Muddyfox Tempest 26″ Ladies Dual Suspension Bike




Muddyfox Tempest 26″ Ladies Dual Suspension Bike


Muddyfox Are A English Brand With Offer 25 Years Experience in Manufacturing And Designing Bikes.

 Muddyfox Tempest 26″ Ladies Dual Suspension Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Muddyfox Tempest 26″ Ladies Dual Suspension Bike



English Brand. Support Your Local Brand. Buy Quality

Designed For Women

The Muddyfox Tempest Has Been Designed For Women


Dual Suspension

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Muddyfox Tempest 26″ Ladies Dual Suspension Bike



Muddyfox Tempest 26” Ladies Dual Suspension Bike is another excellent addition to a Muddyfox lineup that’s been taking the UK by storm. For ladies who are looking for a versatile bike, the Temptest is the perfect ride.  This Muddyfox is stylish enough to cruise through the streets with elegance.

Furthermore, the Muddyfox Tempest 26″ Ladies Dual Suspension Bike also rides comfortably through bumps and hills, which makes it perfect for trails that take you to your favourite places. A bike that responds impeccably well to rugged terrain.

However, those who are not trying to slay mountains will enjoy the versatility that the Muddyfox has to offer.  A reasonably priced bike that can comfortably be ridden anywhere in style.



Best Features

Here are the top features of the Muddyfox Tempest 26″ Ladies Dual Suspension Bike

The Muddyfox Tempest 26″ Ladies Dual Suspension Bike –  sports an 18” frame backed with a dual suspension rig. First of all, the bike uses an impressive dual V-Brakes. These breaks make biking along dynamic landscapes a smooth journey.

In addition they react great to emergencies. These slow-down mechanisms are powered by two, two-finger levers, and they are adjustable V-brake compatible. Furthermore, the bike also sports a KMC Steel chain with the dimensions of ½ x 3/32”.

Secondly, A wheel size of 26” which makes it the perfect size for most women across the country. A fork design is dual wield suspension which creates an incredible biking experience

The bike can be geared into eighteen speeds which is perfect for rugged terrain. Having a versatile set of gears is perfect for high interval training and is just as important in relaxing rides.


  • Features – 95%
  • Value for money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 93%

” Its Mine And My Partners Anniversary Next Week, She Would Absolutely Love The Muddyfox Tempest Ladies Mountain Bike.” Lewis 


Customer Satisfaction

The overall reaction to the Muddyfox Tempest 26″ Ladies Dual Suspension Bike  has been lovely. Every woman who could naturally fit into the bike has raved about the bikes’ ability to hit the outdoors. This lovely outdoor bike is beloved for its style and simplicity to ride.

However, it’s been noted that it’s important to ensure that the inside of the legs match to the statistics that are provided for the bike. A few buyers have had to regretfully return the lovely ride due to being slightly too small.

Everyone who has received the bike to date has loved the style and sturdiness on first impression. After the bike gets a chance to show off for a few cruises, ladies bring back happy experiences after exploring the outdoors.

Having a new bike is a very exciting experience, and luckily the Muddyfox Tempest 26″ Ladies Dual Suspension Bike delivers it all to ladies who take the chance on buying it. Muddyfox is a smaller manufacturing company, but there’s a reason why this business is still loved by people who take the dive to purchase the bikes.


Common Questions

Muddyfox bikes tend to get a lot of good questions asked about their bikes. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Muddyfox Tempest 26″ Ladies Dual Suspension Bike

Quality &  Muddyfox?

Muddyfox bikes aren’t all that well known in the U.K., but they are regarded as fun and reliable bikes for those who have done their research. This company prides itself on pristine mountain bikes, and the Tempest is no different than the meticulously tested lineup that’s been stacked up by the well-regarded business.

Why Have I never Heard of Muddyfox?

Muddyfox is a company that has designed mountain bikes for 25 years. This company has been loved for decades, but their dedication to style has helped them hit the spotlight recently. You’re probably just discovering Muddyfox because they are well-regarded for quality, and they have amazing style. It seems that almost everyone who has picked one up to date has loved it.

Recommended height of the Muddyfox Tempest 26″ Ladies Dual Suspension Bike – ?

This is one of the most famously asked questions for bikes. It’s important to understand that bike frames are built off common leg lengths rather than common height. No specific height can let you know if you’re the correct size for any bike.

The only way to tell what bike dimensions to buy is to measure the inside of your leg from the ball of your foot into your where your leg meets your body. While measuring, it’s important to ensure that you don’t measure up to the crease of the leg. Measure the middle of the torso rather than where your thigh ends.

While most ladies won’t have a problem with measurements, some women find themselves on the cusp of two different sized bikes. If some ladies are growing, a size barely too small will become useless in a year’s time.

On the other hand, women who are fully grown, may find themselves with a measurement that is barely too big for comfortable riding on dynamic terrain.

Knowing exactly what your leg measurements are is the only way to know for sure whether you should commit to buying the Tempest


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Muddyfox is a well known brand that makes high quality mountain Bikes

The Muddyfox Tempest 26″ Ladies Dual Suspension Bike has some fantastic customer testimonials

Great value for money.