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Muddyfox Unisex Atom BMX Bike


Buying Your Boys First BMX Is An Exciting Time For Yourself & Your Child. Muddyfox Is A Brand That Can Be Trusted.



Muddyfox Unisex Atom BMX Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the Muddyfox Unisex Atom BMX Bike




Steel Frame

Front & Rear V Brakes

BMX Handlebars


What Can The Muddyfox Unisex Atom BMX Bike Be Used For?

The Muddyfox Unisex Atom BMX Bike Is A Good All round Bike That Offers Brilliant Value For Money.


Muddyfox Brand

Muddyfox Are An English Bike Brand Established In Basildon Essex Over 25 Years Ago.


Muddyfox Unisex Atom BMX Bike

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Customer Satisfaction

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Muddyfox Unisex Atom BMX Bike

Everybody should learn how to ride a bike. It’s as simple as figuring out how to ride well, a bike. Also, the thing is once you have learned isn’t something you ever ignore you can do.

All of us figured out how to ride as children. Almost all recall great their first bicycle, and they do as such with glad joyful memories of youth: Long bright days playing with companions, travels to the recreation center with our folks, riding to class.

Buying a bike is a very important choice. There are some outstanding brands available, like Muddy Fox. It is a solid brand with 25 years on the bike. The brand is famous by cyclist all around the globe. They have kept up a very important position throughout the years. We Will Look at Why You Should Buy The Muddyfox Unisex Atom BMX Bike


Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Muddyfox Unisex Atom BMX Bike

You don’t need to participate in trail burning bicycle races or prepare like a competitor to get the advantages of cycling. 20 miles every week on a bicycle can lessen your danger of heart-related illness by half.

All things thought about, you can’t deal with the science. A recent report that riding a bicycle is in reality preferred for you over running. Runners of each ability will probably last through harm and experience the ill effects and soreness after doing the similar work running as they would have done on a bicycle.

Try not to trust the funny stories about what riding does to your male under places. Scientists have discovered that men more than 50 years old are at 30% less danger of weakness than the people who do by no cycling.

Studies have shown that people who drive to work via auto yet at the same time in great exercise are still likely to experience to get put on weight. Keeping in mind the end goal to quit getting to be big, it’s prescribed that you fit somewhere close to 60 minutes to 90 minutes of activity a day. You can get fit without making a decent attempt.


Muddy Fox Atom Bike Features:


  • Muddyfox Unisex Atom BMX Bike has three riggings, a container on the front and customizable seat
  • a bolt and tie to hold the bicycle briefly when not at a station
  • a secured attach and brake wires
  • 12 inch Steel Freestyle BMX Frame
  • Freestyle BMX Handlebars
  • Steel plume handlebar stem
  • Mixture (of metals) Front and Rear V-brakes
  • 360-degree Gyro System
  • One-piece Crank with Cut-out Chainring (36T x 16T)
  • Single Speed
  • BMX Saddle
  • 20 inch mixture (of metals) Wheels
  • Pinstripe BMX tires
  • Got together Weight: About 14kgs
  • Recommended age: 8 years or more
  • Recommended inside leg guess: 21 inches or more
  • street security tips and bicycle data on the handle bars
  • front and back programmed lights
  • front and back brakes
  • strengthened cut confirmation tires
  • Features – 93%
  • Value for money – 97%
  • Build Quality – 95%

”  I Wanted To Treat My Grandson With A New BMX, He Is Absolutely Loves His Muddyfox atom BMX Bike.” Gail

Customer Satisfaction


Clients need to get out and about as fast as conceivable – they don’t need stick around in the line for their bicycles or wasting their opportunity doing printed material.

Clients with having the bicycles prepared on their landing, Muddy fox team request point by point data when they make a reserving. Muddy Fox get their tallness, weight, pedal tendencies and so on recorded in their BRM reserving by rider and have bicycles tuned up coming before their entry. Amazing begin!


Carefully reading client surveys is now part of arranging travel and occasions while picking suppliers, and that goes for bicycle rentals too. Clients are worried that they will get the bicycles they reserved and that they are protected to ride.


Muddy Fox Atom Bikes are available at amazing prices. This brand serves at really honest pricing and guarantee.

Common Questions

How to choose a bike?

Sorts of bicycles: The correct kind of bicycle for you generally relies upon where you intend to ride.

Bicycle highlights and parts: Things like suspension, mechanical devices and brakes decide how a bicycle performs.

Bicycle fit: Once you’ve limited your question, it’s very important to make sure of a bicycle fits you appropriately.

If I buy a muddy fox atom bike, what level of fit do you offer?

Once you’re on the bicycle, the sales representative may see that you could be in an ideal situation, for example, in the event that you swap out the seat or handlebar that went with the bicycle with another kind.

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MuddyFox Atom Bike is best for youngsters, as it will help them to exercise and to enjoy at the same time. The idea behind the manufacturing is universal and smooth. This bike is very effective in any circumstances.