” A Women With Good Shoes Is Never Ugly.”

We take a closer look at the Muddyfox womens tour100 cycling shoes.

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COLOUR- comes in a classic black, chair and pink colour. Don’t be surprised if you get asked wear you bought them from. A classic colour with a modern edge.

SHAPED HEEL/ CUSHIONED ANKLE – Muddyfox have designed the cycling shoe with extra padding around the ankle to maximise comfort and to try and stop those blisters.

Keep your feet protected will help your harness your power out on the road or in the gym.

LACED HOOK & LOOP STRAP- will enable the rider to have shoes tightly fitted to their feet. Securing your feet to your cycling shoe will help you power through those miles on the road

TWO TONE EVA MID SOLE- for that added comfort and will help combat those dreaded blisters and hot spots.

Looking after your feet in the short term will ensure you protect your future cycling days

SPD CLEAT COMPATIBLE – looking for shoes that are SPD compatible, well look no further!

QUALITY MATERIAL – the cycling shoe is well made and built for comfort.

Muddyfox are a known brand in the biking industry for over 25 years and are designed for adrenaline seeker. A market leader in designed top quality cycling shoes with the customer and its focus.

Customer Satisfaction

Really good for Spinning and I have bought the SPD attachment. Comfortable while working out

Comfortable for cycling and have made such a difference. Fitted my feet perfectly straight away.

Bought lots of cycling shoes, the Muddyfox women’s tour100 cycling shoes are by far the best. Everyone keeps asking me wear I bought them from

Good cost-effective shoe

A great cycling shoe for anyone getting into cycling for the first time.

Excellent value. Brilliant starting point

Great ventilation for keeping your feet cool and keeping away those blisters

Why Buy a pair of cycling shoes?

Cycling shoes are specially designed for efficiency, and allowing the rider to harness their full power out on the road

SOLES- when it comes to soles the stiffer the road cycling shoes and is less flexible.

VELCRO STRAPS- used on the majority of entry level cycling shoe. really quick to fasten. Get cycling quicker and burn more calories.

VENTILATIONS & INSULATION – the muddyfox cycling shoe has a upper mesh which is great for keeping your feet cool. Keeping your foot ventilated is key to maximising your strength into putting more lead into the pedal.

NO SLIPPING – cycling road shoes are designed to keep your feet to the pedal. A better grip on the pedal will allow you to reach your full potential. Will stop your feet digging into the pedal.

Cycling shoes may not be a necessity but they’re not a luxury you don’t won’t to miss. The added comfort, will make sure you don’t forget to wear them out on the road or in the gym. You may even be tempted to buy a second pair as a gift.

BLISTERS- wearing the correct shoes for the right activity will help you protect your feet against any unnecessary rubbing and itches.

Common Questions

I am a size 4- 5 size shoe size what would size should I buy?

Ask the seller there really helpful and quick at replying. We ordered plus a size bigger and they fitted like dream.

Are the Muddyfox womens tour100 cycling shoes comfortable?

Yes, muddyfox have deigned the cycling shoe for a little bit of comfort

Do the muddyfox cycling shoes only come in one colour?

Yes, they come in a stylish black and pink colour. Don’t be surprised if everyone asks you were you get them from.


5 star Customer Reviews

Great for Spinning or the Gym

Excellent Value and fit very nicely.

Brilliant Gift Idea


The tour100 could do with more padding around the heel, nothing a cheap in sole wouldn’t solve. Buy a insole to go in the Muddyfox womens tour100 cycling shoes for that added bit of comfort

Final Verdict

Muddyfox are an established brand in the cycling industry and are known for designing first class cycling shoes that women love.

Cycling shoes can be used for a variety of activities not just for cycling they are brilliant for the gym and spinning.

If you’re thinking about treating yourself or looking for a perfect gift. The Muddyfox womens tour100 cycling shoes may be great value but they have some added benifits

Muddyfox womens tour100 cycling shoes have 5 star of Reviews

Comes with a stylish Black & Pink colour.

Designed with padding around the heel in order to maximise the comfort and stop blisters.

SPD cleat compatibile

Brilliant birthday treat

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