A better invention for today’s world for a better cycling future. The Muddyfox Toronto 26 mountain bike  gives people a high end safe experience with better exploring opportunities.

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  • Frame Size is 18 inch
  • Frame type is very compatible, Front Suspension Frame
  • Brake Type is Dual Disc Brakes Brake Leavers type is Complete with Shimano gear lever
  • Leg Size, is from 29-31 inc
  • Tires size is 26″ x 1.95 inch dimension with ATB Tread which avoids skidding, and Tire tubes type is Schrader Valves
  • Chain type is KMC Steel, 1/2 x 3/32 dimension, and Chain guard is Main Drive Cog Cover type
  • Wheel Size is 26 inch dimension, Forks provided are Suspension Forks
  • Saddle type is Vinyl Weather Resistant, Handlebars: ATB Steel A-Head type, Bottom Bracket: Cr-Mo Axle, 5 pieces ATB type, Material used Alloy
  • Cycling Type is Mountain Bikes, Gears process 21 Speed Shimano STI shifters, Suspension Type is Front Suspension
  • Age Range: 12+, Weight: 15.2kg, Color: Grey/Green, Model: MO23337.

The Muddyfox Toronto 26 mountain bike has a dual brake disc system which ensures total safety of the user and it is bitterly developed invention from the company. This is useful for children above 12 years.

Added many better options ensuring safe riding for the users. Suspension and better gearing system used. Preferably used for male. As it has long height.


1) Longer length: The Muddyfox Toronto 26 mountain bike has the length of 26 inches which makes riding comfortable to the people who are tall. This is even helpful for boys who have a high growth rate.

2) Used as fitness: these products may be named as bikes but are actually peddled cycles which make us ride them. They have many extra features than that of a cycle to ensure that the rider enjoys at his comfort and feel like he is using a bike and not a cycle.

3) Good balance and coordination system: due to a proper brake and gear system the control of the bike always remains in the user’s hand. Until it a serious issue the accident won’t occur.

4) Can be tension free: due to the good maintenance of the product and ensure safety the rider can always be tension free until he feels danger. When he feels like there is any danger occurring he need not take any tension. When he finds a danger we can jump with his bike or change the gears or put brakes as needed.

5) Gears Support system:this company ensures to give a proper gearing system to the Muddyfox Toronto 26 mountain bike according to the age group it is used for. It even put in mind about the types of people who will probably ride it. Putting those things in mind they design their bikes and they give the proper brake system to each of them.

They see the maximum speed that can be traveled and provide gears according to it. The maximum number of gear is 6.

6) Water Resistant: these bikes are used in mountain areas and in mountain areas we find any kind of surface like hilly, rough and wet or any such kind. So, the makers gave this product such kind of tiers where they cannot skid or the tires don’t get flat. This helps them to reach out to any place easily without fearing about the places.

7) Less cost: this company provides its products for a less cost with good features. When compared to the other mountain bikes in the market this company gives its best. It provides bikes for all age grouped kids ensuring safety and less cost.

8) This company provides the guarantee to all products they release and it luckily turns out to be a lifetime one. This is a better feature that attracts people, as anyone will want to have the guarantee for anything they buy, for such things where the risk is more then they will surely expect something of such kind. They anyways cover the insurance up to a limit for which they accept upon. It is better to read the terms beforehand.

Let us see what clients spoke about it

  • Best quality.

  • Good gear and brake system with better suspension.

  • Good product with better features and at affordable price which wins peoples heart with its amazing deals.

  • easy fixation and low cost

Common Questions

  • Is the Muddyfox Toronto 26 mountain bike worth it? : Yes, surely the item worth the money for what we spend, as it provides few of the best specifications at lesser cost.
  • What are the dimensions of this item? : . It weights around 15.2kgs, 18-inch frame size,       29-30inch wheel size, inside leg 29-31 inch and ATB tires. Can differ from models. Can be select as needed.
  • Is the Muddyfox Toronto 26 mountain bike  easy to use? : Yes, it is safe to use for people above 12 years. The gear and brake system helps us reduce the risk of accidents. The suspension helps children from not getting sudden jerks. This product is safe as well as easy to use for kids.


 Why should I buy the Muddyfox Toronto 26 mountain bike?

  • Easy to handle

  • Good brake and gear system

  • Good pricing and suspension

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