Muddyfox x Silverfox Robot Ranger

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Steel Frame

Chain Guard

Front & Rear Calliper Brakes


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English Bike Brand With Over Twenty Five Years Experience

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Muddyfox x Silverfox Robot Ranger

It can be a tough job to choose a bike for your boy, especially if he is a first timer. Cycling is not only one of the best outdoor activities but also provides your kid with some of the greatest health benefits. But when purchasing a bike, the most important thing we focus on is the safety of the kid. The Muddyfox x Silverfox Robot Ranger, Boys Spoked Wheel Bike – Blue Size 14 inch is known to be an extremely preferred choice in today’s market.


Why Should You Buy The Muddyfox Ranger


Muddyfox are an English bike brand with over twenty five years’ experience within the bike industry designing and manufacturing bikes that cycling enthusiasts love to own. The ranger has been made with good quality materials and components. A steel frame ensure that the child has plenty of support while riding and is strong and durable in the event of a minor bump or scrap. Designed with a stylish and modern look will be sure that your child is known as the cool kid on the estate.


Reasons Why Your Child Should Cycle


Learning your child to cycle is a massive mild stone in their lives and will help them gain more confidence and develop the core muscles and coordination. Cycling on a regular basis is a great habit for your child and they will hopefully take in to their adult life. Apart from the numerous health benefits of cycling, buying your child a bike will give you and your child a brilliant free past time for the weekends. You guys will have so much fun, and build great memories.

 The Muddyfox x Silverfox Robot Ranger, Boys Spoked Wheel Bike – Blue Size 14 inch is earning a lot of fast-paced popularity. Its trendy style and unique colour shade are a lot responsible for it to become a famous choice among many. It has turned out to be one of the best choices for gifting your young ones on their special days or just to motivate them in taking part in cycling sessions. There are a lot of benefits that this bike comes with.


There are a lot of benefits that the users can get when they purchase this product. It is one of the best bikes for beginners. The new riders can hone up their riding skills without many risks of falls or crashes as the stabilizers will be there to help them in maintaining the balance. Further, the solid steel frame of the cycle works to maintain its durability.

It is very trendy thanks to the fork styles used in it. This style has been a hot favourite among boys irrespective of the age range and to get it in this bike is a dream that has come true for many. Also, it is greatly outlined to maintain road safety. The front and rear calliper brakes have been extravagantly designed for this purpose.




There are a lot of features that make a the muddyfox x silverfox robot ranger a top choice in the market and help it to stand ahead of its competitors. The most prominent features of this spoked wheel bike include:

Provided with a solid steel frame of 10” dimensions

The cycle is fitted with slick tires on the wheels

Comes with BMX style forks

The 14” wheel dimension makes it an ideal option for the range of users

Provided with single speed chain

It is provided with the great quality of caliper brakes on the front and rare wheels

It comes with an included set of stabilizers

Fully covered chain guard

  • Features – 95%
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 91%

”  My Little Boy Will Be So Happy With The Muddyfox x Silverfox Robot Ranger.” Nathan


Customer Satisfaction

Muddyfox x Silverfox robot ranger is one of the best gifts for the young ones – be it their birthday, their great result or any other special occasion. The best part is you can stay relaxed when your kids will be riding this bike as you will not have to be in constant anxiety of them falling off during the ride.

The color is great and tends to capture the liking of kids in an instant. It is very comfortable and easy to ride as well. Those who have bought it are already recommending this as a gift for the kids of their friends and colleagues.


Advantages and Disadvantages


The best advantage of this bike is the BMX style forks and the stabilizers that it comes with. It makes it one of the best choices in the market for first-time riders and they can confidently perfect the art of riding their bikes. The steel frame ensures its durability and the brake calipers its road safety. As for disappointment, the handlebars are needed to be fixed initially as per the height of the rider and the saddle to make things comfortable. Another disadvantage of the bike makes maybe the fully enclosed chain guard that can make it difficult at times if the chain comes out of the gears. But it is the rarest issue that riders may face.


Common Questions

Does it come with an included battery?

No. There are no built-in electrical components in the cycle that may require battery power. You can fit in any element you like but need to set up everything for it including the battery connections.

How much does the muddyfox x silverfox robot ranger bike weigh?

This bike weighs just a little more than 9 kg. It is lightweight and durable at the same time, thanks to the steel frame it comes with.

Is the muddyfox x silverfox robot ranger good for all seasons?

Yes. This bike can be used to ride throughout the year. It is a year-round ride that can support you at all seasons.


Final Comments


Overall, muddyfox x silverfox robot ranger is one of the best options for the new learners, especially for its sturdy frames, trendy forks, and efficient stabilizers. It ensures they become adept in riding in a very short amount of time. If you are planning this is a gift, rest assured it can be the best choice you can choose.

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