Navitech Bicycle & Motorbike Waterproof Holder Mount & Case – phone mounts for cycling


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Our Rating: stars



  • Holds devices securely without any problems.
  • Available to suit plenty of wide range of sizes.
  • The waterproof cover is an added advantage.
  • It stays clean and dries all way along. So you don’t need to check it again and again during your long drive.
  • Packed with Lots of layers of foam inserts
  • Zips are so designed as to ensure the devices are waterproof.

 If you are someone who can’t tolerate being unable to check your Smartphone then well, you have come to the right place. Many bike riders these days ride their bikes in one hand while holding their devices in the other. This behavior creates a fertile ground for accidents. So Navitech has come up with a unique solution to satisfy every bike rider’s quest of checking their smartphones.

The Navitech Bicycle & Motorbike Waterproof Holder by Navitech is said to fit both your smartphone and satellite navigation equipment. It comes sufficiently in larger size to serve these purposes. With this, you no longer have to struggle to hold your smartphones.

Navitech Bicycle & Motorbike Waterproof Holder gives you the comfort of having a case for your devices and thus enabling you to drive struggle free. It not only mounts your devices but also offers flexibility allowing different movements. Thereby it comes to the rescue of long distance riders.

ThE Navitech Bicycle & Motorbike Waterproof Holder is waterproof and hence can be used in any weathers. It is sufficiently broad to fit various smartphone and navigation models. The case comes with a removable foam ex-layer which provides extra protection to your devices.

However, you can easily remove this layer to achieve perfect calibration settings regarding touch on your device. It is so developed as to fit in for both electronic and pressurized touch screens.

As the Navitech Bicycle & Motorbike Waterproof Holder comes with a 12 month warranty period from Navitech, you can be assured of replacement. This excellent product from Navitech has received lots of positive feedback from customers.

It is an innovation of its kind. It can be assembled and installed easily and doesn’t require any technical knowledge what so ever.

The devices can be accessed through case quickly as it has a clear plastic cover for this purpose.  If you are a long rider, you, however, can’t deny the fact that using satellite navigation devices becomes extremely uncomfortable manually.

This is where the Navitech Bicycle & Motorbike Waterproof Holder comes to your rescue. This case cum mount does the job of holding for you. You can ride tension free as the case is made up of high-quality materials and is extremely secure. A fantastic phone mounts for cycling

Why Should you Buy?

  • Can use headphones as the case as a hole for wires to pass.

  • Easy to Install without any problems what so ever.

  • Good quality built is just another added advantage.

  • It is a dual-layered waterproof film so developed as to work comfortably with both electronic and pressurized touch screen options.

  • It contains fit in or removable foam ex-layer. This allows personalizing the case cum mount as per our requirements of the device. It hence ensures a perfect balance of pressure that can be applied to the phone screen.

  • This case cum mount from Navitech comes with a year old warranty. Thus you can go and purchase with confidence.

  • It offers diverse options as it so designed to support the riders’ movement and ensure maximum comfort to the rider.


This case is very economical and safe for pockets. Navitech Bicycle & Motorbike Waterproof Holder can be taken along for long rides hence protecting your devices. It keeps your devices free from dust and water. It comes with a foam pad that can be adjusted as per to users requirements. But this case doesn’t fit for all devices, and you may need to cross check the dimensions of the case before placing an order.

The other disadvantage is that the case is too bulky and hence it might have to be repositioned several times during the ride.  Overall, it certainly is a good deal to go for. If you are going for a long road trip, then this is a must have.


Customers are the kings of a market and whatever they want to say about Navitech Bicycle & Motorbike Waterproof Holder holds true. However, the customers of this product are jubilant as they no longer have to suffer the uncomfortable bike rides anymore. Some of them are sad as this case didn’t fit their mobile phones. Apart from that, they are super happy as this biker case cum mount has made life easier for them.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Q: Is it large enough to accommodate an iPhone 5 S?

A: Yes, it will.

  1. Q: Can we separate the mount from the case?

A: Yes, it is detachable.

  1. Q: What are the dimensions of the Navitech Bicycle & Motorbike Waterproof Holder?

A: It is 6.5 inches in length, 5 inches in width and finally 2 inches in depth.

  1. Q: Can it be accessed by charging cable?

A: Well no, as the zip of the case creates a waterproof seal. Thus you will have to zip it                               flush.

  1. Q: Can earphones be accessed through the  Navitech Bicycle & Motorbike Waterproof Holdercase?

A: Yes, there is a hole for this purpose in the middle of the case

Osomount Bike Mount Holder– phone mounts for cycling


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Our Rating: 5 stars

Looking for a reliable phone mounts for cycling that does the job that you need?

Then I would recommend taking a look at the Osomount Bike Mount Holder. It’s simple, sturdy and reliable without being too much. Lacking space on the bike? Then keep reading.

5 starsCustomer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction? Yes, very satisfied. the development team have made sure that my main gripe about this – the safety – is not an issue. My worry was that if you were to have a crash, your phone is now vulnerable for being smashed. Well, I can safely say that after two less than comfortable crashes while using this (ironically while looking at my phone) I felt it was perfectly safe.

Not only did I find that I had very little problems staying comfortable when cycling, I noticed it had a pretty major impact on me in terms of my cycling efficiency. Answering calls and changing music has never been so simple. Navigation into new areas, too, has been a piece of cake. Very easy to get around with this now, meaning that I would really recommend picking one up for travelling.

I found that getting access to my GPS was now so simple and easy, making it simple to engage with. This also means that you get to enjoy a much easier way of moving forward on the bike, thanks to the simplicity of use. No more stopping to check the phone or change the tune – this makes mobile navigation simple.


  • Very safe and secure. No concerns from a safety point of view as this has a strong and adjustable clamp. The silicone band grips that come with offer a flexible and easy way to wrap the phone up and keep it nice and safe.

  • Universally secure. Just about any typical phone style should fit in this – it’s very easy to fit any smart phone up to 4” in width. So long as you aren’t using a very obscure style of phone then this should fit without any problems at all.

  • phone mounts for cycling Flexible and cool design means that you can rotate your device as you ride without messing with the settings too much at all. A good pick for those who want to have a better level of control over their phone when cycling.

  • Full phone access is provided, too. this means that you can have access to the entire phone screen alongside buttons and mic jacks. Much easier to use than a normal sleeve or another more common form of ‘protection’!

  • The two silicone bands that are included come in both black and red. This gives you both visual change and the ability to get backups should you manage to break the plastic.

A simple and easily reliable phone mounts for cycling this works a treat for avoiding any problems with visibility when out and about. With so much ease of use, too, this gives your phone an easy way to balance and stay visible when you are out and about on the roads.

 BTR bike phone holder

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Keeping our phone in place when we are on the move is a tough thing to do, and usually needs the right kind of product to ensure it’s possible. With this BTR bike phone holder, though, is it worth the investment that it requires? A highly recommended phone mounts for cycling.

stars Customer Satisfaction

Overall, I would have to say I am very satisfied with the quality of this bike phone holder. It’s solid and sturdy, it offers the kind of protection that I was hoping for, and it’s very affordable. The fact I can still use my phone when on the go was a pleasant surprise, too.

I’m a big fan of the way that this holder sits on the bike, too; barring a very awkward frame this fits. I found it to be something that I would use time and time again, and on multiple bikes. I got so used to having easy access to my phone that I had no intention of stopping!

This is a cool fit and one that I would be more than happy to recommend to others who are looking for a quality phone holder. It’s got a nice lined pocket storage, too, which does a good job of making sure you have space for essentials.

You could, for example, keep a portable charger in here for easy storage. Now, if you run out of battery on the way back, you can have an easy way to charge – and store – both appliances while you ride.


  • Fits just about any mobile phone that I tried. Unless you have a very specific and peculiar shape of phone it will fit in the flag. You can get various bag sizes, too, so that you can make sure you have enough space for the particular handset that you are using currently.

  • A BTR frame bike bag that is made for lasting and consistent quality. With 2 under-strapping solutions that fasten using Velcro around the top tubing, this works a treat. Keeps your bag in place as much as your phone, making this an excellent platform for quick and easy mobility when cycling.

  • Uses a headphone extension jack cable to give you a 3.5mm jack. Makes it easy for you to keep your headphones nice and dry while having easy access to the equipment as you ride. The perfect fit for the majority of cyclists who want to listen to music on the go.

  • The PVC pocket for the phone itself means the phone is safe but also accessible. The GPS section also allows you to easily operate the phone while you ride. Change music and maps with the same freedom you would outside of the pocket, making this so easily accessible.


Overall, it’s a solid and easy to use solution for carrying your mobile device safely and without having to worry about it. Now you can easily ride without worrying about it being smashed or damaged. Best of all, you can still access it when you are.

A phone mount for cycling to add your basket. Not what your looking for: Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Bicycle Accessories