Do have trouble getting to work on time due to over-reliance on an unreliable public transportation system? Are you looking for a bike you can take for long rides and not have to strain while at it?

Then look no further because the NCM Milano E-bike is designed specifically for you. With an aluminum frame designed with a step-through for easy climbing and several other impressive features, this bike is bound to blow your mind.

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Benefits & Features


Designed with an aluminium step-through frame with a sufficiently flexible saddle and handlebar, the NCM Milano 48V, 26”/28” Trekking E-bike is easy to mount and offers highly improved ergonomics to its users.

In addition to that, NCM Milano 48V, 26”/28” Trekking E-bike also has a low and sturdy top tube that not only simplifies mounting but also protects your battery from impact in case of an accident.

It is fitted with an extremely robust X15 rear drive motor to ensure you have the flexibility to do whatever you desire during the trek. In compliance with EU regulations, this motor is designed to offer a constant power output of 250W, which should be enough for your ultimate trekking experience

. Nonetheless, due to the unique Das-kit technology that was used, the motor can provide more torque for hard circumstances such as steep hill climbing. With its high efficiency, low maintenance requirement and quiet nature, this component accord you the peace of mind required for you to focus on the fun and beautiful things around you.

The NCM Milano 48V, 26”/28” Trekking E-bike also happens to have a powerful48V, 13Ah integrated DeHawk battery that provides the motor with an average of 600Wh.

NCM Milano 48V, 26”/28” Trekking E-bike is Designed with six levels worth of pedal assistance, you can enjoy up to 75 miles of powered travel on this marvelous bike. Centered on the bike’s down tube, this sleek d battery distributes its weight evenly hence making balancing when riding effortless.

You can also charge it in-between use since it is easy to mount and unmount. The most remarkable bit is that with its 5V USB port, you can charge your portable devices while on the move.

It is also embedded with a high-performance Shimano Altus M310 rear derailleur expressly made for 7 or 8 drivetrains. Also, the bike boasts an efficient spring, light action design and Teflon-coated brushings for low maintenance and smooth change of gears. For hybrid bicycles, your derailleur cannot get any better.

You cannot put a price on comfort; is a common marketing phrase. It is also true that marketers are not the most honest professionals. However, that phrase is correct in every aspect.

On the same note, the NCM Milano 48V, 26”/28” Trekking E-bike comes with a post suspended seat fitted with ergonomic grips, adjustable stem, and a gel saddle. All designed to ensure that you have a comfortable ride.

If you love speed, then you must have a thing for control as well. To make sure that you are in on both, this bike is fitted with Tektro mechanical disc brakes that have 160mm rotors to keep you in full control. Designed with a built-in sensor, the left brake can deter the motor as to afford you more control during braking.

Consumer satisfaction


The NCM Milano 48V, 26”/28” Trekking E-bike is your ultimate trekking companion. Designed with several unique features all designed to enhance your outdoor experience and yet not deny you a sense of fashion.

It is an ideal all-inclusive lifestyle bicycle; take it shopping, and you don’t have to worry as your shopping is safe on the rear rack; ride it to another town to check out a friend, or dress officially and ride it to work without sweating or feeling any discomfort.


Common questions


How long will this bike serve me without experiencing problems?

With aluminum frames and several other robust features designed using the best technology on the market currently; this bike is built for strength and endurance. If taken proper care of and regularly maintained this bike is bound to serve you for a very long time; perhaps even longer than you can imagine.

Is it comfortable when riding?

Yes, it is very comfortable. Its handles and seat are wrapped in so that you can have a relaxed posture when riding. With a post suspended seat that comes with gel saddles, adjustable stem, and ergonomic grips, you cannot expect any less. In addition to that, it has a suspension fork designed to reduce shock from uneven roads. Also, its Schwalbe Big Ben tyres provide excellent traction for more comfort.

What happens if my bike arrives with faults or missing parts?

Well, with the systems in place and teams handling the product packaging and transporting such an occurrence are rare. However, in the case that it happens, you should call up customer care, and the missing or faulty parts shall be replaced.

Your problem will be solved with urgency as to ensure that you can start using the bike. Protect your E bike with our in depth article on Kryptonite bike locks article.




  • NCM Milano 48V, 26”/28” Trekking E-bike  with a long-range battery that can also charge your portable devices is simply a must-have. It is your ticket to outdoor fun and freedom.
  • It offers a smooth and comfortable pedalling experience that you may not even notice time or distance travelled. The presence of a powerful motor that kicks in automatically you let off the pedal makes the deal simply too good to pass on.
  • Safety and durability are every rider’s concern when buying a bike; the NCM Milano E-bike is composed of an aluminium frame, strong mechanical brakes and pedals just to ensure that you arrive safe and sound.


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