Muddyfox Siren 20 Girls Kids bike is specifically designed for girls that are from 6 to 8 years old. It features a good bike design and guarantees a better experience.

If you remember riding a bike for the first time, then it must have been memorable but wasn’t easy the first time around.

Kids need to focus on balancing, pedaling as well as speed at the same time. Therefore, a kid’s bike should be fun and also a bit like a toy. This is up until they learn to ride. Although they will seem not very cool in retrospect, they will cherish their first ever bike riding experience.

Muddyfox Siren 20 Girls Kids bike is just the right choice except a little cooler. It is designed for proper positioning of the body with compromised pedaling mechanics.

This Muddyfox bike provides great style along with practicality. All the gears are branded by Super Shimano. It has great performing V-brakes and tyres for mountain biking. It comes in pink and detailed white color.

The bike can be suited for street riding as well country trails. The bike’s hard tail features offers direct drive and efficiently transfers power. It comes along with a warrant for a year.

The bike is designed using GT’s legal Fit system for specifically catering comfort ride for growing children. The Legal Fit system caters proper gearing as well as body positioning and doesn’t comprise on performance.

This gorgeous pink and white bike comes with a rigid 13 inch steel frame, 20 inch alloy wheels plus 6 speed gear system.

Are you looking for a great bicycle for your little girl? Then you have found yourself the right pick. The muddyfox siren 20-inch girls bike is a hardtail mountain bike which makes it viable for use in terrains and hilly places.

The bicycle has been specifically crafted to satisfy a young girls needs and provide the best experience, never to be forgotten. This is because girls tend to attach so much emotion to anything including a bike.

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The muddyfox siren 20-inch girls bike has been designed with a 13-inch frame size made of steel that helps you navigate through any road, terrains and is suitable for muddy places as well. In addition to that, it has a dual v-brakes system and a two finger adjustable v-brake compatible this offers the rider flexibility and the freedom to apply the brakes on either side when she needs to come to a halt.

It also has a GT legit fit system that enhances better positioning and improves on speed as well as pedaling. It has been built with a 6 speed Shimano twist grip gear that is essential during braking and ideal when cycling fast and suddenly halts. The 20-inch alloy wheels are lightweight with a 1.95 ATB tread that makes it good for the road and improved on grip as well as stability.

The muddyfox siren 20-inch girls bike has an ideal weight of 13kgs which isn’t heavy as such making it easy for the girl to carry it to and from the field and house with ease. It also has Schrader valves tyre tubes which are long lasting and durable. Hard to burst out unless pierced by something really sharp.

This muddyfox girls bike comes with 24-29” leg size that makes it suitable for your girl as long as her leg height is basically within the bicycles range. This makes it easier for her to reach the pedals from the vinyle weather resistant saddle and cycle around with ease.

The saddle is mounted on top of a double plastic chain guard which prevents the legs from coming into contact with the chain. In cases where the chain is not well covered up, it may cause some injuries especially on the ankle and we wouldn’t want that.

  • GT Legit Fit System for better positioning, faster plus easier pedaling
  • Alloy Frame design by GT
  • Rear Coaster Brake
  • Frame Size: 13″
  • Front Suspension Frame
  • Brake Leavers: Two Finger, Adjustable V-brake compatible, Resin
  • Tyres: 20″ x 1.95 ATB Tread
  • Chain: KMC Steel,1/2 x 3/32″
  • Wheel Size: 20″
  • Saddle: Vinyle Weather Resistant
  • Bottom Bracket: Cr-mo Axle,5 pieces ATB
  • Gears: 6 speed ShimanoTwist Grip
  • Material: Steel
  • Gender: Girls
  • Colour: Pink
  • Brake Type: Dual V-brakes
  • Leg Size: 24-29″
  • Tyre tubes: Schrader Valves
  • Chainguard: Double Plastic, Mounted On Chain
  • Forks: Suspension Forks
  • Handlebars: ATB Steel 520mm
  • Cycling Type: Mountain Bikes
  • Suspension Type: Front Suspension

Customer Satisfaction

It can get tricky when buying a kid’s bike that is cheap and useful. It’s not same as buying for adults.

When looking for buying a bike as a present or for learning purpose you need to consider some factors.

While you want it cheap, look for the best product worth the value as any bad bike will cost you expensively in the long term. Bad bikes won’t get far than several crashes. Another thing is the size. It’s worth looking for sizing as your kid is going to grow several inches in couple years.

Choose a bike that comes along with stabilizers. It will keep your child safe. The last thing is the seat post size. You would want the bike to at least last a few years and customers found this bike fulfills all of those.

People found everything was fine with Muddyfox Siren 20 Girls Kids bike They seem satisfied for what they asked for including a well packaged delivery. They thought the wheels were fantastic.

Some people did have confusions regarding the parts and sizes. No need to worry because there are professionals to help you with it. Since, bike sizes come with industry standards its better you ask for help if you aren’t familiar with bike parts.

Most of the parents bought this bike for 6 to 8 years old and found a perfect fit. They found it quite easy to assemble and definitely recommended the bike as a first bike for building their confidence.

Some even found the bike a little boyish but they loved for the fact that their daughters seem to like it and worth the value. They found the bike was good looking and admired the all round quality.

The muddyfox siren 20-inch girls bike is generally a lovely bike that is suitable for any young girl between the ages of 6 and 9. Everything about it is top notch and every one of its parts perfectly fits in well.

More so, it is easy to assemble and only takes a few minutes to be up and ready to use. Thanks to its build, it is durable and any little girl who is roughly 120cm tall can perfectly ride it for a couple of years to come. The size is great, the features are marvelous and its overall experience, though not so girly, is the perfect match for the young ones.

Common question

Common questions

Will my child outgrow the bike so soon?

The bike is specifically designed for children between the ages of 6-9. As long as she falls under this age bracket, the she might take a while before outgrowing it for good. It also depends with her height, id she is growing tall at a fast rate, then she might have the joy of cycling the bike for a few years.

Is the bike convenient to ride?

Yes it is. The bike has a firm feel that makes it convenient for any little girl. It doesn’t really matter whether she has ever ridden before or it’s her first time. In addition to that, it is a good ride for uphills, flat surfaces and downhills as well. The treads on its tyres offer stability and security from falling.

What happens when some parts are missing when the bike is delivered?

Well, it’s not much of a big issue as there might have been a confusion or a part left out accidentally. Just make a phone call to the delivery team or contact the main desk for further information. There are professionals who are designated to fix such issues and once you have made contact, they will be at your service.

Advice using muddyfox siren 20” girls bike

Before your child goes out in the fields to ride on her muddyfox siren 20-inch girls bike, you should ensure that every part is working effectively to avoid any unwanted accidents. In addition to that, always check on the tyres in case one has deflated and take immediate action so that the young lady can enjoy riding with ease.

Some questions regarding 20″ Siren Girls KIDS BIKE – Childrens MUDDYFOX Bicycle in PINK (Hard Tail)

  • Is the bike convenient to ride?
  • What should they do if they miss some fixings or any part is damaged?
  • Does a kickstand come along with the bike?
  • Will their children quickly grow out this bike?
  • Is it durable?
  • Whether the stabilizers can be attached?

Why to buy the Muddyfox Siren 20 Girls Kids bike

  • It has more of a mature look compared to other bikes, however it is quite basic and is ideal for building confidence in your little girl.
  • It is a good value for money considering all the great features it harbors and the cycling experience it offers.
  • The bike is specifically made for girls, so if you are looking to buy it for your little one, then why not this one?


  • It comes with great style and is very practical.

  • Prices are worth the quality design.

  • The bike is especially designed for girls.

If the customer wants to return or cancel the order, they should do it within a month after delivery. It is your withdrawal right.

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