Despite the increased manufacturing of cars, bike manufacturers are still in business. Bike riding is a great way of exercising all the muscles of the body.

Most men like powerful bikes just like they like powerful cars, motorcycles and everything else they consider manly. This is one thing bike manufacturers keep in mind when they are making bikes specifically for men.

The bike has to have power. The North Gear RTX 18 speed mens suspension Mountain Bike is a power bike that is designed for men. It does not mean that women cannot ride it; it simply means that no man can resist it. There are many reasons why this bike appeals to men and some of these reasons are:


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  • Certification

Most men like their equipment to meet the standard. How does your bike compare to other bikes for men? This is a question a man can spend hours discussing with another man. They simply like their bikes to move faster and handle easier, last longer and generally be better than other bikes.

The North Gear RTX 18 speed mens suspension Mountain Bike follows the standards set by EN14766. This simply means that these bikes are thoroughly checked and tested to ensure they have a very high quality. They pass through quality control before they get to the buyer meaning a man can comfortably get one and show it off. It is certified

  • Frame and Gears

North Gear RXT 18 speed mens suspension Mountain Bike is made of 17 inches of steel/26 inch alloy rims to withstand the weight of a man. They are strong bikes which can be used by men who need to shed off some weight. They can also carry that weight comfortably up a slope because there gears can shift smoothly as needed and they can also be relied on. The front wheel of the bike’s system has quick release.

  • Brakes

This bike has very powerful back and front V brakes. When riding the bike these brakes ensure that you can stop safely and within a very short time. It also has a fork with a front suspension as well as 18 Speed

  • Control

The North Gear RXT 18 speed mens suspension Mountain Bike has a saddle made in MTB style which has a mechanism for quick release. The height of the saddle as well as the handle bar can be adjusted as needed. This means that this bike may be used by men with different heights. It is not restrictive.

  • Handlebar

The handlebar grips of the bike are soft to give you comfort and an extra grip. It is a ZOOM handle bar and so is the stem.

  • Tyres

When getting a bike, the second thing to consider after the frame in most cases are the tyres. This bike has been fitted with tyres that withstand all types of terrain. They do well on the road as well as off it.

Customer satisfaction


If you are looking for a durable top of the range bike, then this is it. North Gear RXT 18 speed mens suspension Mountain bike is made of quality components from manufacturers such as Shimano.

With quality components, the performance of this bike is assured. You ride it anywhere with the confidence that it is reliable. They are also durable and will serve you for years.

They are comfortable to ride and are designed in such a way should you decide to ride for hours. The adjustable parts also ensure they cater to men of all sizes and height. You simply need to adjust the few parts of the bike to be perfect for you.

They are affordable and with them you definitely get your value for money. They are fast moving so a speed-seeking man should get one of these for themselves. The gear system ensures that you don’t struggle to ride the bike at any point.



Common questions


When buying the North Gear RXT 18 speed mens suspension Mountain Bike, the vendor answers most of the questions concerning the bike and its components. However there are questions one might feel are too obvious to ask. If this is the case, don’t worry if the question is too obvious chances are everybody is asking themselves that question and thinking as you are. Some of the questions that arise are:


  1. How will I maintain the bike?

Just like any other equipment with gears, the bike’s gears need to be greases from time to time so that they shift with ease. You can also clean your North Gear RXT 18 speed mens suspension Mountain Bike and check the tires for punctures or reduced pressure.


  1. Is there a limit as to how far I can ride it?

No, how far you can go depends on how strong you are not the bike. Once you ensure that every part of the bike is in working order, you may start you journey. You however need to check your tyres once in a while to make sure you won’t be walking home the whole way back. Look after your bike with our article on  Kryptonite bike locks.









There are many available bikes designed for men but the few who have the North Gear RXT 18 Speed men’s suspension Mountain Bike, it is the best option because:

  • You can easily adjust it to the height you want so you don’t have to use it alone.
  • It can be used on any terrain without fear of damaging it.
  • North Gear RXT 18 speed mens suspension Mountain Bike picks up speed very fast and easily which makes riding it easy and fun.


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