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 Muddyfox x Silverfox Talon Unisex BMX Bike

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 Muddyfox x Silverfox Talon Unisex BMX Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Muddyfox x Silverfox Talon Unisex BMX Bike



Stunt Pegs

Front & Rear V Brakes

20″ Alloy Wheels


Why Should You Buy?

Muddyfox Have An Amazing 25 Years Experience In The Bike Industry


Why Should You Buy?

Great Value For Money

Muddyfox x Silverfox Robot Ranger Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

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Muddyfox x Silverfox Talon Unisex BMX Bike

Providing the kids with a bike to ride on can be one of the best decisions to indulge them in one of the most pleasant and adventurous outdoor activities. But the availability of the huge count of brands and models for kids’ bike in the market has turned the decision-making job into a tough task. But the Muddyfox x Silverfox Talon, Unisex BMX Bike – silver, 11 inch Frame, 20-inch Wheels can be a great option to look into.


Why Should You Buy The Muddyfox x Silverfox Talon


The Muddyfox x Silverfox Talon, Unisex BMX Bike – silver, 11 inch Frame, 20-inch Wheels is one of the latest bikes for all range of kids, thanks to its ideal frame size and sturdy make.

It is very comfortable and provides the riders with lots of benefits. Learning your child to ride their first bike will be sure to be an exciting time in your life and a huge mile stone in their life. Your child will be sure to have hours of fun while riding their Muddyfox Talon and it will be a brilliant activity to do as a family at the weekends. Sometimes it hard to decide what to do at the weekends, investing in a bike for your child can give you a free past time to spend some quality time together.


Reason Why Your Child Should Cycle


Cycling on a regular basis is a great way for your child to improve their coordination and strengthen their core muscles. Hopefully, the habit of cycling on a regular basis will be carried through to their adult life. Teachers have stated that children that cycle to work rather than get dropped off by car to school and are more alert and willing to learn. Cycling is a great way for your child to get to know your local community and boost their confidence and independence.



There are a lot of benefits that you can get with this bike. Apart from the stylish looks, trendy make and durable build, this bike is ideal for any beginner or pro rider who has taken the interest in cycling at a young age. It is safe and brings in the best of the on-road experience for all kinds of riders. It is very sturdy and weighs just about 13 kg. That means the young riders will not be having much difficulty to control the ride under control as well.




Below mentioned are the unique features of the bike that help it to stand out of the rest of its competitors in the market.

This bike is developed in a BMX frame style of 11” size

It is provided with alloy wheels of 20” diameter and treaded street tires for better traction on the road

Both the front and the rear wheels are mounted with V-brakes

Provided with F-type chain protector

Forks, handlebars and crossbars made in Steel BMX pattern to make it even more sturdy and trendy

Provided with single speed booster to maintain the safety of the kids on the roads

Ideal for all types of riding – freestyle, urban as well as street

Comes in two attractive finish

One pair of inclusive stunt peg set provided

  • Features – 92%
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 94%

”  My Little Boy Will Love The Muddyfox x Silverfox Talon Unisex BMX Bike.” Kyle


Customer Satisfaction

Whether they have chosen this product for their own kids or gifted it to someone close to them, they have all been happy with their choice. The kids have developed an immediate liking for the bike, thanks to its stylish make and trendy colour. It is very sturdy and the F-type chain cover makes it very easy to deal with any unwanted issue that may suddenly come up.

Those who have bought this product for their kids are saying that the kids have already taken an increased interest in outdoor activities and they are already out to navigate their own explorations,


Advantages and Disadvantages


The main advantage of this bike is its strong built and BMX finish that makes it ideal for all kind of rides. Its ideal frame size works to make it one of the most preferred choices among all the options in the market, especially for beginners and the new cycling enthusiasts.

The only disadvantage is that if you do not have any knowledge of assembling the parts of a bike, you may need to hire a repairman. But you can stay assured it would not be taking much. Another feature that could have made it even better is the provision of a pair of stabilizers for helping the beginners make much faster progress. But the stunt pegs can easily be replaced with it if you need.

Common Questions

Below mentioned are some of the most common doubts that may come across the mind of buyers.

How durable is it?

It is very durable, thanks to the steel frame, alloy wheels, and trendy forks.

What age range is the cycle ideal for?

The cycle is ideal for any kid in the age range of 7 to 12 years. But it is possible to adjust the saddle and the handlebar as per the rider height to keep things comfortable for bigger kids.

Does it have any electrical component?

There are no electrical component and does not require any power source to run it. It is totally mechanical and runs by pedal power only.

Is it easy to assemble the remaining parts?

Yes, it is very easy to assemble the bike as most of it comes preassembled. Anyone can assemble it with a little knowledge or referring to any relevant internet video.

Final Verdict


If you are buying this bike, make sure to check out the final adjustments before letting your kid go out for their first ride. This will work to ensure their safety on the road and also work to provide them with the best riding experiences they can get for the first time.

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