Nilox E Bike X4, Folding E-Bike

Review Nilox E Bike X4, Folding E-Bike

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Nilox E Bike X4 Folding E-Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Nilox E Bike X4, Folding E-Bike


Folding Mechanism

The Nilox E Bike X4, Folding E-Bike Can Easily Be Stored Away Were Storage Is Limited

Designed Specifically For The Commuter

Nilox Have Designed And Manufactured The Nilox E Bike X4, Folding E-Bike Especially For The Modern Commuter.



45 KM


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Nilox E Bike X4, Folding E-Bike Review

What if you could get a versatile bike that looks stylish? What if you could bike through town during weekdays and also visit those nature trails during weekends? What if you could get a bike that makes your imagined adventures possible?

What if you already found it?

The Nilox E Bike X4 is a powerful electrical folding bike that captures your attention by itself. It’s sturdy appearance already gives you a clue that you can have every kind of adventure with it. This bike has been built for a long-lasting fulfilling experience of the user.


here are the features Of The Nilox X4 Ebike

The bike has robust 20” wheels that can endure rough terrain with no strain. This has made it ideal for adventure cycling. It weighs 26kg with a battery weight of 1.5kg. This bike can hold a maximum load capacity of 120kg with dimensions of Width-160 cm, Depth -59 cm and Height- 128 cm. This means it is able to carry a young adult plus some medium weight. With its dimensions and weight, this bike is ideal for almost everyone from 16 years of age. Its pneumatic width is 4”.

This bike’s removable battery of 36V-8Ah is integrated into the frame and is rechargeable in only 4hours. It is built with a brushless high-speed engine of 36V-250W and a Shimano 7-speed gearbox. It is also pedal assisted and supports assisted walking for up to 45km. This bike is equipped with a double disk brake to assist easy braking and prevent skidding.

This strong bike has a sleek design and a foldable frame that ensures portability. This is of great advantage as you can switch from cycling to public transport in a whim. This kind of portability is also great as you can use space in the building to keep your bike instead of fretting for packing space.

The Nilox X4 E Bike is also equipped with an LED screen display that enables you to make a choice of the kind of driving mode you want. It has three driving modes that help your driving easier with customized modes for each kind of road. This is convenient as novice bikers are sometimes unsure how to cycle in different places. The LED screen also regulates the front Powerful LED light. This is important during night cycling as it ensures convenience and safety. Helps the user to focus on cycling more than worrying about control.

This bike also comes with a strong security lock for maximum safety. This is vital as anyone who sees this bike, would love to have it for themselves. This E bike has features that were specially built to give the user a memorable experience while putting their safety in mind. The amazing features of this bike are what makes it be called the adventure bike.

  • Features – 88%
  • Value for money – 88%
  • Build Quality – 98%

” Its So Easy To Take My Nilox X4 Ebike On the Train To Glasgow. I Love My Nilox X4.” Bobby.

Customer Satisfaction

The Nilox E Bike X4 is ultimate meaning of cycling adventure. This strong electric folding bike makes it easy to navigate nature trails and rough terrain seeking the beauty of nature while enjoying cycling. The robust appearance of this powerful bike builds confident as you notice it’s magnificent qualities.

The driving modes make even the clueless bikers to navigate different kinds of landscape and traffic while feeling at ease. The LED screen makes it a lot simpler to use this bike with safety issues already figured out for the user.

This bike might be what you’ve been searching for. A means of transport that beats the traffic sluggishness and a comfortable one at that. Better yet, after the daily cycling back and forth to your daily routine, you can manage to use the bike for leisure and visiting friends and family with some shopping on the saddle.

Common Questions


Is it safe to ride?

Yes. The bike is built with safety of the user in mind. The robust fat wheels, the strong frame, efficient driving modes and all other features had an intention of making the user experience super safe. Observing the load capacity when carrying stuff might be something one should remember because if it overloads, it will no longer be completely safe.

Is it durable?

You will literally live with it as long as you take care of it as it should be. This bike is built to survive rough conditions and years as well. It has the strength to stay fit for a couple of years.

What if the battery becomes faulty?

The batteries seldom become faulty. They are original lithium batteries. However, just in case you come across such a problem, there is a three-year warranty and it can always be replaced.

Does the Nilox X4 E Bike look exactly like in the pictures?

Yes. They bike had photos taken of it and the pictures are accurate.

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-This bike is efficient to use and facilitates adventure searching through its flexibility.

-Investing in this bike is getting good value for your money considering its qualities.

-This bike was built with the user’s experience and safety in mind.