schrader Valves with a good connection – thanks to the screw fitting.

Thirdly, all pro bike pumps come with a detailed instruct manual. The pump can be used straight away, the manufacturer says he uses CNC technology to make sure it produces the best product. I have no clue what that means, but is sounds impressive. Hopefully it means something to you.

It pumps to 120 psi, which is remarkable for such a small bike pump. It’s inexpensive, lightweight, durable and solid portable PRO BIKE TOOL.

I’m impressed. And I’m keeping it

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** Percentage satisfaction drawn from 4 and 5 star review metrics drawn from 3 sales outlets and 4 review websites as at May 2018. This figure is subject to change.
*** Strokes figure supplied by manufacturer