Nilox E Bike X2 Plus

Review Nilox E Bike X2 Plus

Commuting To Your Local Town Or City By Your New E Bike Is Not A Great Way To Stay In Shape And Save Money.


Nilox E Bike X2 Plus

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Nilox E Bike X2 Plus



25 KM And Takes 3-4 hours To Charge The Impressive 36V 250w Engine.

Specifically For The City

The Nilox E Bike X2 Plus Has Been Designed For The City.


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Nilox E Bike X2 Plus Review

Riding bikes is fun except when you have to battle a steep hill or rough terrain. But then a new bike technology came and you no longer have to feel the struggle of cycling on different landscapes. What of the hectic traffic? It’s time to quit being stuck in the traffic like it’s the daily job.

The Nilox E Bike X2 Plus is an electric bike that is specifically made to satisfy everyday commuting needs. Whether you want to cycle around doing shopping or just go to work and back, this is the bike for you. In a nutshell, if you have been searching for a versatile, convenient and comfortable bicycle, then you got the right one. And oh, if you’ve been looking for a portable one too. This is the one.


here are the features Of The Nilox X2

So, what are the strengths of this electrical bike?

The Nilox E Bike X2 Plus has been designed with 16-inch wheels and a pedal support that could be activated anytime you’ll prefer. This bike’s weight of 18kg makes it super light and stable for easy handling and carrying around. The total load capacity the bike can hold is 95kg which means it could hold plenty of your daily shopping.

This bicycle can go at a speed of 25km/h with its ecological nature making it ideal for urban traffic. With its 36V 250W engine and battery holding charge for three to four hours, you can cycle up to 25km. You can monitor your speed variations with the LED display screen in the middle of the handlebars. This way you can slow down in the right places with no stress of deciding how fast you can go. The bike also has a bright front LED light which is ideal for night cycling even at the darkest streets in convenience. On top of that, it also includes an FR v-brake system that is easily adjustable for user’s efficiency in sudden halts.

Its ergonomic saddle and fenders make it a perfect choice for daily uses. The bicycle is also equipped with a folding steel frame which would be really convenient in case of traveling. This could also be a great advantage if you wish to switch from cycling to other means of transport in a whim. This way, you can sit with the bike beside your seat in public transport. What of the bike lock? It has been designed with a bike lock that locks the whole frame for safety purposes. It has been designed with compatibility to connect with a phone app. It has a sleek design mostly in black with the brand name written on the top tube.

  • Features – 84%
  • Value for money – 89%
  • Build Quality – 97%

”  Searching For Months For The Best E Bike For Commuting To Work. I Love My Nilox X2.” Luke

Customer Satisfaction

For everyday job commuting and running errands, this electrical bike makes it a fresh experience. It’s safe design with chains tucked to the back wheel, gives anyone a thrill ride. As for the folding design, one could take it anywhere whether it is in the office at the corner or by your seat, it looks presentable.

It is what any biker has been wishing for. A convenient, safe, thrilling and portable ride. It looks good but also doesn’t compromise quality cycling. The size and safety are great for most young adults. And with its durability, you can bet you’ll enjoy the ride around town and beyond for a couple of years.

Common Questions

Is the bike durable?

This bicycle is built with a strong steel frame and packaged with effectively distanced parts. Due to its intended purpose for daily commuting uses, it has been oriented to stay firm in case of rough conditions that might be subjected to it every now and then. So yes. It is strong enough to stick solid for a number of years.

Is it easy to use?

This bike has been optimized for an amazing user experience. This is obvious by the fact that first off one can see their speed variations on the front LED screen. The adjustable brake system uses little to no effort when one needs to stop suddenly. Its folding feature makes it easy to use and carry everywhere. All these features are super easy to use and adjust for the bike to suit the user’s needs. This bike is a lot easy to use for the daily routine as it is intended for.

Is the bike Safe?

With the chain tucked further back to the hind wheel, the space in the middle makes the bike really safe. In addition to that, the pedal support aligns your feet in the safest position without compromising style.

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The bike is super easy to use so you won’t have to keep figuring out how to navigate around.

-As much as it has sleekness and beauty to it, it is a convenient means of transport.

-You will be investing in quality bearing its affordability in mind.