NCM Moscow Electric Bike


NCM Moscow Electric Bike

“You will be sure to have plenty of fun our NCM Moscow Electric Bike as you power past other road users.”

NCM Moscow Electric Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the NCM Moscow Electric Bike


Why Buy An E bike?

Effortless hill climbing – no more worrying about those dreaded hills

Designed Specifically For Commuting

NCM have specifically designed the NCM Moscow Electric Bike for cycling enthusiasts who love the city.


Customer Testimonals

The NCM Moscow Electric Bike Has some good customer reviews. Why not read them for yourself

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NCM Moscow Electric Bike Review


Are you looking for a high quality, highly durable bike? Look no more the NCM Moscow Electric Bike is the right quality for you. This electric bike will enable to arrive at your place of work precisely on time, will allow you to ride even in the rain or any other harsh climatic condition.

It will be more comfortable to ride up the hill that has always given you hiking problems and also help you to go for a trekking trip. If you also want to go for mountain biking, this bike comes in handy. Allow yourself to have the fun that comes along with riding a perfect bicycle like this one.


Why Should You Buy The NCM Moscow Electric Bike


The NCM Moscow Electric bike has an impressive 23 customer testimonials and over sixteen common questions and with an Amazing five stars customer satisfaction. Having an onboard motor to assist your commute will allow you to commute for longer and to go at your own pace whether your looking to go out and explore your local mountain bike trails and get your fix of adrenaline. On the other hand, having the option of a motor will allow you to kick pack and enjoy your surroundings. You will be sure to have plenty of fun on the NCM Moscow.


Key Features


Quality Materials and Components that will support the cycling enthusiast with a lightweight alloy frame that minimises weight. However, maximises the durability of electric bike.

Das Kit X15 rear drive motor: Will be sure to give the rider plenty of power to adjust the pace of the commute to their surroundings

Shimano Shifters give the rider plenty of options to match the speed of the electric bike to the riding conditions faced by the rider.

V/H Tektro Mechanical Brakes: allows the rider to get out of any stick situations and perform emergency stops quickly and safely

Schwalbe Tyres: will give the rider plenty of grip while travelling over different types of terrain. You will be well equipped to explore your local mountain bike trails.


Who Are NCM


NCM where established in 2014 and have becoming one of the biggest electric bike brands in Europe. If your looking for a perfect entry level electric bike or a well experienced cycling enthusiast. The NCM Brand combines all the latest innovative technologies to design and manufacture electric bikes that are environmentally friendly and allow the rider to have plenty of fun.


Benefits / Features

The main reasons why to buy the NCM Moscow Electric Bike

The bike is of very high quality, and its rigorous testing has proven so. Why it is of that quality is because the manufacturer’s knowledge on designing the bike came from a combination of other top brand components in the bicycle world like Techno and Shimano. Its quality is therefore unquestionable.

The NCM Moscow Electric Bike has a sturdy frame. The frame’s make is 100% aluminum making the bike durable for a very long period. It also helps in keeping the bike’s weight down.

A lighter bike is always preferred to a heavy one as it is easy to move and carry to different places. A light bike is more comfortable for you to move along especially on a muddy trail that you cannot ride on.

Theism electric bike also has Custom 250W Das-kit that makes it have incredible overall performance.X15 rear drive motors increase power on steep inclines making the UK regulated the speed of 15.5mph achievable.

These features enable you to ride to your intended destination using the required speed, and you can therefore never find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

The NCM Moscow Electric Bike has a proprietary Das-kit l7B showing multiple indicators simultaneously and therefore allows the user to set the power of the battery and the motor.

In addition to that, it has a high capacity Dehawk removable Lithium Battery which assists in case of power shortage for up to 75 miles. The battery makes the bike to be very reliable. It

has an integrated USB port. The port enables you to charge the bike as you go on. This feature makes the Moscow bike to be exceptionally outstanding. You can never compare it to other bicycles where you can’t charge while going.

This electric bike has Shimano shifter, derailleurs, and cranks that ensure smooth riding. The bike also has Tekro disk brakes which provide your safety.

Anytime that you come across intense traffic, the brakes will enable you not to ram into other people’s vehicles or bikes; the brakes also help you to control the bike during harsh weather conditions like rain,

The electric bicycle has high-quality ergonomic grips. The ergonomic grips help you to stay comfortable especially during long rides.

  • Features – 90
  • Value For Money – 93
  • Build Quality – 97/p>

“I need a E bike for the commute around London as I don’t like using public transport. The search may be over.”

Customer Satisfaction

This NCM Moscow Electric Bike is the best to go for; you can have a smooth ride when using the bike. It has a motor and a USB port that is inbuilt enabling you to charge as you ride along.

The fact that it has economies grips is very reassuring as if you tend to ride for a very long time, on the usual holds, you’ll end up getting very tired which is not the case with this bike.

The disk brakes make you feel safe every time you ride this bike as stopping even on emergencies is very possible. The fact that the bike is highly durable cause you to feel content knowing that the bike is worth your money as you’ll use it for an extended period.

Common Questions

Is it easy to use the bike?

Yes, using the bike is not complicated and should be very easy for you to use. This model design that helps you to ride anywhere without difficulties, whether you want to ride on a rough trail, whether you ride uphill, along with the mountain, it should be straightforward for you to use it. It is not different from any other bike out there when it comes to riding its feel free to get the bike as you will have an easy time while riding it.

Is the bike a 100% assembled?

Well, the bike is 90% assembled, but it should be easy for you to fix the remaining parts in a few minutes and start using the electric bike. It comes with setting tools, and a manual which is easy to understand and therefore this should not be a problem

Is the bicycle durable?

Yes, the bike is highly durable because it has a solid frame and also made of aluminium alloy. You will use this bike for a very long time. Read our article on Kryptonite bike locks.

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  • The NCM Moscow Electric Bike is more comfortable to use for long rides


  • NCM Moscow Electric Bike is very durable


  • It has an inbuilt USB port that enables you to charge your devices as you ride along.