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Purchasing your childs first bike is an exciting time for yourself and your child. They are going to be taking their first steps into hopefully becoming a cycling enthusiast.

Muddyfox have got a good reputation in making good quality kids bike. We will look at the best benefit/ features and customer satisfaction of the Muddyfox and Siverfox 16” Toxin Rigid boys bike


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Benefit/ Features


Colour: Muddyfox and Siverfox 16” Toxin Rigid boys bike comes in a stylish green and grey finish. Your child will be sure to be known as the “cool kid on the bike.”

Don’t be surprised if you get parents or guardians asking where you bought the bike from.

Frame: A strong steel 10.5” frame that is designed to support your child. Steel is a durable material that is very common in children’s bikes and is known to withstand the odd bump or scrap.

Tyres: Toxin comes with good quality ATB tyres that give the child plenty of support while riding.  The tyres are held together with a Schrader Valve inner shape tubes. Good tyres will ensure your child keeps a firm grip on the road. Check the air in your tyres before every commute.

Chain: the chain is made from KMC steel and is strong and durable. Before every ride check the chain is oiled.

Brakes: The Toxin comes with calliper brakes with a two-finger braking system. Allowing your child to perform emergency stops much more safer and easier. A good habit is to test the brakes before every commute

Additional features:  The Muddyfox and Siverfox 16” Toxin Rigid boys bike does not come with a set of stabilisers.

Customer Satisfaction


Brilliant Birthday present for my grandson. He loves riding his new bike.


Great Value, with added features only normally found in more expensive kids bikes.


Muddyfox are an Established brand


Common Questions


What is the recommended age of child?

Toxin is designed for children between the age 5-8. In any doubt you can easily and quickly get in contact with the supplier. They are quite helpful.


Who is Muddyfox brand?

Muddufox are a bike manufacture from Basildon Essex and are well known in making good quality children’s bikes at affordable prices. Muddyfox was established in 1980s bmx bikes and help popularise cycling in the UK.

Does the Toxin Rigid come assembled?

The Muddyfox and Siverfox 16” Toxin Rigid boys bike comes partly assembled and should not take too long to get assembled.

If you’re not used to assembling kids bike it may be worth asking a family member to lend a hand. After you have assembled the Toxin it may be worth going on a little test run to make sure you and the child are happy with the bike.


Is the Muddyfox and Siverfox 16” Toxin Rigid boys bike durable?

The Toxin comes with a steel frame, good set of brakes and tyres that will give the child plenty of support and confidence while riding.

Muddyfox are an established bike brand that are known for making quality kids bikes. The reviews speak for themselves.

Children biking essentials


You should keep enough money in the budget to buy a good quality helmet that has good reviews. Check that the helmet fits the child’s head and they are happy with the fitting. Read our article on the factors that you should consider when buying a childs bike.

A good set of knee and elbow pads may be worth some good consideration. However, make sure the child is happy with the fitting as knee and elbow pads can limit mobility.  They are no good if the child takes them off the moment your backs turned.

The child needs to wear comfortable clothes while learning to ride a bike. Maybe not their best clothes as they are sure to get dirty. A good pair of trainers with a good grip to ensure the child’s feet have plenty of grip on the pedals.

Cycling can be tiresome so don’t forget to take a small snack and some form of liquid for re hydration. Cycling on an empty stomach or a dry mouth can be hard work. We want to encourage cycling and not put them off.

Final Verdict


You’re looking for a child’s bike either for a present or a well-earned treat. Maybe you’re just feeling generous and can’t resist buying your child a bike. They certainly deserve it.

The Muddyfox and Siverfox 16” Toxin Rigid boys bike offers great value and is definitely worth some serious consideration. The reviews speak for themselves. Muddyfox are known in the biking community for making quality kids bikes at affordable prices.


Brilliant birthday gift. Be they child’s favourite relative


Muddyfox a known and trusted brand


Good Customer Testimonials.


We hope you have enjoyed our review of the Muddyfox and Siverfox 16” Toxin Rigid boys bike and found it informative.


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