Recommendation: onguard pitbull mini review 

“It is well made, looks sturdy and most importantly, it gives me a peace of mind when I leave my bike fully locked.”

Our Rating: stars

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  • First of all onguard pitbull mini review, when it comes to staying safe. I always put the importance of locking my bike up at the top of the table
  •  Secondly,  Not only is keeping the bike nice and safe really important to me, but making sure it stays safe regardless of conditions is equally important. Sold Secure bike locks

Benefits and Features:

  • A highest level of protection that you could possibly need if you live in a particularly criminal area. This is made for ideal and safe protection for anyone living in Medium-to-High crime-rated locations. It’s got four-sided protection to make sure you get the greatest level of protection every single day.

  • Makes use of a 14mm hardened steel design to make it hard to smash through or get off with force. If someone is going to manage to take this off your bike, then they are a master thief! OnGuard Pitbull STD Lock is designed with the idea of stopping just about all tampering or damage.

  • OnGuard Pitbull STD Lock  created to offer a solid shackle that is resistant to all damage, too. from cutting and hacking to prying and jacking this is not going to be enough to knock this off its perch. This is designed to handle as much pressure as a thief could put down!

  • Made for versatile locking, with a rounded profile and smooth edging being the perfect solution to fixing this problem. This works by eliminating the various leverage points, too, making sure that if someone wants to try and get this off they will alert the whole street when they are doing so!

And More
  • Makes use of the X4P Quattro Bolt system which is so useful for securing the crossbar and ensuring it never can be damaged or moved at all. This is put into four separate places to maximize the balance and the weight of strength across the product. Now if you were to try and jack this off you would probably do yourself damage if you lack the tools needed to do the job legally. As such this extra bolting system works hard to keep your bike more protected than ever, acting as the most stable of protectors for your bike.

  • OnGuard Pitbull STD Lock has  a excellent Z-Cylinder inside is great for offering a much more consistent level of protection than you might have expected. This is very useful for offering a high-pick protection making use of awesome Bumplock technologies. These render bump keys obsolete when it comes to trying to mess with or break into this bike. Instead, the locking mechanism protects itself using an ultra-hardened steel system.

  • This helps to resist and protect from invasive procedures such as drilling or prying. Now, you can feel safe knowing that the locking mechanism on this needs the power of magic to get it moving again!

  • Designed using a snap lock, multiple release and multi-position breaker system. Now you can mount this up and keep it in a safe and easy to see place at all times. You can also mount it to your bike so that you can make sure you never leave home without!

  • OnGuard Pitbull STD Lock  five laser-cut keys are provided with this so that you always have a set to get the lock open with. These keys are sturdy and solid and provide an easy way to make sure you have total control who and when the access to the bike can be adequately provided.


Customer Satisfaction 

Overall OnGuard Pitbull STD Lock I am very satisfied. The quality of the work in the overall detail is very impressive, going a long way to giving me the protection I needed. The hefty 14mm hardened steel shackle is going to take a superhero to smash through, and the 120cmx10mm cable gives a really strong and sturdy finish. As far as locking strength goes this does everything that I was hoping for.

Whilst relatively expensive for the kind of product that this is, it offers a fantastic and effective way to keep my bike nice and safe with every function that I expected available.

Pros and Cons

  • A major positives that I found with this was the durability of it. Believe me, I tried to smash this – and I tried hard. Instead, it left me with a repair job on the garage floor.  Most notably it literally cracked the floor long before it would crack itself.


  • Whilst my partner might not be the most impressed with my “experimentation” I had to be sure. I can say that this is durable, strong and sturdy almost to a fault. If you were to ever get one of these stuck on then prepare for a length battle to remove it!


  • OnGuard Pitbull STD Lock designed to offer a solid and sturdy solution in areas with high crime. I gave this to a friend to try out for a week after he had several bikes stolen over the course of a summer.


  • He found that with this, any attempts made were failures. You could see where people had tried to go to town on the bike lock but were unable to do so. As such I found that this was so much easier to work with in terms of safety – my friend has already gone out and purchased one for his sons’ bike!


  • Designed to offer a really easy installation and removal when needed, I loved how easy it was for this bike lock to be used. I never found myself locked or in trouble with it – instead, I could just pay attention to the bike and know that I could get the lock to go on as and when I needed it.


  • However, I did also find that it was pretty damn heavy. If you have little room and need to carry it around with you then you will notice it. It can double as an extra weight which is one positive at least, but it really is extremely heavy here.


  • Additionally the cost is also pretty steep, too. However, just remember the average price of your bike when it has to be replaced. If this saves you the price of even just one stolen bike.  Then this has more than done the job it was purchased for.

Common Questions

How is this rated for insurance purposes?

Good question! This is rated as Gold for insurance purposes.  I would caution is that if you intend on using this for a larger bike. you may need another cable to go alongside this. Security cabling is comparatively quite cheap.

I’m based in the UK and cannot register this – it says US Only?!

Don’t worry, you can register OnGuard Pitbull STD in the UK without a problem. Simply head to the Key Registration page on the official On-Guard website for assistance. You can find the details that you need waiting for you there.

Is this supposed to rattle?

Yes, that’s not an issue. Once you buy yours give it a fair rattle – you should hear a shaking noise. I noticed this on purchase and it’s not something that should be too worrying for you. It’s not something you need to worry yourself with.

Does this include a holster?

Yes, it does – it comes with a plastic holster so you can have it locked up easily for usage when riding. This stops it from becoming intrusive or stopping you from getting the job done as you had originally intended. A little frustrating, but simple!

Recommendation: OnGuard Pitbull STD Lock 

Firstly of all the OnGuard locks  Pitbull STD it does what it says on the tin – that is always what I ask for when buying a lock. Finally It does not do anything particularly fancy or over the top, but it does all of the common jobs that I was expecting of the lock.

For me, that is more than enough. It’s solid and sturdy, and it provides an effective tool for keeping your bike nice and safe at all times. With lifetime warranty and an expensive yet still-competitive price, this is worth investigating further.

Our Rating:  stars

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Benefits/ Features:

  • A length of the chain was a really impressive element for me, too. Whilst it won’t fit every bike it fitted those that I was using myself. Even if it did not fit I could have found extra wiring easily. A length, though, should fit with just about any typical bike.


  • OnGuard Pitbull STD Lock  lifetime warranty is a wonderful touch that was not needed but goes a long way to show you just how much faith the developers have in their product.


  • A enhanced and new co-molded crossbar covers and double rubber-coated shackle protects the finish. Your lock is going to retain that pristine look even after it has been used for some time. This goes a long way to capturing just how easily you can keep your bike nice and protected without dating the design or the locks look.


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