Nilox E Bike X5 Electric City Bike

Review Nilox E Bike X5, Electric City Bike

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Nilox E Bike X5 Electric City Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Nilox E Bike X5, Electric City Bike



55 KM

Manufactured For City Commuter

The Nilox E Bike X5, Electric City Bike Is Designed Specifically For The City


Brilliant Value For Money

Offers Good Value For The Money For The Fraction Of The Cost

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Nilox E Bike X5, Electric City BikeReview

Cycling can be thrilling when you got the right bike. What of a bike that you can use around the city and much further? What of a bike that provides assisted walking in case you are too tired? Sounds like a great bike, right?

The Nilox E Bike X5 is the ultimate city bike. This bike is designed for your daily use in running errands and touring everywhere, including outside your smooth city streets. This bike is intended to give the rider a memorable experience each time they wish it. A bike that gives inspiration to your innovation.



here are the features Of The Nilox E Bike X5, Electric City Bike

How is this bike built to serve the user?

This bike has strong 26” wheels that can endure rough terrain. This feature is great for user experience as it can be used to tour every place you want. It comes with a 6 speed shimano gear and a bike lock to ensure its safety. With the 36 V 250W 3 speed motor, this bike that can go up to a speed of 25km/h. It has a removable battery that shrinks the bike’s weight to 20kg. The bike can also support assisted walking for up to 55km. Isn’t that great?

This bike weighs 23kg which makes it extremely easy to handle and carry wherever you go. It comes with a maximum load capacity of 140kg. That’s a lot of weight and hence one can carry a lot of load. This comes in handy when touring around as one might wish to carry a camera, snacks and other medium weight material. It gets easy when you want to carry some groceries too when on the way back from work.

It has F-R v brakes that make it really easy to brake in impromptu. The LED screen on the hand bars is also another great feature that helps the rider check their variations in speed. Coupled with the F-R v brakes, the LED screen provide an amazing, safe user experience. The LED front light which is regulated from the LED screen makes it easy for one to tackle bike passages at night. This makes riding much safer. A bike built with the safety of the user in mind. On the LED screen, one can also check how the power is running and ensure they plan how long they can cycle.

The dimensions of the bike are height of 110cm, width of 63cm and depth of 180cm. As it can hold 140kg, this bike is ideal for any young adult who wants a thrilling ride. The bike’s features are mainly built for the user to explore beyond the city limits. This is amazing for adventure and a plus to the user’s expectations.

  • Features – 89%
  • Value for money – 82%
  • Build Quality – 98%

” Cycling To Town On My Nilox X5 Ebike Is My Favourite Part Of The Day.” Sian

Customer Satisfaction

The Nilox E Bike X5 has brought a new feel to the riding world. With the assured safety by the firm bike structure, one can explore even in the rough terrain for adventure while caring less about what can happen to the bike. It won’t be for daily errand use only but also for exploring your desired destinations.

This bike was built for customer support and convenience during the smooth ride. Monitoring speed through the LED screen is another plus for those who do not like consistently having to try changing the bike to the right speed. It makes it a whole lot easier to just focus on cycling. And that’s the goal, right?

Better yet, it is built for safety of the user. As much as it is built with a sleek design, it has it all figured out when it comes to safety of itself (bike lock chain) and user (user friendly features)

Common Questions

Is the bike safe?

It is built with a strong frame and sturdy wheels to help withstand rough conditions and for safety reasons. The assistant foot pedal also makes it easy to align your legs where they should be. So is it safe? Yes.

Is the bike durable?

Yes, it is. The structure of the bike is designed so it can be rock solid even on rough terrain. This means that even with daily usage (which is what it is intended for), the bike will last a decent amount of years. The weight it can carry on a daily basis is also a sign that this bike will live long.

Is the bike simple to use?

As much as it looks super stylish and cool, this bike has no corners to figure out. It is straight forward and more simplistic with the presence of the LED screen. This way, even a novice in biking can learn really quick.

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-It has high quality features that are worth more than its price.

-It eases your means of transport especially in the city traffic.

-It is safety optimized so as to provide a great user experience.