“I don’t ride A bike to add days to my life. I ride a bike to add life to my days”

 Buying your first child’s bike is a memorable milestone.

Your not just providing them with a gift that will give them lots of hours of fun but a skill that will last them a life time.

Muddyfox are an established bike manufacturer and helped popularise bike riding in Britain.

We look at the Muddyfox Vibe girls Bmx bike.

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FRAME: 11″. BMX Steel frame that is designed to give the rider stability while riding. A steel frame is great for those bumps and scraps.

DUAL V BRAKES – The muddyfox vibe girls bike has a two leaver brakes which is ideal to give your child full control of the bike. You never know when they have to perform an emergency stop.

WHITE & PINK –  stylish colour so your child will have a ride that will be the envy of every other child on the estate.

AGE RANGE – Recommended age of the bike is between 7-9 years old

TYRES – comes with 18″  Atb pattern will be great for a child riding to the local park, on a family adventure or for a ride round your local estate. Brilliant for different types of terrain.

GEARS – single speed allows the child to familiarise themselves with riding the bike while not worrying about the gears. Great for a first time rider.

HANDLEBARS – Bmx handle bars allows the child riding the muddyfox vibe girls bmx bike to keep control of the bike while trying to maximise the bike performance.

SADDLE – a standard seat saddle, a recommendation is to buy a cheap gel seat saddle in order to increase your child’s comfort while riding.

SUSPENSION-  a rigid suspension will help support the child on their adventure.

Leg Size: 16-20″ wheel size 18″

Customer Satisfaction

 Very Happy with the muddyfox vibe girls bmx style bike, and how quickly and easily it was to assemble.

Bought a gel seat cover for extra comfort.

BMX Tyres are great on the skate park.

Advice for using the Muddyfox Vibe 18 Girls BMX Style bike

MAINTENANCE– Do the ABC check before every ride.

 AIR  Check the air in the tyres to make sure their pumped up correctly.

 BRAKES  Test the brakes and the tyres run smoothly. The brakes can be tested by pushing the bike forward and applying the brakes.  Push the bike backwards and apply the brakes

 CHAIN– the chain needs to be kept oiled

TEST RUN – when you first set up the  Muddyfox Vibe 18 Girls BMX Style bike make sure you take the bike out for a test run before any long commute.

The child needs to be happy with the  position of the seat, handle bars and that they are confident the bike is set up correctly

 INSTRUCTION MANUEL- keep the instructions Manuel as it may come in helpful later on. It’s helpful and informative

BUY A HELMET -when buying your child’s first bike make sure you buy a helmet. You need to make sure the helmet fits correctly. You can purchase knee and shoulder pads. However they can restrict the child’s movement too.

Before you set of with your child in their new bike you need to know the child can stop, start, steer and be competent. Its important to explain the difference between left and right with your child so they can respond to your instructions.

In addition, explain that you’re not being bossy but your being careful so you are both safe.

Common questions:

Does the Muddyfox Vibe 18 Girls BMX Style bike comes full assembled?

The bike comes partly assembled and should take no longer than 25 minutes and comes with a instruction Manuel.

Does the bike come with a chain guard?

Yes, the bike comes with a chain guard that will protect the child’s fingers.

What can the bike be used for? 

The muddyfox vibe bike can be used for that family day out around local park, around the local skate park or for  a stroll up and down the state.

Recommend leg size?


 is the Muddyfox Vibe 18 Girls BMX saddle water resistant?

Yes, the girls bmx saddle is weather resistant. Great for the British weather.


  •  Muddyfox are a well  known bike manufacturer, with a good reputation
  • Great Customer Reviews
  • Dual V brakes and leavers


  •  Standard seat, however it’s is weather resistant.

Final Verdict:

Buying your first child’s bike is a great milestone for you and your child. The muddyfox Vibe girls style bmx has some good quality features that will help encourage your child to fall in love with riding.

Vibrant white and pink colour that will be the envy of every other children.
A steel Bmx frame is great for those pumps and scraps.
Muddyfox Vibe 18 Girls Style BMX is great value for money.


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