Nestling 5000 ml Bike Lights




Nestling 5000 ml Bike Lights


If Your Looking For A Bike Light That Offers Great Value And Is Becoming Very Popular. Then Look No Further.

Nestling 5000 ml Bike Lights

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Nestling 5000 ml Bike Lights



5000 Lumens Cree


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Nestling 5000 ml Bike Lights


For some reason, you may find yourself needing to take a trip on your bicycle in the wee hours of the day or you maybe love a late-night riding experience to take in the cool breeze.

No matter what your reasons are, you will need to get a reliable source of lighting that will guarantee your vision and ultimately your safety. This is where Nestling 5000 ml bike lights come in handy for every cyclist who enjoys riding in the dark or is forced to by unforeseen circumstances.



Best Features

Here are the top features of the Nestling 5000lm bike light

This quality accessory for your bike comes with the best possible features which ensures a quality night-time riding experience. Nestling 5000 ml bike lights bright front light has a collimator which helps users choose what quality of beam they want. The 500lm output means the quality of the beam is strong.

The Cree x2 LED with its latest light emitting diodes ensures you have energy efficient light production. With this, you have the luxury of cool white light illuminating your path as you ride. Also, unlike other kinds of light sources, with the x2 LED, you get to throw away fewer lamps and you have very little to worry about what environmental impact your usage of the LED is causing as no mercury or other toxic materials are used in its manufacturing.

The 2x 18650 battery pack that comes with this bike light is also another improved work on battery technology. These generally have a longer lifespan and are sold at a lower cost.

These lithium-ion batteries now come in sizes of 18mm to 65mm with a protecting circuit that adds strength. It is rechargeable, therefore, guaranteeing It’s longevity, unlike the traditional batteries that are thrown away once they run out of power. It’s durability and high performance make it an ideal choice for a power source.

  • Features -95 %
  • Value for money – 91%
  • Build Quality – 92%

I Have Been Cycling In The Evening, And Having The Nestling 5000 ml Bike Light Boosts My Confidence.” Julian

Customer Satisfaction

The Nestling 5000 ml bike lights are a sure guarantee for proper night-time illumination. Its batteries will ensure you are met with no disappointments as you take off on your trip. Its adjustable head torch will enable you to choose what kind of beam is needed and at what time.

It can be you need a wider beam coverage of your path or just a focused beam to be sure of what lies directly in front of you. Anything you choose to do with the beam quality for your safety is assured by the collimator found in the super bright front light. Having the Cree LED lights means you won’t be distracted by hot spots or glares because they are modulated by diffusers.

This diffusing capacity aided by a diffusing lens and reflector system helps in delivering optimal light distribution. The set that comes with a headlight and flashlight also means that you can mount the lights while on your bike and take it off to use as a torch once you reach your destination.

The rear light, which can be equally mounted ensures other commuters are made aware of your presence as they come from behind. All in all, this set of lights and batteries will guarantee you have a great experience on the road no matter what takes you out on a night-time ride.


Common Questions

1) How easy is it to get replacement batteries.

The technology that went into creating the 2x 18650 with the use of the latest generation of battery technology made it initially scarce and could only be found in particular electronic stores. Today, you need not worry as you can pick up a new battery in most of, if not all electronic shops or box stores.

2) When should I replace my LED lights?

The quality of light produced by this light emitting diodes when new will make any user notice when the quality of light is being impaired . This might be because of low battery power, but if not, it is best to change your LED lights when the beam quality reduces or the light completely goes off even with appropriate battery power.

3) Do I get a warranty with the Nestling 5000 ml bike lights?

Yes. Because its producers trust the quality, a 1-year warranty is given when you purchase. Of course, you only benefit from this if you stick to the rules as stipulated in the user manual as any carelessness on the users part will not be covered by this warranty. You can get more information about this when you place your order.

General Advice.

You never go out in the night without the light source that covers at least 500 feet in front of you. It’s against the law to do so in many countries and equally for your safety.



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When you go out to get that light source that will guarantee your night riding experience is safe, you should get a Nestling 500lm bike light because;

  • It has quality light production from its LED lights to the super powerful 2x 18650 batteries which ensures you have no disappointments as you go out on your bike at night.
  • You will have the convenience of not changing your batteries often and the rechargeable batteries are a guarantee that you will only go for a new power source after quite a while unlike the one-time use batteries being sold around.
  • If you care about the environment and the negative impact we have on it by the amount of waste we throw out every year, with toxic materials contaminating everything from our soils to water sources, then worry no more as this guarantees that less unwanted and destructive material is thrown out.

The need for safety at night or during dark periods of the day as you go about cycling cannot be overemphasised. Getting the right light source will go a long way in ensuring you indeed can go out and then in with no hitches whatsoever. Happy riding.