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Muddyfox Trinity Hardtail 20 Mountain Bike is a new bike in the market. Not many people have experienced the ride of this amazing bike. The bike has very attractive features. This model is designed in awesomely attractive pink and white color. This is the best bike to go on a hike with since it is incorporated with features that provide stability and ability to withstand rough terrains and unfavorable climatic conditions.

Top Amazing Features

The top design features that make this bike amazing include;

Dual suspensions

ATB tyres

13- Inch steel frame

6 gears

Twist grip shifters

Front v- type and rear v-type brakes

Total weight of 14.7kg

Even with these features, the bike is not completely perfect. Some other alternative features prove to be better than the features of this bike. For instance, the disc brakes perform better than the v- type brakes, especially in muddy and rugged place.

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Benefits Associated with the Features

The muddyfox’s V- shaped brakes contributes to the lower total weight of the bike. These breaks are also easy to use compared to the other types of brakes as disc- type brakes. Muddy Fox brakes also have an enhanced braking power. One more attractive feature is that they are relatively cheaper compared to other brakes, thus less costly to replace.

The dual suspension and strong steel frame enable the bike to tackle all kind of terrain. The  Muddyfox Trinity Hardtail 20 Mountain Bike dual suspension feature offers a softer ride as it minimizes the bouncing on rough terrains. Duality enhances mechanical strength that minimizes cases of mechanical inefficiencies.

The 6 gears and the twist grip shifters guarantee high speed and stability to tackle hilly terrains. The 6 gears not only enables one to ride in rugged terrains but it also contributes to a lightweight feature of the bike. Grip shifters are considered to be good since they provide greater stability of gears, such that only on rare occasions will you find cases of slipping gears.

ATB tyres are known to be the best choice. ATB is a renowned company that supplies genuine products. They are of right size and wider width to increase the stability of the Muddyfox Trinity Hardtail 20 Mountain Bike. A wider tyre has a larger surface area that provides a stronger grip and traction for the bike. These tyre’s do not wear out easily and are capable of making revolutions for several kilometers.

Customer Satisfaction

The Muddyfox Trinity Hardtail 20 Mountain Bike is only suitable for 3 years and above children. The general design of the bike is good. In addition, the choice of color is attractive to the ladies than the men. The bikes are both long lasting and strong. The customer is able to give a legit review of the bike once he or she has experienced the ride.

The customer’s satisfaction is also based on the one’s taste and preference. It may also be based on past experience of an alternative model.

Common Questions

For the Muddyfox Trinity Hardtail 20 Mountain Bike, it is new in the market and not many people are aware of it. Nonetheless, the most common question that one will be interested to know is whether the bike comes with safety equipment as reflectors. Most customers may also be interested to know whether the bike is designed for the ladies only or for both sexes.

This question basically arises because of the choice of color. Actually, the color does not really matter, the other features that make the muddyfox bike comfortable for both men and ladies.

Why should you buy the Bike?

  • The Muddyfox Trinity Hardtail 20 Mountain Bike is relatively cheaper and is thus affordable. A new mountain bike for 139.94 Euros is quite cheaper and budget friendly. I would recommend a cheaper bike to a costly bike, this is because most of the features may be similar.

  • The steel frame is a very attractive feature. Steel frame does not rust easily, therefore you will be guaranteed a longer life. Although steel does not rust easily it is important to store your bike safely.

  • The total weight of the bike is relatively low. A 14.7 kg bike is not a too heavy bike, you can be able to give a push or lift it to a truck very easily. One may be faced by mechanical associated problems, thus a lighter bike will give less strain to transfer it to the mechanic.

  • The bike is suitable for hiking in rough places, therefore I will consider purchasing this bike to hike with my friends. A bike that is flexible to all conditions is considered as the best bike to purchase.

  • I would also choose a muddyfox bike for the comfort that it offers. The distance from the saddle to the bar seem to provide sufficient comfort.

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