Muddyfox TRI100 cycling shoes Review



Muddyfox TRI100 cycling shoes Review


Muddyfox Have 25 Year Experience In Manufacturing Bikes An Was In Established in Basildon Essex. .

Muddyfox TRI100 cycling shoes

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Muddyfox TRI100 cycling shoes



Muddyfox Have Been Established over 25 years


4 Star Customer Rating

Customer Testiomals

Brilliant Customer Reviews. Read Them Yourself

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Muddyfox TRI100 cycling shoes



“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a pair of cycling shoes which is pretty close.”

The Muddyfox TRI100 cycling shoes come in a black and white style that come in two combinations.

Designed by Muddyfox to allow your feet to breath and with a high loop for ultimate comfort.

A big velcro strap that is easy to slip into or take off and is commonly used to allow the rider to easily adjust the cycling shoe to the rider’s level of comfort.

Great value for any cycling enthusiast.



Best Features

Here are the top features of the Muddyfox Mens TRI100 Cycling Shoes

SINGLE HOOK & LOOP STRAP- are used by the Muddyfox TRI100 cycling shoes for a tight fitting and for the rider to easily slip into and release.

INSOLE PADDING – the insoles are designed to give the rider plenty of comfort for those long commutes on the road and will stop any unnecessary rubbing or hot spots.

BREATHABLE PANELS – cycling for long distances will make your feet hot and sweaty. The TRI00 have breathable panels that allow your feet to breath and help them keep fresh. Fresh feet will pedal for longer.

PADDED ANKLE- the added padding around the ankle will allow the rider an added level of comfort that will protect the rider feet against any unnecessary hot spots. In addition, a good support for the ankle.

COLOUR: The Muddyfox TRI100 cycling shoes come in a classic Black/White, you get two choices either mainly black or white. Most notably a mainly black shoe may be worn in the work place if a less formal attire is allowed.

VENTILATION – your feet can become extremely tired and hot in such a confined space.

The TRI100 comes with ventilation holes that are good at keeping your feet fresh. Looking after your feet will allow you to ride for much longer.

SPD COMPATIBLE– can attach cleats. A great selling point

  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 93%

”  I Have Been Looking For A Pair Of Cycling Shoes That I Can Use For Cycling And Spinning. The Muddyfox TRI100 look perfect.”  Paul

Customer Satisfaction

Brilliant value for money and a good product. A great purchase.

Happy with my Muddyfox TRI100 cycling shoes and the quality.

Fantastic Entry level cycling shoe with good ventilation.


Why should you buy the Muddyfox TRI100 cycling shoes?


SPINNING – the TRI100 are ideal for a spinning class. A great added benefit

ENTRY LEVEL – a cycling shoe that’s brilliants for anyone new to cycling that doesn’t want to spend a small fortune.

4.5 STAR REVIEWS- you know the Muddyfox TRI100 cycling shoes are a good set of cycling shoes by the customer testimonials and the many happy cyclists.

ROAD & MOUNTAIN- the TRI100 can be used on mountain bikes and road bikes. Specifically designed for mountain bikes.


Common Questions

Can the Muddyfox TRI100 cycling shoes fit spd pedals?

Yes, the can fit cleats.

Are the TRI100 cycling shoes comfortable?

They are not designed for walking for long distances as cycling shoes are quite narrow. However, you can walk in them quite easily.

Is the Muddyfox TRI100 cycling shoes designed for a road or mountain bikes?

Designed specifically for a mountain bike. However, can be used out on the road.

Who are the Muddyfox brand?

Muddyfox have been established since 1980 in Essex Basildon and help popularise cycling in the U.K. Specializes in making innovative cycling apparel at affordable prices.



CLEAN – If your new to cycling or a cycling professional you can save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run by learning to clean your shoes. Save yourself buying a new pair of shoes.

FEET CARE- Riding for long hours out on the road can harm your feet, so make sure you rest your feet after any long commute.

Looking after your feet will make sure that your feet are in good condition for your next adventure. Also check your feet haven’t got any hot spots or blisters regularly.

GEL SOLES – can be bought very cheaply and are great for that added bit on comfort if you’re thinking of spending more time on your bike. Looking after your feet in the short term will make sure you keep cycling in to the future.



4.5 star reviews

Muddyfox Brand

SPD Compatible


Not the most expensive cycling shoe on the market. However brilliant value if you’re looking for a bargain or on a small budget.


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If you’re in the market for a new pair of cycling shoes that’s affordable and has some fantastic customer testimonials. Look no further.

The Muddyfox TRI100 cycling shoes can certainly not be ignored as they offer great value at a fraction of the cost.

Muddyfox are a well-known brand in the bike industry for making cycling apparel and strive for customer satisfaction. The classic white & black colour will be sure to draw a lot of attention.

Don’t be surprised if everyone wants to find out where you bought them from.

If you’re on the lookout for a thoughtful gift or just a little treat for yourself. You may find yourself not leaving the house without them.