“I Don’t Ride to add Days to my Life. I Ride to add Life to my Days”


STEEL FRAME – A steel bike frame is comfortable, can be fixed after any bumps or scraps, relatively inexpensive and durable while riding.

HANDLE BARS- are designed to allow you to have control of the bmx while you’re up in the air, on a half pipe or out on a little adventure trail.

V Brakes Front and Rear- the New Boys/Girls Bigfoot Em3Rge comes with some awesome V brakes that will help you get out of any unanticipated situation. Handy for those emergency stops.

ALLOY WHEELS– you will want to ride the New Boys/Girls Bigfoot Em3Rge every where with their stylish alloy wheels.

STREET TYRES – the Em3Rge comes with Street tyres to allow the ride to maximise their grip with the different types of terrain riders face. Helps the rider get the full power of the bmx.

BMX FORKS & TRAIN GUARD- A smooth ride equals a comfortable ride.

GREY/BRONZE – the Boys/Girls Bigfoot Em3Rge 20 Bmx bike comes in a cool and vibrant colour. A real head turner!

UNI SEX- the em3Rge is a Bmx for both boys and girls

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What is a BMX bike?

Bmx’s are designed compact heavy with wide tyres that are 20 inches. The small design enables the rider to be agile as the up-right handle bars with a steep head angle for steering which is great for tricks, jumps and stunts.

A single gear is used for so that the rider can harness the full power of the bmx.

 Why Buy A Bmx?

When buying any Bike, the most important question to ask, is what will you be using the bmx for. The great think about buying a Bmx bike is that it can be used for a skate park or street riding.

One Size Fits All

When looking at Bmx Bikes it hard not to notice that a lot of them come in one size. A Bmx riders main concern is having the maximum control over the bike and not pedalling for a long distance.

The small frame allows the rider to easily manoeuvre the bike around while riding on the street or skate park.

Frame Materials

The Boys/Girls Bigfoot Em3Rge comes with a steal frame which is ideal as the Bmx rider need a strong frame. The steel frame will give the rider plenty of strength to ride the Bmx

Customer Satisfaction

 Very Happy with the Style of the Bmx.

Easy to Assemble and should take no longer than 20 minutes.

The Boys/Girls Bigfoot Em3Rge 20 Bmx bike is an all-rounder Bmx that is great on the Bmx park, around the local park and for riding round the local estate.

5 Star Reviews

Looking After Your Bike.

The Boys/Girls Bigfoot Em3Rge 20 Bmx bike needs a little care an attention every week. Saving you in the long run as your bmx will last longer.

Riding your Boys/Girls Bigfoot Em3Rge 20 Bmx bike is always best to keep your bike in check as it helps all the bike movements running smoothly.

A B C Check Before Every Ride

Air – check the air in the tyres are pumped up to the correct level and check the tyres for any marks, pumps and scraps.

B is for Brakes. One of the most important parts of the bike is the brakes.

You can test the brakes by pushing the bike forward and applying the front brakes and repeat for the back brakes by pushing the the Boys/Girls Bigfoot Em3Rge 20 Bmx bike back.

C is for chains, cogs and cables. Look for damaged cables, check the handle bars and seats don’t move and oil the chain.

Common Questions

Does the Boys/Girls Bigfoot Em3Rge 20 Bmx bike come assembled?

The Bmx comes partially assembled and should take no longer than 20 minutes to assemble

 Is the Em3ge Bike Durable?

Designed with a steel frame and street tyres ensures that the rider is comfortable on a skate park or out street riding

What is the weight of the bike? 13.5 kg

Are Muddyfox a good brand?

Muddyfox are a known brand in manufacturing in the bike industry, and have been established since 1980s in Essex United Kingdom. They helped popularise bmx riding.


  •  Stylish Grey Bronze Colour
  • Steel Frame
  • Alloy wheels
  • V brakes
  • Street Tyres


 Not the cheapest Bmx, however quality comes at a premium.

Final Verdict

Buying your child first bike is exciting and very rewarding.   The Boys/Girls Bigfoot Em3Rge 20 Bmx bike is a great all-rounder Bmx with some extra features only normally found in more expensive BMX’s.

Em3Rge Bmx can be used on the street or on the skate park.

Good Customer Reviews

Muddyfox are a well-known bike manufacturer that specialises in manufacturing high quality Bmx’s

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