Are you looking for a road bike that delicately balances style and performance? Well, look no further, the North Gear 901 21” Speed Road bike is just the right bike for you especially if love speed.

It is a perfect yet simple road bike for a beginner cyclist who is conscious about elegance and performance. It is ideal for a quick tour around campus or on paved roads in town.


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This North Gear 901 21” Speed Road bike is fitted with best Shimano gears to optimize performance. This combination of gears allows the rider to vary speeds according to the steepness of the road.

The gear changes are silky smooth and the breaks are highly effective in case you need to make that sudden halt. It is a great choice for mid-level riders who like to ride on the on paved surfaces at high speeds. You should not try riding this bike on rugged terrain and unpaved surfaces.

This bike has an alloy 700c lightweight 20-inch frame that keeps the rider in a forward leaning motion to reduce wind resistance for excellent aerodynamics.

This enables riders to cycle for long distances comfortably without experiencing burn out. Although it’s made of sturdy material and sleek design, you should not use it to carry heavy loads.

It also has a 700c steel fork which helps to reduce road vibrations to save your hands and forearms from harm.

The bike has a tough KMC Z33 chain that cannot snap even when cycling uphill in high gear. This feature is important especially for novice bikers who don’t know how to shift gears depending on the terrain.

The North Gear 901 21” Speed Road bike features the Shimano A050 21 speed shifter which is designed to simplify gear choice when racing.

This shifter features two modes, if you decide to use the Full Shimano synchronized shift, the front derailleur reacts based on the movements of the rear derailleur’s action. You don’t have to use both shifters at the same time, just press one button and you’ll feel the gear getting harder. If you press the other button the gear will get easier. In case you need a front shift, the system will automatically sort it for you.

Customer satisfaction


Most beginner cyclists prefer buying the North Gear 901 21” Speed Road bike because of its speed and agility on paved roads. You don’t have to spend ridiculous amount of money to acquire this beauty.

It is very affordable to students who might wish to use it around campus or dash to town for a few errands. It is also an excellent choice for those working out as the design of the bike ensures your weight is evenly distributed and all your muscles are at work.

The lean forward design ensures your back is stretched out well to avoid back problems after a long ride.

Many customers have appreciated the speed that this bike can attain with the correct shifting of gears. This road bike features the A050 21 speed Shimano shifter which ensures smooth transition of gears when maneuvering steep slopes. Most customers who are still not experienced have found it really easy to use the gears as they are easy to shift and they are well calibrated.

This North gear 201 speed bike is light which makes it an ideal choice for long distance bikers who want to cover several miles with no burn out. It can be easily carried around in case you encounter an obstacle that blocks your way.

The elegant design makes it a great choice for those who want to show off their machines. Many customers have appreciated the forward inclination design as it is comfortable and also maximizes on the aerodynamics for optimal performance.

Customers are happy with the light reflector at the back of the seat as it helps a lot especially when cycling in the evening hours. It makes you visible to other road users to avoid any accidents. Of course, you should wear the reflective clothing and helmet to ensure your safety on the road.

Common Questions


Below are some of the common questions that most customers ask time and again:

Is the bike affordable?

The North Gear 901 21” Speed Road bike is the most affordable bike in its class. That is why most students prefer to use it around campus. The spare parts are also easily available and affordable in case your bike breaks down.

Is it suitable for long distance biking?

This bicycle has an amazing Shimano A050 21 speed shifter which changes smoothly when riding. This coupled with the fact that it is light makes it ideal for achieving high speeds on paved roads and covering long distances. The forward inclination design also ensures minimal air resistance and improves on the aerodynamics for optimal performance.

Is the bike suitable for all terrains?

This bike has been designed to be rode on paved surfaces and not rough terrains. The slim tires and light frame makes it ideal for high speed biking on smooth surfaces. You should avoid racing on rugged surfaces as it might damage your bike.

Are spare parts easily available?

In case your road bike breaks down, the spare parts can easily be sourced from your local bike store. If they are not available there, you can order them cheaply online and they will be delivered to you in good time. Why not read our review of Kryptonite bike locks.





  • This bike is ideal for high speed racing. It has been specifically designed for this purpose to give you an edge over your competitors in a racing competition.
  • It is affordable for a bike of its class. It is the best value for money considering all the amazing features and performance this bike provides.
  • The spare parts are cheap and easily available both online and at your local bike shop.


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