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 Muddyfox Wayfarer Folding Bike


Trying To Find A Bike Designed & Manufactured For Commuting In The City From A British Bike Brand With 25 Years In The Bike Industry.

 Muddyfox Wayfarer Folding Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the  Muddyfox Wayfarer Folding Bike




Steel Folding Mechanism

6 Shimano Gears

V Type Brakes


What Can I Use The Wayfarer For?

The  Muddyfox Wayfarer Folding Bike Has Been Designed To Meet The Needs Of The Modern Commuter. Commute To The City In Style.


Muddyfox Brand

The Muddyfox Brand Are An English Brand That Love To Design Bikes For Their Loyal Cycling Enthusiasts




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Muddyfox Wayfarer Folding Bike

Muddyfox Wayfarer Folding Bike 20’’ is an excellent product when it come to the folding bikes genre. Loaded with a number of feature, it servers a number purposes. It is yet another product by the Muddyfox, the pioneers in the bike zone

Main Benefits

The Main benefits/ Features Of The Muddyfox Wayfarer Folding Bike

The bicycle has a frame size of 20 inches. Providing a good height to the rider and keeps the rider convincingly above the ground level. The entire frame of the Muddyfox Wayfarer Folding Bike 20” is made of steel. The frame hence becomes strong and also becomes tolerant even intolerant situations. The frame design is extremely stable hence providing a smooth ride to the rider.

The Muddyfox Wayfarer Folding Bike 20” bicycle has dual V-Brakes. One V-brake is for the front Tyre and the other. V-Brakes are generally referred to as shimano’s trademark V-brake. They are a side pull version of cantilever brakes. Many mountain bikes have a suspension system designed to work well with the V-Brakes, reason being a separate cable is not required. Three-finger adjustable V-Brakes hence make it compatible.

In this bicycle Schrader valve tires are used. These tires are well known for providing maximum friction and offer a comfortable ride.

The bike is adjustable and offers folding features. These features come in handy when it comes to users of a variety of physique and height. The adjustable quality make it fit for men of any height. Whereas the folding feature makes it a good option for storage and allows you to carry it to different places without any worries.

The weight of the bike is 18kg. Thus making Wayfarer Folding Bike 20” light weight. But the customer may not need to panic seeing the light weight and worry about its durability. As being a mountain bike, makes it extremely durable.

The Muddyfox Wayfarer Folding Bike 20” bicycle has a combination of navy blue and white colour makes the bicycle eye pleasing and exceptional in looks. The brilliant combination gives it a trendy and youthful look which is universally preferred.

The chains have a number of projection at the edges called the cog-cover. The motion is transferred when projection gets engaged to other wheels or bars.

  • Wheel Size diameter is 20
  • Forks use rigid steel.
  • The saddle is made up of weather proof vinyl that seals the edges of the Saddle to make it water-proof.
  • The handlebars are provided with good grip and sweat resistant.

Suitable for the people with limited storage space, these Wayfarer folding bike provides an efficient and suitable way to travel. The bike comes equipped with a light weighted 20-inch frame, having rigid steel fork and wheels of 20 inches in dimension. Front and back V-brakes provide a great control while sopping the bike, even in wet and rainy conditions. The Universal Wayfarer also attracts with its 6-speed indexed gears, that are able to fold mudguards and also have a rear luggage rack.

The Muddyfox Wayfarer Folding Bike 20” bicycle is an incredible option for transporting in the boot space of the car or even carrying it up and down on the stairs. The folding feature is proved to be great when cycling to and from workplace as it can be easily carried with yourself to your workplace and can be locked safely indoors. Also includes 1-year warranty.


  • Features – 92
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 95%

”  I Have Been Searching For A Commuter Bike Made For Commuting In The City. I Love Commuting To Chester On My Wayfarer.” Matt

Customer Satisfaction

Wayfarer Folding Bike 20” is a product of a brand name Muddyfox. The company Muddyfox is a European country that has its roots in United Kingdoms(UK). They are specifically from Basildon, Essex and have their showrooms all around the Europe. Recently they have tried the online platform in order to expand their sales all over the world.

The brand Muddyfox is a trusted name in Europe and is now trying to gain the trust of the audience all around the world. The company has been an unbeatable name in the field of Universal Bicycles. Earlier the Muddyfox bikes were only under the reach of European people but now anybody from anywhere can have a bike ordered online. They entered the market by manufacturing a BMX bikes.

Depending on the user of the bikes the brand offers a wide variety. Muddyfox bikes have proved to suiting in each case. Muddyfox Wayfarer Folding Bike 20” bicycle  is in specific designed for males

. Keeping in mind their requirements and their daily routing under focus the bikes have been designed. The customers have given its features 90 out of 100. The customers have awarded it with 97 out 100 in the field of value for money. Wayfarer Folding Bike 20” has won a 90 out of 100 in build quality by the customers.

Common Questions

Q Can two people ride this bike?

A If it is about sharing then pick the main user. We do not recommend you to share bikes among people of different sizes. It can land you up into awkward situations.


Q Who can use it?

A The bike can be used by anyone above the age of 8 years. Irrespective of the purpose the bike is going to fulfil all your requirements. The bike is good to go for a boy or an adult.


Q Are Muddyfox Wayfarer Folding Bike 20” bicycle” any good?

A Buying a bike is an important decision. Muddy-fox provides us with a variety of options. You can hence, easily rely on this product

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  • Muddyfox Wayfarer Folding Bike 20” bicycle is for all age groups.
  • Equipped with state- of –the-art design and features.
  • The Muddyfox Wayfarer Folding Bike 20” bicycle offers great value. .