Muddyfox Women’s Voyager 100 Bicycle




Muddyfox Women’s Voyager 100 Bicycle


MuddyFox Are A Respected English Bike Brand With 25 Years Experience In The Bike Industry

 Muddyfox Women’s Voyager 100 Bicycle

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Muddyfox Women’s Voyager 100 Bicycle


Great Value

The Muddyfox Women’s Voyager 100 Bicycle Offers Great Value

Designed For Women Who Love To Shop?

The Muddyfox Women’s Voyager 100 Bicycle Is Designed For Women Who Love To Shop.


A Whopping 4 Star Rating

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Muddyfox Womens Voyager Bike


we think that bicycles are best either for kids or for men. However, women too need bicycles to keep them fit and to enjoy its ride. Especially when you are on a voyage. Then you need a cool bike, which will help you to visit different places.

If you are thinking about buying a bike then you should go for Muddyfox Women’s Voyager 100 Bicycle. This bike is specially designed for women.  Suits them perfectly.  Beautiful look and many benefits.


Best Features

Here are the top features of the Muddyfox Womens Voyager Bike

Muddyfox Women’s Voyager 100 Bicycle will definitely provide high-quality touring Bike with its Velocipede’s 18 Speed setting Gears. It has Step-Through steel frame suspension of the length of 17 and 19 inches.

This will increase smoothness while riding on terrains or the mountains. It has alloy wheels with Double Wall, which are of standard 700C. The wheels have better forks for suspension with trekking tyres. This gives you better control and the grip.

This has Pannier rack made up of Alloy. Steel rigid forks at the front provide proper strength to the bike.

The handlebars of this touring bike are made up of the alloy. Back Swept Handlebar is a big positive from this bike. You can use them on all kinds of roads. Because of the better brake system, you can even reduce your speed on slopes. This is a very important factor when it comes to voyage bikes.

The bike has gearing facilities with Shimano 18 Speed tourney gears. These gears have with Revoshift Shifters for speed and grip or control. The frame increases safety for women. The weight is around 16 Kg.

Therefore, the durability factor is very good. Because of this, the speed and acceleration factor will be top notch. Alloy Kickstand will provide better balance to the bike while parking. You can change stand just by kicking it. Mudguards are on both front and rear side. Saddle Available is a very comfortable and allows you to choose between frame size of 17 inches and 19 inches.

Muddyfox Women’s Voyager 100 Bicycle has chain set of Sun tour XCE with adjustable Handlebars and Stem. This combination is very good as the bottom tensile strength of the bike increases. You can adjust them to get better performance. Promax V-Brakes are on Front and Rear side. The material used in it is alloy.


  • Features -93 %
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 90%

” I Have Wanted A New Bike To Cycle To The Shops, The Muddyfox Voyager Womens Bike Has Plenty Of Storage For All The Bargains Down The Shops.” Paula


Customer Satisfaction

These are perfect for the women. Because it pretty much has everything in it. The materials and spare parts are of high quality. The price compared to the quality offered is very good. You can easily use this bike for voyage and tourism.

The material and the V brake facility is definitely top notch. The women age 12 or above can use the bike. As the bike gears have a different speed setting, it will assist you in control. Especially when you lose your control or find it hard to paddle the bike.

The color of the bike looks very good. The design is fantastic. It feels like we are riding a premier quality bike. You will hardly hear the squeaking noise.

Muddyfox Women’s Voyager 100 Bicycle gives a better experience. Revo shifters will be easy to operate. The chains give very smooth peddling because of sun tour XCE mechanics. Kickstand will help you to remove stands quickly.

Common Questions

Does it come assembled?

Assembling of the bike is not complete. You will get fitted Back wheel along with all brakes and gears. However, you need to attach handlebars front wheel and saddle. Nothing too challenging about the assembly. The process is very easy. You will have all the spare parts in it.

What is the leg measurement required to ride this bike?

Generally, anyone who has an age of 12 years or more can easily ride this touring bike. If you have a problem in finding the right one then you can select this bike. Because it comes with two different inside leg measurements.

If you select 17-inch frame size model then you can ride a bike if your inside leg measurement is between 27 inches to 33 inches. If you select the 19FR model then inside leg measurement is between 29 inches to 35 inches.

What are the different size combination available on the market?

As of now, you will get Muddyfox Women’s Voyager 100 Bicycle in two sizes. The bike has the first combination with 700WH/17FR. Another one is 700WH/19FR. bike lock guide helpful.



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  • Perfect for women as it has two different frame sizes. Therefore, there will be no problem of pain in your legs. The XCE chain set helps you to have a smooth ride.
  • Multi gearing system will help for easy riding. The bike has Shimano 18 gear setting at your fingertips. It will reduce the chance of getting very tired of mountain riding. The speed control will assist you on slopes and steeps.
  • The material is of very high quality with the steel and alloy frames. Therefore, durability is good.