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Muddyfox Tour 200

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Muddyfox Tour 200

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Ruber Outer Sole

EVA Midsole

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Muddyfox Tour 200

If you’re looking for a versatile pair of cycling shoes that make cycling easier and are comfortable to wear while walking or riding then the Muddyfox Tour 200 Cycling shoes are a no brainer.

You won’t leave the house without them.

We take a look at the Mens TOUR200 Low Cycling shoes

WATERPROOF – the Muddyfox Tour 200 Cycling shoes are waterproof which is ideal for all types of weather and great for tacking your commute in torrential rain.

A benefit normally only found in more expensive cycling shoes with an added premium. A pair of cycling shoes that you can tackle any storm in.

LACED/ HOOK AND LOOP TAPE STRAP the Tour 200 comes with laces, that have been coming back into cycling as they do offer the best fit.

The Muddyfox Tour 200 Cycling shoes has one big strap to secure your feet. A velcro strap is the quickest way to tighten shoes.

SHAPED HEEL – a shaped heel allows to give the rider added comfort and security around the foot and allows the rider to concentrate on the road ahead.

Features & Benefits

MOULDER RUBBER OUTSOLE – the cycling shoes come with a rubber outsole to allow the cyclist to keep a tight grip on the pedal.

A stronger grip on the pedal will allow the rider to harness a 100 % of power into their ride.

SOLES TWO TONE EVA MID SOLE- Muddyfox specialise in making cycling shoes that are comfortable for the rider for those long miles out there on the road.

MATERIALS – a nicely made cycling shoe that’s made from top quality materials

CLEAT COMPATIBILITY- normally only found in more expensive cycling shoes.

VENTILATION – Muddyfox have designed the Muddyfox Tour 200 Cycling shoes to allow the foot to keep ventilated.

COLOUR – a classic black colour will allow you to wear you TOUR200 on your commute to work, out for a drink with friends or even in the office. Without the worry of carrying a second pair of footwear.

FITTING – a tight fitting, maximises comfort and the design allows you to put more metal into the pedal.

  • features – 94%
  • value for money – 85%
  • Build Quality – 95%

” I Am So Happy With My Muddyfox Tour 200 Cycling Shoes. They Are Perfect For Cycling And The Gym. ” Jeremy

Customer Satisfaction

Comfortable & Lightweight

Great fit & I haven’t seen any water getting in the shoe

Brilliant for Cycling

5 star Reviews

No more walking round like you’re a tap dancer

Newbie to cycling and my first cycling shoes, really pleased and a good feel to them

Brilliant for road bikes on all levels. My first cycling shoes and I am happy, they are comfortable a great fit and keep the water out.



Really comfortable, supportive and great value

A known cycling Brand

Cleat Compatible




Not the cheapest cycling shoe but you pay for quality.

Common Questions

Do the Muddyfox Tour 200 Cycling shoes come with cleats?

No, they would have to be purchased separately.

Can you wear these shoes as trainers

Yes, you can. However, the Muddyfox Tour 200 Cycling shoes are not standard trainers as the sole isn’t the exact size of the heel.

Are these shoes hard wearing?

Yes, the cycling shoes are made from top quality material and are hard warring.

Brilliant for those long hours out there on the road.

 Can the TOUR 200 be used for MTB riding?

Yeah, the cycling shoes can be used for all types of cycling whether it be urban riding, Mtb or road cycling.

 Can you wear these trainers without cleats and standard pedals?

They can be used with standard pedals.

However, they are not standard trainers as the sole doesn’t fit the heel.

Not good for running

Is Muddyfox an established brand?

Muddyfox are a well-known cycling brand and was established in the 1980s in Essex and specialises in creating innovative cycling shoes.




CLEAN- if your new to cycling or a season professional you need to make sure your Muddyfox Tour 200 Cycling shoes are kept in good condition.

Learning to clean your shoes and your bike are a key element of becoming a seasoned professional and will also save you money in the long run.


Final Verdict


If you’re in the market for a new pair or cycling shoes or purchasing a great gift the Muddyfox Tour 200 Cycling shoes are great value and have some benefits normally only found in more expensive cycling shoes. You may like to read our article on are muddyfox cycling shoes any good?

The tour200 has 5 star reviews and comes in a classic black colour that can be used for a variety of reasons whether you’re thinking about a long commute to work, a leisurely stroll to the supermarket or in the office.

The Mens TOUR200 Low Cycling shoes are waterproof and can tackle all types of weather.

Muddyfox are a well-known brand in the bike industry known for making high quality cycling shoes at affordable prices with great value.

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